My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 266


Without a moment’s hesitation, Chief Jin’s face blossomed into a chrysanthemum-like smile as he hurriedly walked up to the front.

Ji Ming, who was still restrained next to him, froze while he breathed a sigh of relief.

But when facing the Carmen brothers, Chief Jin’s posture seems to be vaguely lowered.

“These boxes are what we promised.” Director Jin said with a smile, “Oh, yes, there are also numbered items that your headmaster wants, but you have to take out items of corresponding value and trade.”

“This is easy to say. I believe the headmaster will be very happy to hear this news.”

Chief Jin paused, then turned to look behind him, “Mr. Wang, get the things ready.”

The team members behind him rushed forward, holding a roll of red fabric in their hands.

This team member, and Director Jin, grasped the two corners of the rolled fabric, relaxed the lower end, and spread the rolled fabric…

The border was yellow, the background was red, and a few large words were embroidered.

——Courageous actions, heroes of the people.

These banners were very common before the doomsday. But nowadays, it was scarce.

Oldest Carmen smiled and said he would represent the headmaster.

Chief Jin felt a little disappointed for not seeing Tang Yu, but he did not show it. Instead, he said with a smile, “We are all aware of the strength of the Extreme Martial Arts School. Last night, after discussing with several colleagues, we decided the Extreme Martial Arts Hall is the only officially designated martial arts school. And soon our Public Security Bureau members will come here for further training. Master Carmen, please take care of our members.”

Carmen did not refuse either. It is very necessary to deal with local bosses like the Public Security Bureau, not to mention that the fees that should be collected are not less than their usual profit.

Chief Jin rolled his eyes and said, “Master Carmen, I plan to hire you as a special adviser to the Public Security Bureau. You don’t need to do anything at ordinary times. You only need to come to our bureau to give lectures every few days.”

He had finished speaking but was violently pulled away by a hunter behind him.

The hunter didn’t wear the uniform of the security bureau but was dressed in plain clothes.

After he pulled Chief Jin away, he took a step forward and replaced Chief Jin’s original position.

“Mr. Jin, you are too unkind. We, the Ancestral Dragon, formally invited Master Carmen to be our special warfare instructor.”

Director Jin smiled dryly without speaking.

Both looked at Carmen eagerly, hoping that he would agree.


Further away, the onlookers watched with disbelief.

The Public Security Bureau actually sent the banners to the Extreme Martial Arts School… no, the Chief himself personally sent them.

This relationship can be seen very differently. What exactly did the Extreme Martial Arts School do?!

However, before they could catch their breath, they heard the news that the Extreme Martial Arts School was designated as the only official martial arts school.

This was even more shocking.

Before, they thought that the school had a good relationship with Chief Jin. But to be appointed as the only official school!

At least half of the giants, like Chief Jin, nodded their heads to represent the officials.

They were even more breathless when hearing the word ‘Ancestral Dragon’ had invited Carmen to be their instructor?

That army was full of masters!

Secretly, the hunters who pretended to be students and collected information for One Punch school were pale.

Their mentality had collapsed.


On the other hand, Tang Yu, who was hiding inside the box to get a clear view, naturally saw the people from the Security Bureau.

It’s just… He was too lazy to deal with this kind of thing.

Tang Yu wasn’t surprised to see the Public Security Bureau’s arrival. But the students’ enthusiasm was beyond his expectations.

The One Punch school’s contribution is so great that he felt like he should personally thank them.

The spectators’ enthusiasm made him speechless.

He initially thought the people at the doomsday would prefer to work to support their lives or lying down like a salted fish waiting for death.

But now, it seems they never lack onlookers.

He should never underestimate people’s gossip.

The battle was over for a long time. But there are still a lot of survivors coming to the school out of curiosity. He heard from the guards that the story had spread to half of the shelter.

Even the Luoxia Daily Times will report this story on the front page, [Extreme Martial Arts School VS One Punch Martial Arts School.]

He had spent a lot of spirit stones to advertise the school but could only get a few lines on the corner of the said newspaper’s front page.

Tang Yu remembered that the person in charge of taking care of the newspaper advertisement came back from the Luoxia Daily Times with this story.

“Our newspaper is a newspaper with taste and purpose. Our might cannot be bent. The rich cannot lust after. No amount of spirit stones could make us give up a big portion of the front page…”

However, today, he hadn’t spent a single spirit stone, yet they will fill the entire front page of the Luoxia Daily Times.

About the battle between two martial arts schools. Tang Yu felt this was terrific news.

Some other tabloids were not far behind.

Such as ‘The Two Martial Arts Schools That Love Each Other’, ‘What You Don’t Know about the Extreme Martial Arts School’, even ‘Learn Martial Arts, Go to the Extreme School’.

Such obvious advertising slogans have appeared, yet he didn’t spend a single spirit stone.

Tang Yu thought about it, and probably a certain newspaper also wanted to secure the position as a core apprentice.

However, was he that kind of person? The advertisement can’t be obscene. The morals can’t be bent!

“However, it is necessary to take advantage of the heat and take a group of core apprentices.” Tang Yu stroked his chin, “But I need to test them. The main thing to look at is personal character and identity. Qualification is secondary, so is strength.”

If the senior hunters like Wild Lion knew Tang Yu’s thoughts. They would understand that no matter how much they insisted and how much they bribed, they would have no chance.

The relationship between the students and the martial arts school is a transactional relationship. There is not necessarily a sense of belonging.

However, apprentices need ideological education. The relationship between the apprentice and the martial arts school will be both prosperous and all-or-destructive.

For these apprentices, Tang Yu didn’t plan to charge them a fee. On the contrary, the better their performance, the more resources he could provide.

“Well, I should learn from the former Zhentian Martial Arts School. In order to become an apprentice, they need to sign a contract and make the training free. And they could join the guards. After that, they can go further and become a core apprentice and learn the core knowledge of the martial arts school.”

“It’s just that I never expected that the popularity of the martial arts hall would rise a lot after a battle. More hunters come here for mere entertainment. Truly, it was an effortless advertisement.”

In the wilderness, a lot of hunters fight to the death. But there are no spectators for these battles.

Martial school students often sparred with each other.

But these sparrings and the duels between two major schools were not at the same level.

Ordinary survivors watch for entertainment, but they can learn a thing or two. While lower hunters could learn a lot. Only some high-leveled hunters wouldn’t care.

If it’s a battle between Fifth Awakenings, the only ones who wouldn’t care are the big guys above Sixth, and there’s not a lot of these people. Whereas the low and mid-level hunters are the mainstream hunters.

A good idea suddenly came up. “Although the territory’s commercial district is a bit slower than here, now it’s almost completed. Before, I always felt the heat was not enough. Even if we sent out invitations to small shelters, not a lot responded. I see now that  what we lacked was an attraction, huh?”

After the completion of the commercial district, he also intends to develop a real estate industry. But if the territory population is still low, then it won’t be of use.

“What if I hold a large tournament in the territory. Using the prize as bait, I believe it would attract a lot of hunters…”

Tang Yu touched his chin, feeling a little feasible, but the specific plans remain to be discussed later.

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