My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 363


Nowadays, the Silver Hand mercenary regiment has risen to fame in the Yangtze Delta.

The number of members was at the thousands, and they had their own quarters. Although it is only a ‘small shelter’ level, the strength of the members of the Silver Hand and the leader who was called the Thunder Sword Saint makes many people afraid.

There are also some big forces eyeing this force.


Corps station, meeting hall.

“Master Du, the people from the Octagon Alliance are here again and they promise that they can provide us with thirty rune weapons immediately as long as we join the alliance.”

B-rank qualified follower, vice leader of the Silver Hand, Du Pontway, heard the words of the visitor without turning around, “You think we should join the Octagon Alliance?”

The young member was wearing beast skin clothing. A long sword made of lapis lazuli polished and slightly rough was hanging on his waist.

He shook his head, “I know about the style of the Octagon Alliance, it’s just that they come from a bad place. Once the corps acted too slowly to agree, I’m afraid that it would provoke the hostility of the Octagon Alliance. Moreover, thirty rune weapons is not a small number, some brothers below may be dissatisfied.”

“We shouldn’t stop those who want to leave, as long as they won’t regret it.”

Du Pontway Turned back, he smiled warmly, revealing his teeth, “Thirty ordinary rune weapons are just a number. We will soon have more.”

The young Silver Hand member was unsure.

At this moment, Du Pontway froze, with joy showing in his eyes. He turned his head to look at the young member at his side, “Call up the people of the Knights and come with me.”


The wilderness.

The wind swept through, the dense weeds swayed, and gravel flew.

Du Pontway held a black lance and sat on top of a black beast that was two times larger than a motorcycle.

The black beast darted up in the wilderness.

It looks like a canine, its mouth slightly open to reveal sharp teeth. Covered with dense black hair, a large black and long-tail wagging, its mouth from time to time issued a low roar.

Behind Du Bangwei, two dozen hunters followed. All of them were wearing clothes made of demonic beast fur, riding black canine beast, only theirs were smaller.

“Du Pontway said that the headquarters sent someone? And sent us rune equipment?”

One of them asked, the wind whistling in his face made his voice a little muffled, but he couldn’t hide the excitement in it.

There was also a bit of disbelief.

The two dozen of them, as members of the Knights of the Silver Hand, had been in contact with the core of the mercenary group.

There have been some rumours about the headquarters, but they always thought that only rumours. They had never thought that there was really a headquarters, and the strength was quite strong.

They also have a backer behind them!


The canine-riding team of more than twenty people rushed all the way.

Du Pontway pulled the reins and let the mutant dogs under his seat slow down, “This is probably the neighborhood, everyone pays more attention to the surroundings, or maybe they have not yet arrived.”

The members of the Silver Hands looked around. The grass was lush, the walls were broken, and there was no sign of any survivor activity.

“Du Pontway, why don’t the people from the headquarters go directly to the station, this seems to be closer to the border.”

As they spoke, there were already quite a few demonic beasts pouncing and biting towards them.

The members of the Order drove the big black canine and quickly cut down the incoming demonic beasts.

“It’s just that I don’t want to be too public.” Du Pontway said casually, “Why choose this place? First, it’s out of the track, and second, it is closer to the border …… Yes, the people from the headquarters come from the border location.”

“Coming from the border?!”

Exclaims of astonishment came one after another.

Seeing the astonished look of these lads, Du Pontway understood what they were thinking.

At the time, the five of them also narrowly escaped death when they crossed that area, and several times in the middle, they could not help but crush the Town Portal Scrolls.

The safest route to the outside world was by boat, through the mouth of the sea, and then along the coastline. These routes were also dangerous, but it was safer compared to crossing the six-star triangle.

He did not say in detail. After all, he did not know the exact information and lightly said, “I heard that they are flying here with some kind of vehicle called an airplane. Of course, I haven’t seen one, so you should pay more attention to the surroundings.”

The members of the Order had no time to be surprised. They all hurriedly looked up and raised their heads. Sweeping their eyes in all directions.

The sun was high in the sky, and the sunlight was cast onto the earth, making people a bit hard to see clearly.

Suddenly one of them called out, “That! What is that!”

The crowd looked at the sound.

Above them was the endless blue horizon in the sky.

At this time, it seems that the camouflage has been erased by an eraser. A flying boat that was more than fifty meters long was inscribed with runes. It has huge cannons on both wings and sails above the sky…

Inch by inch, it appeared in front of their eyes.

They couldn’t help but rub their eyes, trying to tell if it’s real.


Keeping their heads up, they were all a little sore.

Two dozen members of the Knights stared and could not move away.

Du Pontway cursed secretly from the bottom of his heart. Each of them was shocked and forgot to guard the surroundings. But he also raised his head, facing the dazzling sunlight, looking at the flying boat soaring above the sky.

The airplane was really incredible.

He has received a message from the Lord. But he still got shocked the first time he saw it.


The Voyage reduced its speed and slowly landed on the ground.

With a slight tremor of ‘boom’, the floating boat successfully landed.

The inner rune shield was lifted, and before the shelf bridge was lowered, Shay had already jumped from the bow of the ship, straight down to the ground.

A deep crater was smashed in the ground.

He patted the dust on his body and walked up as if nothing had happened, “Old Du, long time no see.”

The two had a friendly hug.

Behind them, on the airplanes, the air soldiers flew out one after another. They landed on the ground, causing the core members of the Silver Hand present to stare in awe once again.

The black canine mounts of the Knights also made the air soldiers wonder.

“These mutated canine beasts have Triple Awakening Strength, and the one I’m riding has Fourth Awakening Strength. But unfortunately they were all too weak, and the number of mounts is too small.” Du Pontway paused and said, “Canine beasts, especially domesticated, or tamed before the Doomsday were still relatively easy to tame after the mutation occurs. But other types of mutant beasts were too difficult to control, our Knights have not been able to form a scale, and the combined combat skills of Chief Gretel have not been able to exert a real effect.”

His voice was tinged with regret.

Without a mount, only ten people can do a combined attack or twenty people combined attack, but if there is a mount, a thousand-person regiment unified pace for the charge. Even if the opponent had reached the Awakening Order Great Perfection would have to temporarily avoid the crowds.

Of course, although there were thousands of members of the Silver Hands, but the trustworthy ones were only two hundred. Those with a mount were less than thirty people.

“It’s really hard to tame a mutated beast.” Shay empathized. “Currently, only the mutant red deer has been tamed in the territory. While others… well, some have been imprisoned for a month or two, and their ferocity cannot be erased.”

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