My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 299


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The bald skinny man’s eyes opened when he heard the door opened. Looking at the arm-length sized needle in Tang Yu’s hand, he shivered.

Remembering the past two days, fear dominated him.

“Come on, good boy. Just a small tube.”

The bald 33 struggled desperately.

When he was strong and bulky, he couldn’t break through the handcuffed hands and feet bound with a special chain. Let alone now that he had become skinny.

The thick needles stabbed into the skinny bald man’s bones. After the bald man became skinnier, it was a lot more convenient to stick the needle. Before, it was difficult to locate the bones.

After pumping a tube full of marrow, Tang Yu wore a mask, and he hurried to leave with a disgusted face.


Tang Yu had thoroughly studied some specimens through the Institute’s scientific research function, as well as detection crystals and other items.

“Indeed, these people can no longer be considered as human…”

Kevin is not good at this area of research. So, Tang Yu also pulled over professionals from Rinshan. Among them, there were also a few engaged in biological research. However, those people are not considered the top scientific research talent.

What they got through the traditional means of research in a short period of time was not as good as his open research.

Beast warriors.

This was one of the pieces of information Gray Blade scavenged from Lin Wei’s residence.

Unfortunately, the research on beast warriors in those materials was still in the primary stage. No specific information data could be obtained except for the general direction of the ideas.

“Well, I don’t need a method like the beast warrior.”

Tang Yu doesn’t need it.

Indeed, these bald men’s got stronger by a noticeable degree after implanting demonic beast genes to trigger transformation. Their strength was originally First to Double Awakening, but now they were at the Fourth or Fifth Awakening.

However… Although unable to decipher the production method of the beast warrior through studying some materials, he found they had a great side effect.

After being transformed, the beast warriors lost their potential to continue improving, and their strength was fixed.

Tang Yu also get unexpected answers when he asked a few captives. Beast Warriors couldn’t absorb the escaped spirit power after killing the demonic beast.

“The life span of the beast warriors are generally not long. Their life span should be affected by the genes of the demonic beast. These bald men can only last about a year of normal time.”

“Once a mutation occurs, the demonic beast genes quickly devour the normal human genes. Perhaps the time they could survive will be even shorter… so even if I pump a few tubes, it won’t affect much.”

Tang Yu shook his head.

He took off his mask and his white coat.

He walked out of the Institute.

“Institute is too depressing. Outside is better. The sky is so beau-“

Looking up, it’s a cloudy sky.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

In his mind, the long-awaited notification sounded.

Not the traditional system alert, but, rather, an alert when an external enemy invades.

Except for the time when the territory was first established, and the security has not yet been guaranteed, this kind of alarm had not sounded for almost a month.

The territory has expanded, and the number of small red dots visible on the map has increased. But again, under his settings, the entry of small groups of demonized beasts, including hostile-minded survivors, will not trigger the alarm.

The urgent alarm was still ringing.

Tang Yu first turned the alarm off and then opened the territory map.

There were about a dozen dots in the shelter. Not all spies had been discovered; there was some hiding among the ordinary survivors.

Outside the shelter, the equipment factory area was all normal.

In the back of the mountain mines, a few small red dot invasions appeared but soon disappeared.

They should be laid out by the mine defense building.

The territory map was scaled by a hundred times and finally saw the appearance of dense red dots at the southwest corner.

He stared at it for a few seconds.

At the edge of the map, there was a continuous influx of red dots one after another. Soon, an arc-shaped red area formed in the entire southern map.

The number of enemies was unimaginably high.

His face gradually became gloomy.

Through the contract, Tang Yu immediately informed Roger, Elaine, and other followers. He then took out the transmitter to inform Chen Haiping and a few other senior members of the territory.

The whole territory was running at high speed.



Several patrol squadron leaders, including Lu Xiaopeng, shouted.

The patrol that had finished the tournament and conducted the third recruitment was already a large legion with up to three hundred personnel. All of their members were elite hunters above the Triple Awakening Stage.

On the training ground, countless figures ran back and forth. Women rushed into the changing room to put on their combat clothes, and many men undressed on the spot and soon stood in line one by one.

Roger, wearing a full set of armor, came to the training ground. His gaze swept from the three hundred patrol members, emitting an aura that made the patrol members’ hearts flinch and their expressions become more serious.

“The shelter is about to be hit by a demonic wave. Now, everyone forms small groups, stationed at various points and maintain the order in the shelter, understand?”



Although it was daytime, there were still many hunters who remained inside the shelter.

In the minds of these hunters, Tree Shade had two main features: one was rune equipment, and the other was food.

Even Tang Yu did not expect that the reason for attracting foreign hunters to settle in Tree Shade, among which was the food. And surprisingly, the rate was not inferior to the rune equipment.

There are many mercenary groups from Lindong who also registered in the Tree Shade shelter, but there aren’t many of them that stay in the Tree Shade Shelter for a long time.

The first stage for these mercenary groups is to receive the task commissioned, report completed tasks, submit items, etc. For doing so, the adventurer group only needs to send two or three members. Therefore, there’s no reason for them to stay for a long time. The facilities at the shelter have no effect on these people.

However, since the completion of the commercial district, even more, restaurants were established. The mercenaries of Lindong really hesitated to leave.

A complete range of ingredients, raw meat, vegetable, and fruits, even an unlimited supply of mutated beast seafood was available here—all of which the Lindong shelter didn’t have.

The hunters couldn’t figure out how Tree Shade Shelter get it.

Tree Shade was far from the sea. So, where do they get so much seafood? And all are mutated?!

However, this does not prevent their craving for food burning.

Before, they could just dispatch two or three team members to do the deed. But now, can they still do that?

Many well-known teams have rented quarters at the Tree Shade. Seeing the trend, more and more food establishments followed the trend and opened.

Tang Yu wasn’t sure how to react upon hearing this.


He Yuanhang and several adventure group members walked out of the restaurant in pairs, enjoying a leisurely walk after the meal.

However, before they could take a few steps, they saw many patrol members running past in front of them with slightly hurried footsteps.

The team glanced at each other with suspicion.

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