My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 320


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Somewhere in a strange space.

There was no sun here. The dome was bright, and white fog filled the air. It was as if it was early in the morning.

The space is full of palaces and towering pavilions.

Just by looking closely, it will be visible that these carefully crafted buildings are ancient with mottled marks as if they have not been repaired for a long time.

In addition to a few small buildings in the back resided by people, all other places have been abandoned for a long time.

At this moment, outside a palace.

Rhino mercenary regiment hunters were bored waiting. They were gazing from time to time to look at the tightly closed crimson door.

“Boss, when can we leave here? If we stay like this, our strength will be left far behind by the others!”

Someone sighed.

It had been a month since they came to this strange space. Initially, they found this hidden secret passage inside one of the caves. When they entered here and found the majestic palace, the dozen hunters of the Rhino Mercenaries were ecstatic.

This was a unique encounter for their Rhino Mercenaries!

Once they got the treasure inside the palace, becoming big brothers and crossing the top mercenary regiments will no longer be a dream. However, their dream only lasted for a minute by the people walking out of the palace. In particular, an old man with a withered and dying face showed the power to destroy the world.

Their dreams shattered, now they just want to go out.

The leader of the rhino mercenary regiment was a 30 years old burly man with a transformation ability. When he transforms, a single horn grows on the top of his head and becomes very powerful. It was rare for him to transfer into rhinos.

……or maybe it’s also a unicorn.

The rhino boss frowned, “Hush, as long as the great worship breaks through, we can naturally leave with it. Think on the bright side, since those people did not kill us, it must be useful to us. This is also our opportunity……”

“The Boss is right. The strength of these people is too terrifying. I think the strongest person in the Lindong shelter is far beneath them, especially the old man.” The speaker glanced at the door and said, “He’s too strong to be human. Obviously, it’s only been a few months since the doomsday. How could they become so strong?”

“They are not the same as us.” Someone sneered. “Maybe they’re a hidden clan, that’s why they have such a strong strength. Just like in the movies.”


The rhino boss glanced around and lowered his voice. “They called themselves the Nanrin Royal Family. Has such a country existed in history?”

“I don’t think so. Have you forgotten? At the very beginning, their language wasn’t the same as ours.”

The others suddenly shivered.

When they were first pressed on the ground and yelled for forgiveness, the old man’s skinny palm grabbed one of them, grabbed it on the skull, and their companion lost his life. In the next moment, the old man mastered their language.

It’s like knowing everything about them from the soul.

It’s terrifying! 

They were silent for a while, and the rhino boss was about to say something when a wild laugh came from within the palace.


The crimson door did not open.

The mercenary regiment members suddenly looked up, only to see the old man above the palace, levitating, slowly rising.

The endless source of power around converged towards the old man frantically, like a hundred rivers entering the sea, forming a huge cyclone beside the old man.

Suddenly, the old man took a step forward as if he had completed his sublimation. He stepped on the void and walked forward, step by step. With every step he took, his withered face regaining his youth, and his dry white sky also turned black and shiny.

Until the end, he became a young man in his early thirties.

The old man… stands in the air, looking at his palm, feeling the surging vitality. And was overjoyed.

“As expected by the prophecy. My wait for years is not in vain. I finally stepped into this realm. From now on, I’m out of the ordinary!”

In another palace, several ‘Indigenous People’ from the secret realm also heard the commotion and quickly ran out.

“Congratulations to the Grand Counselor, congratulations to the Grand Counselor!”

“Congratulations to the Grand Counselor, congratulations to the Grand Counselor!”


Among the ‘Indigenous People’, a butler with white hair holding a child aged seven came to the Grand Counselor. Tears streaming down his old face. “You’ve finally crossed into the legendary realm! Our Nanrin Kingdom’s Restoration is in sight!”

Several other people looked equally excited.

They were all members of the royal family of the Nanrin Kingdom. But they had withered away from generation to generation in the secret realm and finally survived the prophecy.

Now that their Grand Counselor Has become a transcendent and a legend, they will be able to restore their country. And maybe even further and touch the glory they once had.

The people gathered around the Grand Counselor.

At this time, the Grand Counselor, who was already youthful in appearance, had the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up mockingly, “Restoration? Who said I was going to restore the country?”

“Grand… What did you say, Grand Counselor?”

The butler with white hair couldn’t help but take a step back as if he was struck by lightning.

The Grand Counselor glanced at him, “I am already a Transcendent. The world is big; I had no time to accompany you to a game of Restoration. I don’t look at the so-called Nanrin Royal Family’s return. There are a few people left.”

“But you are also a member of the royal family…”

“Was.” He glanced at those from the Rhino Mercenary Regiment, “Times have changed, what rules this land now is a kingdom called Great Xia. Even the Ancient Spirit Dynasty is dead. Kingdom restoration? How troublesome… you, mercenary regiments… come with me.”

From the mouth of the rhino and others, the Grand Counselor has long known about the outside world.

Demonic beasts are dangerous to normal people. But they had no threat to him who had broken through the Transcendent Stage. Technological weapons… it’s interesting. 

Now was the beginning of the fifth era. The prophecy of the great world, the transcendent, for him, this was only beginning. How can he waste time on trivial matters such as restoring their country?

The butler with white hair rushed forward and stopped him. “You can’t do this! Don’t forget your oath. The royal family poured out all their money to help you breakthrough. Now that you’ve broken through the Transcendent, you betray your promise. You…”

The butler couldn’t continue, as his neck was grabbed by the Grand Officiant and lifted up off the ground.

The butler who had the Twelfth Awakening Stage was easily grabbed by the neck. He felt suffocated, not on the physical level but on the spiritual level. He was as weak as a cockroach in front of Transcendant’s oppression.


The Grand Counselor threw the butler away, “I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll let it go, but…” His gaze became cold, “There won’t be mercy next time. If you want to play the game of Restoration, you go by yourselves. Don’t bother me. “


The next day, in the territory.

Tang Yu sat on the main seat in the castle hall, listening to the reports from Roger and Chen Haiping below.

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