My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 297


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A young man stepped into the City Mayor’s residence.

He wore silver battle armor stained with green blood and entrails like a medal, making the already majestic battle armor even more fierce.

‘Who is this man? How did he get here?’

‘What is he doing here?’

The Rishan City Mayor’s eyelids jumped as he kept asking questions in his mind.

A few of his men who saw the outsiders barging in were furious.

A tall, thin hunter reacted and rushed forward.

This was a perfect opportunity to show off to let the City Mayor see his loyalty and his ability to react. In the future, when the City Mayor rises again, the three or two people who hold the most core power will be himself!

The tall, thin hunter took a few steps out of the way, waving his fist while his thoughts turned.

From the corner of his eyes, his gaze swept over several other co-working rivals and finally landed on the face of the man who broke into the City Mayor’s mansion. He gazed with a fierce smile.



The tall man’s vision continued to roll over and gradually blurred. The pain and fear came like a tidal wave.

Tang Yu withdrew his fist.

Seeing the tall hunter who was pounded away by his own fist sunk inside the wall, he nodded with considerable satisfaction. He used a little technique. The source power in his body gathered on his fist, and at the moment of contact with the opponent, he punched the destructive source power into the opponent’s body.

The part of the tall man that was hit was his abdomen, not his vital point. However, his internal organs had been shattered by the impact of the destructive source of power, and his consciousness was now in a state of comatose.

“Simple Self-created version of internal energy. Got it.”

Tang Yu shook his head. This move was not practical against the same level of awakening strength. It was difficult to get this source power hit into the opponents with Sixth Awakening stage strength or more. There’s a huge gap between those who were in the body-shaping realm’s internal organs strength from ordinary low-level hunters.

The tall man was easily sent flying with a punch.

The others who had raised their feet to move silently put them down again and could only steal a glance at the Rinshan City Mayor, hoping that the City Mayor would have an idea.

However, at this time, the Rinshan City Mayor’s forehead was sweating. He finally remembered the identity of the intruder in front of him.

The person in charge of the Tree Shade Shelter!

The one who had countless experts under his command. The one who was called the chief instructor of Tree Shade and the patrol leader.

There’s a huge gap like an abyss between their auras.

‘The person who can convince so many experts… how strong is he?’

Obviously, the City Mayor can’t beat him. He can’t fight him!

The problem was so big that Rinshan City Mayor panicked.

Looking at Tang Yu walking step by step into the hall, Rinshan City Mayor’s muscles tensed.

Until the remaining two or three meters distance, Tang Yu stopped, gaze around, and sighed, “Forget it, let’s not spill blood.”

Rinshan City Mayor’s eyes lit up.

Tang Yu snapped his fingers.

An ice spike whooshed in from outside the City Mayor’s door.

Rinshan City Mayor was stunned. His body instinctively wanted to move. However, the ice spike was so fast that before his body even began to dodge, the sharp ice spike penetrated his chest.

The blood has not yet gushed out. The cold bone-chilling cold air wrapped around his whole body. In an instant, his whole body was frozen into an ice sculpture.

As expected, no blood was spilled.

It was the Rishan City Mayor’s last flickering thought.


Tang Yu spared no one.

He let Elaine freeze the rest of the men in the hall into ice sculptures. Lifelike human-shaped ice sculptures standing around them, eyes wide open look quite creepy.

Tang Yu came close, kicking one of them.

It won’t shatter.

Tang Yu glanced at Elaine, who walked behind him.

This moment, this was so awkward… he didn’t expect the ice sculpture would be this hard. He could only increase his strength and kicked out hard.


Finally, the human-shaped ice sculpture shattered into ice crystal fragments and spilled all over the ground.


Tang Yu stopped paying attention to these broken ice fragments, and his gaze fell on one of the iron boxes placed scattered in the hall.

When he first came in, these hunters were hurriedly carrying them.

Tang Yu crossed the hall, walked through the corridor, and finally walked into a study.

The bookshelves in the room were filled with books, and thick ash could be seen on the books placed vertically.

His gaze fell on a bookshelf that had been moved away from the room, exposing the hollow secret passage.

Without hesitation, Tang Yu walked in.

The stone walls on both sides of the secret passage were rough. They looked like they had been violently excavated with a primitive technology-or something like that.

At this time, not far from the entrance of the secret passage, an earthen room was also stacked with boxes of different sizes.

Tang Yu opened these boxes. Most of them were filled with shiny spirit stones.

There are also some boxes filled with precious minerals.

‘Hmm. So, Rinshan City Mayor is quite keen in this regard. His collection is full of valuable items.’

The last two boxes contain weapons and defensive equipment.

Tang Yu looked at the topmost equipment branded with the Tree Shade shelter trademark, speechless.

“Fortunately, I didn’t wait until the demonic wave was over. Otherwise, these guys would run with these boxes.”

He didn’t really care if Rinshan City Mayor ran away from him, but if these treasures also went with them, he would be heartbroken for at least a few days.

“My Lord, I found a few hunters. But something doesn’t feel right.”

Elaine’s voice transmission sounded in his mind.

Tang Yu was stunned and quickly walked out of the City Mayor’s mansion. Threw down a few fighter puppets to guard the supplies inside and quickly ran towards the direction Elaine had mentioned.


When Tang Yu arrived, he saw Elaine stopping four hunters.

All were bald.

But there was no cloak.

One of the bald men was driving a big truck while the other tree was either standing or sitting on top of the big truck. 

Tang Yu’s gaze fell on several people’s necks, arms, and other positions, and he understood why Elaine said these people looked weird.

The bald men’s aura wasn’t strong, generally First or Double Awakening. However, there’s an odd feeling in their aura.

A subtle, manic feeling.

After being stopped, they didn’t show the slightest look of panic. They looked playful and smiled instead.

A bald man whistled and laughed, “Little pussy, let this big brother have a good time-“

Tang Yu immediately pulled out the swift revolver and shot at him.

The bald man sitting on top of the car with his legs crossed, tilted back, and hurriedly dodged. However, he was still grazed by the bullet. His nose bridge was cut open.

He was injured.

The bruise at his neck quickly spread upward, covering his whole face and head. His face and cheeks bulged, turning into bluish-purple color like a balloon filled with air. And a purple liquid was spitted out from the bald man’s mouth.

The speed was extremely fast, like a water arrow.

Instantly, a prismatic ice shield formed in front of Tang Yu and Elaine.

Purple water arrows spit on the ice shield, thinning the ice shield with a sizzling sound.

Elaine’s ice shield couldn’t break with a full blow…. But this venom could corrode the ice shield!

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