My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 265


The Extreme Martial Arts School lobby, first floor.

Because of the previous incident, there were many more survivors in martial school than before.

After the battle ended, the survivors scattered. But some people applied for a temporary card and exercised using the equipment.

Ordinary survivors didn’t notice a difference. But hunters, especially higher-level hunters, obviously noticed the difference. Even if they can’t get stronger within a few days, they can at least exercise.

It’s worth it to get a membership card. After all, the monthly membership fee isn’t that expensive.

The most important thing that these students care about is that the school can make one stronger quickly.

Before that, although Ji Ming and Xia Wanru did not reveal their apprenticeships, after all, they trained in the martial arts school most of the day.

Many hunters had seen and known them. They knew that these two people got stronger just after a few days of training in the school.

Even if facilities like the Gravity Chamber were really helpful to physical fitness, it’s impossible to get stronger that fast in just a few days.

For a while, these people couldn’t find senior leaders such as Shay and Carmen brothers.

They gathered around the two apprentices, asking how to become the martial arts school’s core apprentice.

Wild Lion and the other expert hunters had also expressed their willingness to become a core apprentice. However, after being rejected, these people no longer insist.

They were experts in the shelter. They had their own arrogance. They were top members of the mercenary regiment or even the leader.

Their members won’t be happy if they plead just to become someone else’s apprentice.

Since the school refused, they didn’t insist further. Being a martial arts school’s apprentice will indeed increase their power. However, it takes time to learn martial arts.

They could use the time to hunt down demonic beasts and used the spirit power to refine their life level into a breakthrough. This way, their combat power also grows faster.

Now think about it. At that time, there were not many hunters who knew that Extreme Martial Arts School had a Fifth Awakening Stage hunter. They were surprised.

If at that time, they hold on for a while, showing their determination to martial arts, and then spend more spirit stones to get through the relationship with the master of the martial arts school. Can they become the core apprentice of the martial arts school?

With the Extreme martial arts apprentices’ performance who challenge the masters with only First Awakening stage power, even if they fail to break through the bottleneck, they could still have the combat power comparable to the Sixth Awakening hunter.

Thinking of this, they simply regretted it.

Looking at the present, there were more than a dozen Fifth Awakening hunters around Ji Ming and Xia Wanru so that neither of them could escape.

The big boss who broke through the bottleneck did not appear. But the big boss really wants to study martial arts, and there is no need to wait here.

The Wild Lion stood in the distance, looking at the two apprentices surrounded by hunters.

At this time, they heard the movement and muttered. “Another hunter had arrived? It feels like our chances of becoming core apprentices are getting lower and lower.”

They couldn’t help but look over and saw a dozen hunters dressed in Investigator uniforms.


The Public Security Bureau manages the incidents within the shelter, both large and small, which has a great deterrent effect on ordinary survivors and even hunters.

As soon as a dozen hunters in uniform walked into the door, the people who had been blocking the door, talking or stopping, scattered one after another.

Some people muttered, “Did someone really report the ExtremeMartial Arts Center? Just

because of the death of a person, they provoked the security team?”

“Who did that? With the strength of Extreme Martial Arts School, even if someone reported, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Maybe it is a fine that requires them to pay spirit stones.”

“But don’t you think that there are too many people coming from the Public Security Bureau? Some of them are masters.”

“That’s weird. I can’t even feel the aura because the aura is so high. They’re clearly masters.”

After entering the school, a dozen hunters quickly walked towards Ji Ming and Xia Wanru, surrounded by hunters.

At this time, Ji Ming and Xia Wanru looked flustered.

The hunters around them hoped that they could defend themselves. Many people are even willing to offer spirit stones bribes.

The two were helpless, but the crowd of hunters around them shrunk.

Master Shay and Chen Xiaojia had already left after seeing a bad situation.

At this moment, the two suddenly saw that they were on the border, and the faces of the hunters who had been trying to squeeze inside suddenly changed. They hurriedly turned aside and looked behind them with uncertain eyes.

Immediately afterwards, more and more hunters scattered, one after another. A path was formed.

Even the hunters in the other direction changed their expression and couldn’t help but raise their heads.

At this moment, Ji Ming and Xia Wanru also felt that a lot of terrifying aura came towards them.

The head is a middle-aged man with a somewhat sparse hairline, a little bloated, with a faint but powerful aura.

The two swallowed. No matter how brilliant they were in the ring, they still feel the oppression. This was due to the instinctive reaction brought about by the huge gap in life level.

The sparsely-haired middle-aged man approached with a kind smile, “Boy, where are the masters and the headmaster of your martial arts school?”

“And you are?” Ji Ming was somewhat cautious.

“I’m Chief Jin of the Public Security Bureau. We brought things and needed to hand them over to your martial arts school.”

Chief Jin!

One of Luoxia Giants!

When the hunters around heard it, they were dumbfounded for a while.

Someone noticed that the security team members behind were carrying a few large boxes.

It seems that there is some kind of transaction between the Public Security Bureau and Extreme Martial Arts School?

In order to escort this batch of goods, even the Chief of the Public Security Bureau went out in person. What kind of goods was inside the box?


The hunters who surrounded Ji Ming were naturally embarrassed and did not have the guts to continue surrounding them. But they did not go far; they stepped aside with curious faces.

Ji Ming talked with Chief Jin in a formal manner. Mostly, when Chief Jin asked a question, he answered one after another.

While Xia Wanru, on the other hand, hurriedly ran towards the back door of the martial arts school.

She didn’t know where Master Shay hid, but the Carmen masters were at the usual training place.

It didn’t take long for the 2 oldest Carmen brothers to follow Xia Wanru and arrive at the lobby.

Chief Jin has seen the Carmen brothers’ resistance against the black skeleton… although he couldn’t tell which one of them was the oldest. 

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