My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 32


Chapter 32 – Don’t blame us

It was a quiet night.

The entire shelter suddenly had an unexpected atmosphere.

A storm was coming!

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the tree tops. The fallen leaves were carried by the wind before it fell to the ground.

In a relatively intact villa, the lights were dim. It reflected on a few dark faces.

Ding Qiang took a deep breath and took the lead in saying, “I guess everyone had read the notice in the shelter, I don’t know how many people shares the same thought as I am.”

“What else can you think? A shelter with a few hunters wanted to instruct us? Unbelievable. I believe everyone here shares the same idea as me.”

“That’s right! How is it possible for the shelter to order hunters around? Joining a shitty patrol team to gather supplies and obeying orders that would lead us to our death! I struggled to get here with so many demonic beast around. I don’t want to see the ugly faces of demonic beasts in my life ever again. There’s no way I would go and fight those demonic beast!”

“Not to mention the patrol team. I don’t even want to do porter job! We are hunters, we are guest here. They should be grateful that we’re willing to stay. Now they want to order us around?!”

“According to the notice, if we didn’t become a permanent resident, the shelter will no longer provide us food. Even priority of the housing will be given to those who joins. Are we going to be kicked out from this villa?”

Under the flickering fire, several people glanced at each other gloomily.

They took it for granted for the things that had been provided to them. They believed that all these things belonged to them.

Ding Qiang couldn’t help but smirk when he saw they shared the common enemy.

All these people were hunters and they had always stood on the same line with him. He was worried that some of them didn’t share the same thought, but now it seemed clear that these people also felt dissatisfied with the shelter.

The confidence in his heart had risen from 50% to 70%.

“So if you don’t want to lose what we already have now, then we need to talk to the shelter about the conditions.”

“Talk about the conditions? How do you talk about it? Anyway, this shelter…”

“Shelter? Nah, this is just a small group with a few hunters.”

If it were a real shelter, even if it’s only a small shelter, they wouldn’t dare to provoke first. They were also terrified by the shelter.

Soon, someone thought about it. Ding Qiang was right, this so-called shelter wasn’t a real shelter, and the management was poor with too few people. Even if those people on the management were hunters, Ding Qiang and the others were also hunters. In terms of number, they far exceeded them.

“Mr. Ding is right. They have a few hunters, we are also hunters. No matter which organization team we join, we weren’t supplied with food and entertainment? This silly organization forces us to do things around all day long. Now they even want to take our food? It belongs to us. They have to ask to Lao Tzu whose blade has slain a demonic beast!”

After saying this, a few people were envious.

Not all hunters had the experience on killing a demonic beast. Most of the hunters were just an ordinary people before the doomsday. Most of them hadn’t even killed a chicken yet, not to mention fighting a demonic beast? That must be a joke.

It’s no secret that killing a demonic beast could allow them to absorb spirit power and became stronger. However, the reality’s not a game. Everyone only had one chance to live. They’re betting on their lives from just facing a demonic beast.

If they bet right, they could rise higher.

If they lost the gamble, they would be turned into a pile of dead bones.

Most hunters chose to escape. A demonic beast’s power was too strong. With their superior physical power, they could run much faster than ordinary people and survive easily.

Why risked your life just to fight a demonic beast? To get stronger? That’s ridiculous!

In the past, they could only improve at working by studying hard. But only a few people actually did it!

There were several hunters on the scene who had  no courage to slay demonic beast. At the first glance, it was amazing to have someone who actually had experience killing demonic beast. With such a teammate, they weren’t afraid of the hunters in the shelter!

This was the fierce man who had slayed a demonic beast!

“Yes, we have the right to negotiate with the shelter! If the shelter gave us enough recognitions and supplies, there’s no need to fight. If the shelter doesn’t want to give it, then don’t blame us on what’s going to happen.”

“To be frank, this shelter is annoying. What kind of shitty system is this? We aren’t even allowed to touch the ordinary survivors. I’ve been holding back for a few days. Don’t blame me for being impolite. Anyway, I’m gonna have some fun today!”

The group went up with excitement!

However, there was still a calmer hunter who said, “But we must be careful, they had the guts to establish a shelter here. I’m afraid that those hunter also had experience in killing the demonic beast.”

Ding Qiang saw the timing was right, he said, “Yes. We should not underestimate them. But there’s no need to worry. I have already investigated the shelter’s combatant power. Have a look.”

He drew out three cards with three names written on it.

Chen Haiping.

Captain Roger.

Leader Tang.

“We need to focus on those three.”

Ding Qiang picked up the card with Chen Haiping name on it, “This person, I believe you already met him before. He is a hunter, we can sense his aura and measure his strength. “

“Indeed.” Someone solemnly said, “This Haiping’s aura is very strong. I’m afraid none of us can match him. This person is probably the strongest master in the entire shelter.”

“Chen Haiping’s aura is indeed the strongest among the hunters in the shelter, but we should not underestimate those two.”

He picked up the card that written Captain Roger on it, “Captain Roger, real name unknown. Although this person’s aura is not as powerful as Chen Haiping’s, but his momentum is terrifying. You know, there’s a difference between someone who had killed a human and those who never do it. This Captain Roger is probably a fierce person. He’s the only one dared to go out to search for materials. We can’t underestimate his strength.”

“Finally, it’s the mysterious Leader Tang. I’ve only seen him from afar. He looks quite ordinary. He’s not a strong man but we can’t underestimate him. I guess the puppets in the shelter came from Leader Tang’s ability.”


Someone said softly.

Some people had such speculations in their minds.

Suddenly the scene was quiet.

Someone with such ability represented something that some people didn’t understand. But a few people knew that it meant something.

If the two sides collided, they could only do direct attack while their enemy had a mysterious and powerful ability. Then the battle’s result was self-evident. In the doomsday, if a hunter was a master among the eyes of ordinary survivor, then a person with such a special ability was considered a master among the hunters!

Masters were favored by God!

“If Leader Tang truly is a hunter with ability, then what should we do? Those puppets looks dangerous, if their number is a lot, it will be difficult to handle.”

Ding Qiang chucked lightly. He smiled as if everything was under control.

“Ability is not easy to deal with. But we too, have a person with ability.”

Everyone glanced at each other, they were confused.

If they really had a hunter with ability on their side, did they still need to sneak and discuss things like this?

“There are indeed no hunter with ability among us. But today, a man named Peng Bo just came to the shelter. He had such ability. As for whether the other party will help us or not, I believe you will understand once you see Peng Bo.”

Ding Qiang’s voice was firm, “He’s like the rest of us.”


Time went back to the afternoon.

Peng Bo shook his head and walked down the road. Survivors who encountered him avoided from afar.

He was rather helpless. He had a scar on his head and looked fierce. He was being avoided just because of his look! Was there any trust left among humanity?!

For survivors living in the doomsday, they couldn’t easily trust someone else, not to mention people like Peng Bo who looked fierce. It’s said that some people consciously had tattoos and scars in order to make themselves looked more fierce. They were afraid of this kind of fat man who happened to be a hunter. No one dared to provoke him.

The survivors who were talking quickly rushed to walk away and lowered their gaze when he walked to their direction.

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