My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 355


The basement where the prisoners were being guarded.

“How dare you even kill your own people, that’s ruthless!”

Six captured spies, one was accidentally smashed to death by Tyron, one was seriously injured, and the remaining four were less severely injured. 

However, at this moment, in the dungeon, the three imprisoned hunters, their eyes rolled round, and their mouths opened slightly, full of disbelief. Next to them, several members of the guard corps lowered their heads, ashamed.

Once Roger scolded, and their heads lowered even more. 

The spies were more ruthless than expected, but it is also true that the members of the guard corps made a mistake. Tang Yu fined them two weeks’ salary. As for what else Roger will add to the penalty, he doesn’t care.   

He walked out of the basement. He noticed that Nancy has returned, and an unconscious hunter with a curled body like a shrimp was suspended beside Nancy.

Tang Yu sensed. “He’s actually a Ninth Awakening stage aura, and reached the peak.” 

Seeing Roger coming out of the basement, Tang Yu pointed at the unconscious hunter. “I’ll leave it to you, pry his mouth open.”


Roger was good at interrogation.    

There was a wretched scream coming from the dungeon.

Tang Yu did not mind the torture but did not like to stay in such a place, so he walked away and came to the center of the pit.    

The roots of the giant tree were intertwined and entwined, like a maze.

In the center of the pit, slightly directed towards the shelter, there was a two or three meters hole in diameter. There were brackets around it to stabilize the hole.    

The hole leads to the bottom of the ground, embedded with source power crystal lamp lighting. The light was not worse than the outside in broad daylight.    

Some slight rattling sounds were coming from inside the cave.    

There was also an elevator that leads to the depths of the cave.

This cave exposed the raw spirit stones ore and had long been mined out. Now the mining team needs to go deep underground. It was more difficult. It also showed there’s a possible decline in the spirit stone mine income.    

Tang Yu had no intention of going down to the mine to inspect it. The mine was reinforced, but it was cramped, and the smell was weird. Maybe there was no danger… but as a Lord, it’s impossible for him to go down the mine. He only needs to send the head of the mine to inspect it from time to time.

Tang Yu fell into contemplation.

The highest person in charge of the spirit stone mine was Tyron. But with his size and horrible power… probably the mine would collapse, right?


After walking around for a while, it seemed that the spies were more resilient than expected. Still, no information came from Roger.

Tang – nothing to do – Yu was bored. He looked back at Nancy, opened his mouth, and did not know what to say.   

The members of the guard corps stationed outside the mine had solemn faces and looked at them.

The mine laborers, responsible for carrying the raw spirit stones ore, and the stewards, lowered their heads and remained in awe.    

It was pretty boring indeed.    

At this time, a rustling sound came from inside the mine cave. The lift pulley turned, the ropes descended, and the carrying panel rose.    

“Steward Jiang, we found a few different raw spirit stones ore.”   

Before the people arrived, the voices came out first.    

Two survivors, and a cart full of raw stones, appeared in the front of their sight. They didn’t recognize Tang Yu, but from the expressions of the people around them, they knew he was a big shot and immediately told the story in its original form.    

There were no twists and turns.

They mined the raw spirit stones ore as usual, but after cracking open the waste stone, they found several different pieces of raw stone.    

The cart was pushed to a clearing not far away, and all the ores were unloaded and scattered on the ground.

Ordinary raw spirit stones ore looks like rough jadeite stones. There was a faint white glow that emitted a faint light in the darkness. Among these pale white ores, Tang Yu saw a few special stones. It was no longer pale white but showed a red color. Half of the stone was dyed with a magma-like red color.

Tang Yu picked up one of the pieces, about the size of a basketball, weighed it, and then cracked it open.

The red raw stone shell spilled to the ground, and inside the broken stone pieces, there were three more red stones more brilliant than diamonds.

Spiritual power coalesced, turned into substance, and pried matter.

The small tree red stones floated to him and landed on his hands with his spiritual power.

Tang Yu carefully examined them. Each one was a pebble size, larger than ordinary spirit stones, and shapes very regularly.

Ordinary spirit stones were like cracked crystal fragments. Some were prismatic, spiky, and blunt. The sizes were also different. Although it still looks magnificent, there’s no comparison with the three fiery red stones in front of him. 

He perceived it carefully.

Not only in appearance, but in the fiery red crystal, there was more source power contained.

“It’s about the quality of a spirit stone dug out from the body of an Eighth Awakening Stage demonic beast, but it seems to be a bit different in nature as well.” 

The source power flowed through his body, passed through his palm, and probed into one of the fiery red crystals.

In an instant, it was as if it touched a blazing flame, but it wasn’t hot.

Tang Yu’s eyes opened slightly and became focused all of a sudden, “Extremely pure source power, and… with fire attributes!”

The source power contained in the spirit stones was full of impurities, chaotic, and carries no attributes. The hunters cannot absorb it directly, and it was also difficult to use it directly. Usually, it was used as an energy source to drive other items.

Such as consuming it to draw blueprints, making spirit stone bombs, etc.… 

It’s all for external use.

However, the three fiery red stones in front of him were filled with pure fire-attribute source power. It was like a clear lake and water filled with trash. 

That’s how much different the two things were. 

“Such pure source power can be absorbed completely directly. That is to say, these three fiery red spirit stones can be used to assist in cultivation? It’s best to give it to fire ability users to cultivate, but others can also use it.”

The attributes of hunters were not limited.

Those who have awakened the special ability of flame can also learn ice spells in the same way… Tang Yu thinks that ice mages like Elaine can also absorb fire attribute source power for cultivation. 

Just… with its low efficiency, it was rather wasteful.

Tang Yu recalled for ten seconds, there seems to be no fire ability user among the two dozen followers?

Oh, wait, Shay’s explosive ability and fire system is close. It’s suitable for cultivation with the fire attribute spirit stones. 

“As a demon swordsman, I have fire, ice and thunder most common attributes. Amidst which, fire-based battle techniques are most proficient. These three spirit stones are equally suitable for my own cultivation.”

Tang Yu nonchalantly classified these three high purity spirit stones as his own cultivation resources.

“In addition to aiding cultivation, high purity spirit stones may also be incorporated into battle techniques, spells to enhance my power, which can likewise help in the cultivation of battle techniques….. Well, all these conjectures can be tried one by one later.”

He even felt that by increasing the input of source power, the three high purity spirit stones could be used as bombs.

The power would not be small either.

Turning his head to look at the laborers and stewards of the mine, “Prioritize mining in the place where you find this type of crystal ore raw stones. Continue digging deeper, and later separate the two types of raw stones, well, if you still find any special raw stones, notify me first.”

“You two did a good job, each of you will be awarded with… well, 100 spirit stones.”

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