My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 308


The passage was deep and flanked by concave and convex stone walls; it was very crude. Only the ground of the passage was flattened so vehicles could pass. What No. 8 said was confirmed. This passage was excavated with human power.

“It seems that the passage was not blown up?”

Tang Yu secretly thought.

He did not hesitate to walk in and secretly activated a few small items used for defense.


No. 8 walked in the forefront while Tang Yu followed with a flashlight. Elaine and Sky walked on both of his sides, always on guard.

“How long did you dig the passage?” After walking for several minutes, Tang Yu finally couldn’t help but ask.

No. 8 recalled, “…in a long, long time. We did not measure the specific data, and Zheng Bo… the old devil Zheng has asked us to dig as long as possible, so we don’t care to dig forward until it feels almost the same. Then I dig diagonally upwards and look for places that can be used as entrances and exits.”

After listening to their excavation process, Tang Yu felt a chill walking here. He was afraid that the whole passage would collapse.

The passage surprisingly did not collapse. He had no idea whether to admire the luck of these people or not.

Only the scroll cupped in his hand could give him a sense of security, “Fortunately, even if it really collapses, at least safety is not a problem.”

Suddenly Tang Yu smelled a slight odor coming from the front, and his expression changed slightly.

“Watch out!”

The flashlight illuminated the area in front of them, and several fierce-looking demonic beasts appeared.

Sensing the human smell, the demonic beasts quickly pounced over.

No. 8’s eyes widened. He burst out foul words. “$&#&% … How can there be demonic beasts in this place! Did they escape from the confinement cage?!”

He looked at Tang Yu’s team and explained. “It’s never been like this before. I’ve been here multiple times and have never seen a demonic beast here.” 

The demonic beasts that pounced over were quickly killed by Sky. However, these few demonic beasts were surprisingly strong. One of them even dodged a fatal blow, making Sky have to draw another sword.

It was such a rare sight. 

Tang Yu didn’t dare to underestimate it. He had a vague guess in mind. He could not help but speed up his pace, “Be careful, and try not to make too much noise.”

After thinking about it, Tang Yu took out a bottle of spray containing the Devil Vine juice. Last time, he learned this information from the Ancestral Dragon Warrior, so he deliberately collected some.

Pointing the spray bottle at himself, Tang Yu sprayed his entire body. The silvery-white battle armor dyed in purple with a slightly choking smell. He also didn’t leave his head. Although feeling wrong, he sprayed his head with the purple liquid.

‘It’s not a big deal. I can tolerate it. It’s not like it can’t be washed out anyway.’ Tang Yu calmed himself.

Elaine and Sky also took the Devil Vine bottle and followed. 

They looked silly after the purple spray. 

After finishing preparing, the team continued walking along the passage. Unsurprisingly, they ran into several quite powerful demonic beasts. In order to keep the noise as low as possible, they attacked the incoming beast at the same time. 

A batch, two batches, three batches…

The passage wasn’t short. There were a lot of demonic beasts blocking the way. According to the bald man, they’re almost there after walking for nearly thirty minutes.

Sure enough, the front was illuminated by a dim light.

Tang Yu’s spirit was lifted.

No. 8 also breathed a sigh of relief. If he didn’t escort them to the Institute, he was afraid they would kill him on the spot.


Tang Yu dealt with the demonized beast that was thrown by two or three swords and rushed forward a few steps but stood frozen on the spot.

Not far ahead was the exit of the passage. 

The faint light was coming from the exit location.

However, what beyond the exit was not what he imagined.

The tight security of the secret Institute, like he saw in a science fiction movie, was nowhere to be seen!

No. 8 glanced around. His mouth kept chanting. “This can’t be happening… this can’t be real.”

Tang Yu walked to the edge of the exit, squatted down, and stroked the smooth cut at the edge. This is not the original exit of the passage, but everything in the passage ahead has been ‘swallowed’ by some great force.

The exit he saw ahead of him at this time was a huge hollow similar to a sinkhole. The passage exit was located on the rock wall of the sinkhole.

Tang Yu looked up, and above the cavity, a faint red mist filled the air. His face became a little gloomy, the speculation in his heart finally became a reality.

“Where did you lure the demonic beasts from before? Is it not far from the Institute?” Tang Yu asked.

No. 8 came back to his senses and thought carefully, “At that time, we had planned to enter the mountain. But a few kilometers from the entrance, we bumped into quite a few demonic beasts, and we changed our attention to those demonic beasts. But later… somehow, the herd of demonic beasts grew bigger and bigger. Even terrifying giants appeared.”

He paused. His mouth was wide open, and he turned his head while stammered. “So you mean… you mean… that… that the entire Institute was swallowed by a crack of the abyss?”

Tang Yu couldn’t believe it either.

Not long ago, the adjutant had told him that the crack of the abyss could be born inside a large shelter. And once it was born, the disaster for the shelter that could only rely on the walls to resist the magic wave and focus on external defense would be devastating.

However, Dr. Zheng’s entire shelter was now swallowed by the crack of the abyss!

Yang Yu couldn’t believe it. However, the facts were right in front of him.

On the opposite rock wall, he can vaguely see the passage entrance from the crack of the abyss.

In order to prove it, Tang Yu deliberately climbed onto the ground through a hook and took a detour. On one side, however, when the passageway reached the end, it reached the ground.


After tossing and turning for nearly an hour, Tang Yu stood at the edge of the crack of the abyss with his feet on the dark red ground.

Above him, red fog filled the air. Below there, demonic beasts constantly climbing up along the cracked stone wall. 

Tang Yu observed for a while. All kinds of demonic beasts seem to have the ability to climb. Even the humanoid forms, its combat power in the climbing state wasn’t much inferior to its standing state.

“The length of this crack of the abyss is around 250 meters. If it weren’t for accidents, most of the demonized beasts, including the three disaster-level demonic beasts, were lured to the territory by the bald people. If it didn’t happen, it was impossible to approach the core area of ​​the crack so easily.”

Constant streams of demonic beasts were pouring out. But compared to the previous level 4 demonic wave, the three of them could deal with the oncoming beasts.

Tang Yu deeply felt the lack of his own strength.

“But since there’s a crack of the abyss with few demonic beasts, we can’t let it go.”

Not only was it relatively close to the territory, but it’s also easy to induce a demonic wave. The crack of the abyss itself was equivalent to a large resource point.

…as long as he can hold the entrance of the abyss and kill the demonic beasts that gushed out of it…. An endless stream of spirit power, spirit stones, and demonic beast materials.

The Lindong officials also possessed a crack of the abyss, so they had a lot of resources. It was a 150 meters wide crack of the abyss. But this one was at least 250 meters, or maybe close to 300. 

There are more demonic beasts, but of course, it means that it’s more difficult to defend.

Tang Yu stood at the edge, looking towards the bottomless crack for a few moments. Shook his head and retreated to a distance. He circled around the crack a few times, observing the surrounding terrain.

Soon, a sub-territory castle was built at a suitable location.

Not long after, the city wall surrounding the crack was built. Various defensive structures were set up around it.

“There’s not enough material, so this is it for now. At least it can hold off ordinary demonic beasts wave. But if a transcended beast appears…”

Tang Yu shook his head. The new batch of large spells was ready. Perhaps, there’s a way to enhance the defensive structure’s power… Then again, he can learn from the Lindong officials and stationed a large polygonal cannon on the perimeter. 

Anyway, polygonal cannon is not a high-end technology.

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