My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 37


Chapter 37 – Demonic Wave Defensive Building (Part 1)

At that time, both ordinary survivors and hunters were both the same, they all panicked.

In the face of that many of demonic beasts, the hunters were nothing. They understood that with their own strength, there’s no way they could end the demonic beast wave.

The scene instantly became chaotic. Fortunately, the city gate was wide enough and the survivors’ number weren’t much. Soon they all entered the city wall.

Some people leaned against the cold wall, gasping for air. They stared blankly at the demonic beasts for a while.

Even with such a tall city wall, they had no idea if they’re gonna survive the attack or not.

“There are flying demonic beasts, the city walls can’t protect us from them!”

“Even if the city wall could hold them back for a while, the wave is overwhelming. With our current number of hunters, how do we even resist the attack?”

“It’s over. I thought I could live safely in the shelter. If I knew it would come to this, I wouldn’t have come here at all.”

The atmosphere of despair enveloped everyone’s heart. Suddenly, someone noticed that they hadn’t seen Leader Tang and other masters from the shelter.

Did they run away?

Some people couldn’t help but wonder. The shelter was powerful. With such a fierce man like Captain Roger, it’d be easy for them to escape.

Thinking of that, the hearts of the survivors grew darker. They began to hold a resentment feeling.

Then someone shouted, “They are still outside!”

Some people looked through the city gate, and others ran to the city gate and saw the demonic wave’s approaching the shelter. The swarm of demonic beasts destroyed all the remaining building that’s left during the previous demonic wave attack.

However, Leader Tang and the others still maintained calm expressions. They stood on the small square as if they were gonna face the swarming demonic beasts that’s thousand times more compared to their numbers.

Such bravery!

The survivors who saw the scene couldn’t help but feeling guilty. They thought ill of Leader Tang and the others. In fact, they weren’t escaping, but standing on the front line to fight the demonic beasts!

But some people still didn’t understand why Leader Tang and the others didn’t return inside the walls. Did they intend to sacrifice their lives to protect the shelter and die in a glorious death?

The survivors watched Tang Yu’s back figure with admiration.

Being escorted by a puppet outside the city wall, the bearded-hunter looked at Tang Yu as if he were looking at a dead man.

Tang Yu stared coldly at the demonic wave.

The demonic beasts swarmed together like a wave.

Their howling sound, the sound of their rushing steps… the scene alone made some of the survivors almost fainted.

Even if a hunter faced the demonic wave, in front of such a scene, it’s very likely that they would tremble and unable to hold their weapon properly. Let alone fighting against the demonic wave.

That was a tragedy that often happened in the doomsday. Wherever they went, the shelter was destroyed into ruins by demonic beast wave.

That was also the case of the former Tree Shade Shelter.

At the face of demonic wave, everyone would be afraid.

But Tang Yu was different.

After all, he had experienced a demonic wave and survived. He had achieved the achievement of a demonic wave survivor.

Facing with such demonic wave was indeed a spectacular view. His heart beat faster, not of fear, but of excitement.

If someone asked other survivors; What the demonic wave looked like?

Ninety nine out of one hundred people would answer that it looked like destruction, and the last person would be too scared to answer.

But Tang Yu didn’t think of it that way. How could demonic wave represent destruction? For him, it only represented money!

Even if he was a gangster figure with more than 10 thousand spirit stones, spirit stones were way more precious than the red checks before the doomsday. No one would appreciate the value of spirit stones but Tang Yu as a Lord of the territory.

He watched as the raging monsters approaching.

Tang Yu swallowed his saliva. “If the crystallization rate is one among ten demonic beast, then…”

 Tang Yu counted with his finger and found out that the mathematics he learned back at school was useless that he couldn’t count it.

“Old Chen, you go back to the city walls first. Elaine, stand guard.”

Chen Haiping and the group of survivors who just joined the patrol team were also outside.

Perhaps they didn’t step back because their leader joined them in the battlefield. That was very rare among other shelters.

Tang Yu saw some patrol members were trembling with their teeth clenched tight. Some of them were just ordinary people. In contrast, some hunters had rushed back into the city walls with their speed advantage.

Sure enough, this would be a training for the first batch of the patrol team.

Inside the city wall, an alloy gate fell. Blocking down people’s sight of the battlefield.

Some of the survivors were squatting under the corner of the wall, some were trembling. A few people climbed up to the city wall, staring anxiously at the demonic wave in the distance.

Chen Haiping handed out guns and weapons to the members of the patrol team. They were standing on the tall city walls, carrying their guns and aimed at the distance. The product of human wisdom and technology was on their hands. Even with such weapons, they still didn’t have much confidence.

Elaine’s robe fluttered, she held her staff in front of her chest. From the eyes of the survivors, her expression was calm and blank. But some people with sharp eyes would notice that Elaine’s gaze had always been focused on Tang Yu. Unwavering.

Tang Yu took a deep breath and looked around. His voice was indifferent but with a confident tone, spreading throughout the shelter.

“Our shelters may be small in size, but we are confident that we have the ability to protect every single survivor who abides by the shelter’s system from any demonic beast attack!”

After finishing his speech, Tang Yu opened the system panel on the building list. His mind controlled the list’s movement and moved to the last defensive building page.

“Arrow tower construction consumes a total of 800 units of spirit stones, 1200 units of wood, 800 units of stones, and 400 units of iron.”

“Cannon construction consumes a total of 1000 units of spirit stones, 200 units of wood, 200 units of stone, and 500 units of iron.”

Tang You stretched out his hand, his palms were reaching out as if he was holding something.



The discarded materials in the small square were pulled over. The woods, stones, and irons were mixed together by an unseen force, which was inexplicably changing.

From the foundation of the tower, the tower body, and the tower’s peak.

Four arrow towers, located on both sides of Tang Yu, seemed to be built out of thin air!

The outer wall of the tower was black like a basalt tower. It was very thick and strong. A dark hole protruded from the top of the tower, a sharp cold arrow emerged from it.

That was the Arrow Tower, the first defensive building of the Lord’s Castle.

Although the cost was relatively cheap, it looked a little bit more powerful than an old arrow tower. Its power could not be underestimated.

Each arrow shot by the arrow tower was made of condensed energy. After condensing the energy, the super arrow that’s combined with runes had unparalleled destructive and penetrating power!

As the arrow tower was built, there was a louder noise behind it.

A dark metallic body of luster and a muzzle big enough to fit a basketball was also built in the blink of an eye.

The survivors on top of the city walls were all speechless.

With a wave of Tang Yu’s hand, buildings with a shape like an arrow tower and cannon were built.

Both the speed and the scale of the construction was like a dream!

It was a miracle!

The few survivors who had witnessed the construction of the city walls weren’t as surprised. As they watched their fellow survivors expression were shocked in awe, they starting to tell the story of how majestic the city walls was constructed back then. In contrast, the construction of the arrow towers and cannon were not a match.

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