My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 389


Chapter 389 – Exterminating the Alien! (Large Chapter) 

The vigilance in Zhou Zhenglei’s heart had risen to the extreme when the humanoid monster with four long arms, grayish-black skin, and a height of more than two meters appeared.

Earlier in the video, he has seen the strength of this monster.

It can only be described with the word “horror”. More than a month has passed, and even though he is not the same as before when facing the four-armed black devil, his heart is still unsure.

But the battle was inevitable.

He led the expert group of Lindong, and even while wearing the advanced rune equipment custom-made from Green Shade and using the rune scrolls to increase BUFF temporarily, he was barely able to fight with the enemy.

However, the four-armed black devil was extremely cunning and did not fight them head-on.

In just a minute or two, no less than a hundred Awakened were seriously injured or killed. All of them were the most elite warriors in Lindong, Zhou Zhenglei roared, but to no avail. Fortunately, soon after the signal was sent out, the Green-yin Director Tang led reinforcements arrived.

Zhou Zhenglei had seen several people around Director Tang. They were high-level of the green shade, a symbol of identity and a symbol of expert first-class strength.

From the very beginning of Luyin’s establishment, these top leaders were far ahead on the path of awakening.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

With Luyin’s reinforcements, plus their group of experts from Lindong, trapping the four-armed black devil and killing it… was possible.

What Zhou Zhenglei worried about at this time was that the enemy would escape instead.

The “Final Yan Cult” was strong, and if they could kill a cult expert in advance, the scales of victory would be tilted in their favor.

Then, Zhou Zhenglei saw Chief Tang nodding and ran this way.

Another woman with a sniper rifle was seen rushing ahead of the others. Her speed is probably comparable to that of the four-armed black devil.

‘The top leaders of Luyin are really all monsters.’

However, this thought only lasted for less than an instant.

The woman with long brown hair bent her knees and half crouched. She put the barrel of her gun in front of her body, aiming and shooting… The action is done in one flow. There is a kind of unspeakable beauty, and hidden under that beauty is a deadly killing machine.

Zhou Zhenglei could not see the bullet’s trajectory, and the crackling sound of the breakthrough sound barrier had not yet come.

The four-armed black devil, which has boulder-shattering fist power and foot that cracked the earth that no one can stop, its tall body had actually exploded with a bang, its frozen black devil head fell to the ground, beneath the ice layer its eyes glared.

Only half of the thighs remained, but it was scorched black and lost its original appearance.

The coordination, siege, and killing strategies that had been prepared were all gone.

Zhou Zhenglei was so shocked that he could not speak. Such horror like this, he can not describe his feelings at this time!

The high-level person in Luyin usually drinks together; she seemed harmless, even if she pretended to be fierce, he would only think that she was a very lively girl. But now that he thinks about it…. she was more than super fierce. She was a huge, powerful, ancient ominous beast!

Zhou Zhenglei swallowed very hard. He didn’t know if he would dare to go to the night bar next time.

The result is undoubtedly good.

The old chief came to the door in person and invited Director Tang to deal with the cult. He still felt that he was making a fuss… Now, he had to admire the old chief’s strategic vision and was fortunate to have the Luyin joining to avoid the heavy casualties.

Zhou Zhenglei was completely relieved.

However, the relaxed mood did not last two or three minutes….

At the end of the line of sight, he saw a similar to the four-armed black devil, only taller and with a total of eight arms. The black devil walks seemingly in the sky; each step is hundreds of thousands of meters. Less than a few seconds later, the monster was coldly looking down on them.

The 8-armed demon was black all around, with purple-black demon flame rising.

The monstrous pressure, like a mountainous wave, blasted straight down.

Everyone turned pale.

‘It’s him, it’s him!’

It was the monster in the video, the culprit who wiped out an asylum. It was even more terrifying than the disaster-level demon beast, a transcendent-ranked alien powerhouse!

The monster had also appeared near Jingcheng. It was an extraordinary powerhouse that had battled with the giant golden eagle!

Zhou Zhenglei’s face was bitter.

‘The multi-armed black Demon Race is obviously a race, I should have thought of it long ago….’

“During the destruction of Xiajiang, it was the eight-armed black devil who took the lead, destroying all of the shaped energy cannons, not humanly possible!”

He had withdrawn from the death and the fierce battle before. He didn’t think about it, and his subconscious also avoided this.

It was only when the eight-armed black devil appeared that it dawned on him that the ‘Final Yan Cult’ was neither the Awakened who had the good fortune to get some super-powerful secret treasure, nor the executioner of the Fourth Age, but the mysterious alien race that …… could manipulate demonized beasts!

This point is hanging.

Tiannan is dangerous too.

This extraordinary powerhouse first glanced at Lindong Zhou Zhenglei and the others and finally fell on Tang Yu and others.

With a gaze that makes people like falling into an ice cave, the monstrous pressure is even more. The weaker turns pale, and fell to the ground, became unable to stand. The previously wounded awakened, who were under the envelope aura, also directly fainted.

It was not because their willpower is weak, but it stems from the huge gap in levels.

No matter how strong the ants were, they couldn’t bear the giant breath.


Above the mundane.

Look and fear.

Zhou Zhenglei has already made plans to fight for his life.

On the other side, the Shuohu shelter legion that came to support was also like a big enemy.

Tang Yu took a deep breath and looked at the eight-armed black demon.

