My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 304


“And.” The adjutant advised, “The disaster level demonic beast wasn’t the most dangerous situation.”

“…the most dangerous thing is a new crack of the abyss that suddenly appeared in the shelter range. That will be devastating!”

Tang Yu froze, “The crack of the abyss will also appear within the shelter? Well.. there’s nothing we can do to prevent that.”

The adjutant continued, “The probability is low, but not impossible. Lindong has successfully established a space stabilization device that can completely eliminate these probabilities. After the breakthrough, Director Tang may stay in Lindong for development. The chief also very much hopes to meet Mr. Tang.”

That’s what you’re worried about?!

What’s with the cold-blooded tone?!

Although, the situation at the moment, indeed, has reached an extremely critical situation.

Tang Yu stared into the distance and said casually, “If something can’t be done, it’s possible to break out and flee. But now… the disaster-level demonized beast is indeed terrifying, but it does not mean that we are just fish on the chopping board.”

The adjutant’s throat wriggled for a moment and finally did not speak again. He just gazed dead in the distance, the three huge figures… and waited for a moment of anticipation.



Mega giant, blue giant, and scaly giants gradually approaching the shelter.

They weren’t walking fast, or rather, they walked very slow and cautiously. The mega-giant occasionally lifted a small mound and threw it like a stone. Fortunately, the distance was far enough for the hunters to have enough time to react and dodge.

However, the pressure of disaster-level demonic beasts loomed over the mind, everyone’s heart raced, and the pressure increased. Every now and then, a demonic beast rushed up the walls, and the whole line of defense became shaky.

If they didn’t see Tang Yu, Roger, and the other Tree Shade shelter seniors still stationed on the walls and the war drums to boost up their morale, perhaps the whole line of defense has long collapsed.

At this time, the red-scaled giant set up a charging stance and began to speed up. In just two minutes, the scaled giant has rushed to less than a kilometer from the city walls area.

Standing on the city wall, one could clearly see every scale and every part of the scaled giant’s body.

The position where they were standing could only reach the chest of the scaled giant.

30 meters…

For a clear description, it was the height of a 10-story building. As the scaled giant approaches, its size, aura, and the oppression sense it brought grow stronger.

Tang Yu’s gaze swept past the two giants behind him, and then stared dead on the scaly-armored giant.

“Let’s try it first.”

He raised his hand.


In the distance, a black column fiercely shot up into the sky amidst the dense group of demonic beasts… Toppling the demonic beasts standing in their original positions.

It was a level two city wall. With only one unit selected for construction, the speed of wall construction was far faster than before.

A 20 meters high black pillar stood in the middle of a demonic wave. On top, three-level 3 arrow towers in zigzag shape were quickly built.


A black pillar rose up around the scaled giant.

The height of each level 2 city wall pillar, together with the arrow tower, was already close to that of the scaled giant.

With the city wall at the bottom, the arrow towers weren’t instantly destroyed by the demonic wave.

Tang Yu concentrated his mind and manipulated several arrow towers with Lord’s perspective.

A rune arrow flew out at a fast speed that the big brother level powerhouse could only see a flash of shadow.


The arrow shot at the chest and was bounced off by the scale armor, emitting metal interlocking sound.

More arrows shot towards the head of the scaled giant. Since it was humanoid, most of their weak points were their heads. Right in the eyes!

Sensing the threat, the scaled giant’s eyes closed, and the arrows bounced off the eyelids, which were harder than the transcendent metal.

Tang Yu had the intention to shoot towards the weak point in the lower part of the giant’s body. However, after staring for a long time, he still couldn’t see where that weak point was, and he couldn’t even distinguish the female from the male.


The scaled giant was annoyed. With a step forward, it slapped on the arrow tower, which immediately crumbled. He kicked a gap on the wall.

In the distance. Several mage towers condensed spell missiles. Each one was like a blue light ball with the size of one-meter diameter.

Taking advantage of the scaled giants’ destruction of the arrow towers, the spell missiles came with a bang, with their own tracking and locking function, making the scaled giant’s dodge attempt fail.

However, the scaled giant stretched out its car-sized palm, grabbed the incoming spell missiles, and crushed it.


The spell missile exploded, and white smoke rose from the scaled giant’s hand. However, it was still unscathed.

Even Chen Feng, who was roaring to ‘kill their way out’, felt powerless in the face of the terrifying disaster-level demonic beast.

How to kill them?

With what?

Even if the scaly giants stand still, they won’t be able to inflict any damage. On the contrary, as long as they approach with slight damage, they won’t die or become disabled.

After destroying the arrow tower and the mage tower, the scaled giant fell on the city wall.

The smell of the many human hunters was like the best delicacy for it. It launched a fierce charge with greater speed. Its huge body turned into a red shadow, even the demonic beasts on its way were knocked away.

The distance of several hundred meters was crossed in the blink of an eye.

The scaled giant blasted on the city wall with one punch.

The intricate patterns on the level 2 city walls flickered several times and finally shattered with a bang.


Smoke and dust filled the air.

The wall cracked open a section of more than ten meters wide. Leaving not even corpses of the hunters standing on it a few seconds ago.

The openings were opened, and the demonic beasts frantically poured in.

The scaled giant grabbed several hunters with one hand and stuffed them into its mouth, chewing, and fishy red blood oozed out of its mouth.

The others were terrified!

Some of the hunters who were guarding the city couldn’t take it anymore and turn around. They jumped off the wall to escape.

“Wait a little longer, just wait…”

Tang Yu stared at the scaled giant, then looked at the other two giants in the distance and muttered.

The adjutant was anxious, “Director Tang, hurry up and break out and evacuate. Otherwise, it will be too late!”

The disaster level humanoid demonic beasts were far more terrifying than he had imagined.

With the flexibility shown by the scaled giant, it would be too difficult for the energy-charged cannon to hit! The opponent, on the other hand, could easily destroy the city walls of Lindong.

Without the shelter’s city walls facing the wave of demonic beasts, they were like a lamb to the slaughter.

At the opening, many demonic beasts had already poured in. Suddenly, two warriors wearing blue and white full-body armor appeared in front of the demonic beast herd, followed by hundreds of combat puppets.

No.1 rush forward with a lance-like gun barrel, exploding the demonic beasts into pieces.

No. 2 guarded the opening, and No. 1 stepped on the destroyed wall and leaped up, charging its lance at the scaled giant.

Blood splashed everywhere.

This attack didn’t hit the head of the scaled giant but pierced the scales of the giant’s chest. Black blood gushed out of its red chest.

The adjutant’s eyes lit up.

However, in the next moment, the super expert in blue and white armor was swept by the giant’s slap and flew several hundred meters away, penetrating a deep hole on the ground.

The giant who had a few loose scales was at most only lightly injured. It didn’t affect its movement.

The adjutant became more anxious and looked at Tang Yu.

At this moment, however… Tang Yu stared at the two giants in the distance. Continuously calculating in his mind.

The two giants were initially moving at the edge of the territory. But, at this moment, as they saw the scaled giant blew the walls and grabbed hunters and stuffed them into its mouth… Perhaps they were unwilling to let the scaled giants enjoy the delicacy alone.

The mega-giant, as well as the blue giants, also began to power up, speeding up and running towards the city wall direction.  

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