My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 359


Since successfully developing the ‘Recovery Potion’, Tang Yu began to feel greedy and has taken pharmacy as his main focus.

“I’ve been unable to recruit a pharmacist, so I can only do it myself and feed myself in abundance.”

In the afternoon, he went to the workshop to make a batch of high-level rune equipment that the factory could not produce. And by the way, he swiped the market and pub. When the spirit stones were abundant, he occasionally performed high spirit stones summoning operation, only Tang Yu had always cautioned himself that the maximum number of spirit stones per day was once, this was to avoid the gambler’s mentality and losing a large number of spirit stones in a short period of time.

These days the B-ranked qualified followers summoned are mostly warrior job, unadvanced primary professions, which he did not choose to contract.

Only one B-grade qualified mage, “Kenrak”, although also an unadvanced primary profession, but good at spell scroll making was summoned by him.

The afternoon daily schedule was less.

In addition to spirit stones, there was a tour of the territory and the daily reports of various departments.

In the evening, he broke through the Tower of Trials, as well as other practical training in the spiritual space.

The quiet life lasted for three days in a row.


“Lord, the news of the new issue of the intelligence department has arrived.” Shay walked into the castle, holding a stack of encrypted letters.

With more resources invested than the two corps, the Intelligence Department was expanding rapidly under the leadership of the intelligence head, Gray Blade.

Currently, every large shelter in Tiannan Province had Intelligence Department personnel. The province where Luoxia was located, including several neighbouring provinces, all had hunter agents from the Intelligence Department operating.

The territory’s reach has spread to all sides, long before the initial news from hearsay.

Tang Yu took it over and folded it open one by one. His face gradually changed to gloomy.

“In Yulin Province, a certain large shelter was attacked and destroyed by a demon wave. That battle is said to have not appeared transcendent and pseudo transcendent, but millions of demonic beasts behaved like an army, advance and retreat in an orderly manner with division of labor, cooperation, there are responsible for the siege of the city, there are responsible for fire suppression of the demonized beasts, and the timing is extremely good…..”

Followed by a note from the Intelligence Department: high probability of a demonic wave commander.

Humans relied on the tall city walls to resist the demon wave to a large extent because of the extremely low intelligence of the demonized beasts. Often they brainlessly impact the walls. Once a demonic wave had an order like an army, Tang Yu could imagine the dozens of meters tall high walls of a large shelter could be breached.

“A large shelter in Dongming Province, encountered a level five demonic wave, and the appearance of a suspected transcendent being. The shelter was wiped out, and the last survivors who escaped were less than one percent.”

“Lookout Shelter was attacked by a wave of sea beasts, the city walls were damaged by more than half. During which a super sea beast with a body length of more than 100 meters appeared, suspected to be a Transcendent being. Finally Lookout Shelter sacrificed a golden sword, the shadow of the sword enveloped the entire sky, wounding the super sea beast, and the wave of sea beasts finally faded away. “

It was a secret realm item.

The rank probably exceeds the rune equipment category. It’s a real treasure.

Tang Yu secretly paid attention and continued reading down.

“Two hundred kilometers north of the Luoxia Shelter, traces of the activities of the Skeleton Man have been found, and are under investigation ……”

“A large shelter in Dongming Province, several giants were attacked by mysterious figures, the shelter is suspected to be controlled by a group of mysterious people.”

Followed by a note from Gray Blade: The mysterious people may be the Fourth Age hunter.

He continued reading.

“A huge lake suddenly appeared in the south of Yunhu Province, suspected to be connected to folded space.”

“A secret realm was discovered in the north of Tiannan Province…..”

“One hundred and thirty kilometers east of Shuohu City, a secret realm has been discovered ……”


After reading the information, he handed it over to Shay, who had been stretching his neck to him, seemingly eager to read it.

His fingers unconsciously tapped on the desktop.

During this time, the anomalies that have appeared everywhere were far higher than the past few months, especially when the number of the overthrow of large shelters was too many.

Even though these shelters were far away in the other provinces and he had little to do with them. As the same human being, he finally felt worried. From the top of the food chain, reduced to the sadness of survivalists.

“I have to make the territory solid enough to defend against any incoming enemy!”

After thinking about it, he rushed to Shay and said, “Let Roger bring people to the two newly discovered secret realms. As soon as possible. Well… you can take the airplane.”

After a pause, “And then call Chen Haiping and the vice minister of the equipment department.”

After Shay left, Tang Yu felt the need to form a secretarial corps… no… the escort team should be formed quickly.


When the two people arrived, Tang Yu was examining the sand table in front of him.

The sand table shows the area around Tree Shade, north to the Lindong Shelter, south to the Rinshan Satellite City, westward spreading to the Creekwood Outpost, and farther on, an abstract map.

After the occupation of Rinshan City, Tang Yu did not empty it completely but only took away most of the survivors.

Currently, about five thousand survivors are living in Rinshan Satellite City, mostly engaged in timber cutting and stone mining. In comparison, Tree Shade has thirty thousand ordinary survivors, and the number of resident hunters was over ten thousand.

They also have a total of three outposts, including the Creekwood outpost.

The scale was still far inferior to that of Jingcheng City.

The most lacking thing was still the survivors, and the construction work was too slow.

Tang Yu’s heart had no choice. Bringing survivors to Tree Shade from other shelters was not that easy, and it was even more troublesome since the Tree-Lindong line was out of service.

“Can the Tree-Lindong line be restored to traffic?” He asked with a twist of his head.

“The train has been tested several times, and there is a malfunctioning of the controls, and Lindong does not consider it appropriate to pass.” Chen Haiping thought about it, “It’s not just the trains, trucks, and armored vehicles that are very inconvenient. Large shelters such as Lindong should perk these vehicles to be equipped with a lot of anti-jamming equipment before they can barely use it, and occasionally the internal components are damaged. “

Lindong doesn’t need to count on it. Perhaps they don’t pay much attention to the Tree-Lindong line.

“What about our source power train, how is the progress?”

“Source powertrain research is progressing well, currently there’s no major difficulties. The day before yesterday, we transported back a few speed trains through the airplane. We plan to transform a few trains into a source power train. It would greatly reduce the engineering time. If it goes smooth, we will have a result within half a month.” 

“It’s still too long.” Tang Yu paced and looked at the Vice Minister of Equipment, “Increase the funding by one million for the research and manufacture of source power trains, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and the Corps will fully cooperate with you. I want to see the results within ten days, the sooner the better!”

The vice-minister hurriedly nodded.

“After the source power train was manufactured, the Tree-Lindong line will be restored as soon as possible. In addition to that…” Walking to the side of the sand table, Tang Yu fiddled with it and drew a line. “The Ministry of Municipal Affairs will build a second railway from now on. Starting from the Tree Shade, passing through the Rinshan Satellite City, and finally arriving at the Nanqing Sanctuary.”

This will be the second open line. 

The basic resources mined in Rinzan Satellite City will be easier and faster to transport back to Tree Shade through the train. 

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