Except for the space channel in the fallen haze, he felt a short breath. It was the first time he saw the supernatural alien race. He didn’t know the relationship between the multi-armed black Demon Race and the skeleton who can disguise as humans.

It was something to think about.

The extraordinary monster’s power is very strong, but Tang Yu has already experienced 100 battles and can fight against Yan Dingtian in the mental space… He doesn’t care about the pressure of petty breath.

Just ……

The “Final Yan Cult” really has a transcendent battle power, but it appeared so early.

In the sky, purple and black magic flames converge, eight thick arms are beating in front of the monster’s chest, and the atmosphere of destruction distorts the surrounding air.

Zhou Zhenglei and others, who intended to fight for their lives, became more and more desperate… how could they fight with Transcendentals?

Tang Yu glanced at Yan Dingtian at the back, indicating that it was time for him to appear.

In a flash, Yan Dingtian leaped into the air. His hair was dancing. Together with the trancendental’s breath, Bao Wushu burst out.

The two breaths collided, and the sky seemed to be split into two sides.

Yan Dingtian laughed heartily, “This enemy is extraordinary, let the old man come to meet you.”


“It’s the counselor!”

“It’s the super powerhouse who broke through to the eighteenth floor of the “Tower of Trials”, I never thought he would be a transcendent mortal!”

“This is the powerhouse resurrected in the 4th era? Is it possible that the reason why the Luyin is so strong, is because it has the secret support of the 4th era extraordinary powerhouse?”

“No, it’s not right. In addition to Director Tang, who is at the top with a battle record of ninety-nine floors, there are two or three people on the eightieth floor. Even if the “Tower of Trial” can’t be equated with strength, but at least, the strength of Director Tang must be beyond imagination! “

The extraordinary and mighty confrontation, the oppressive feeling that shrouded everyone’s hearts, also disappeared in an instant.

Despite the fact that their lives were just hanging by a thread, many people could not help but murmur, perhaps venting their inner fears.

Tang Yu alone is a little helpless.

What an irony!

The best time for a sneak attack would have been when the enemy was not vigilant because of the aura convergence!

The old man, this fool, is still breathing and still standing in mid-air while facing away? That’s stupid!

He is really unreliable!

The two of them did not start fighting in mid-air, so Tang Yu held back.

The extraordinary alien was obviously surprised by the strength of Yan Dingtian. —As a powerhouse of the same rank, he did not dare to shoot casually, and his attention was focused on Yan Dingtian.

It was a good time.

Through the contract, Tang Yu asked Nancy to sneak closer and prepare a sneak attack.

Nancy answered at once, without the slightest idea of how a transcendent powerhouse can sneak attack, making Tang Yu secretly feel that his own people are still reliable.

‘The old man can be used as a transcendent battle unit in the “spiritual space”.’

Yilian was always ready. As long as there is an opportunity, she will not hesitate to participate in the battle.

After a short time of confrontation, the eight-armed black devil spoke up, his voice like thunder, blasting in everyone’s ears.

“You are given a chance to serve the great master, but everyone else will die, this is the generation that must pay for killing our clan members of the Ghost Hand-“

The word ‘clan’ had not yet been uttered.

When a glowing black sword rose from below.

At first, the sword’s glow was not visible, but it expanded a hundred times in the blink of an eye. Finally, it becomes a huge black sword, trying to cut the sky in half.

After the explosion, Nancy’s breath couldn’t be suppressed, and a more suffocating terrifying aura bloomed.

The eight-armed black devil… The transcendent powerhouse of the Ghost Hand clan suddenly changed his face but did not react. Instead, the thick ghostly power condensed into a glowing sword in front of him.

A sword slashed down.


The sound resonated throughout the sky like a flooding bell. The space where the sword struck down was like fragile glass, and with a bang, it cracked open.

There were black, emptiness cracks in the sky.

The ghost hand clan was surrounded by the transcendent, and the sword could not be blocked. As a result, half of his body broke apart as the sword glow fell.

The blooming black glow eclipsed the sky and the sun, and the alien flew back thousands of meters and fell to the ground, shaking the whole mountain.

“The monster is still alive, hurry up and prepare yourself!”

Sensing the transcendent aura that was still present had weakened considerably, Tang Yu yelled.

Yan Dingtian’s senses returned to him, and he rushed forward.

The thick demonic power erupted once again from Nancy’s petite body, and the “Calamity Great Sword”, the sword’s glow, extended out again.


As the black sword swung out, endless purple-black demonic flames covered half of the sky.

Another Ghost Hand Clan with eight arms appeared. Its aura was stronger and faster, appearing not far from Nancy in the blink of an eye, a fist containing endless devil flames swung out.

The devil flame pillar and the black sword clashed together with a roar, and the whole world became silent.

Yan Dingtian flew towards the wounded alien… He knew that this was the best opportunity. Otherwise, the alien might recover and makes it difficult to kill.

He struck dozens of hundreds of punches in an instant. His power concentrated like a missile, rumbling and blasting down.

The alien had already been hit hard, a small half of its body had been vaporized, and with the remaining three arms, it tries to support itself; its breath gradually became weaker and weaker.

At that moment, two more Ghost Hand came flying from afar.

They are not as fast as the one who fought with Nancy ……, who is the elder of the Ghost Hand clan, the highest leader of the Divine Church, and is already a senior transcendent.

The one who just came, on the other hand, can only be considered ordinary.

But compared to the transcendent from the fourth era, they were stronger……

‘It’s difficult to imagine that this newly revived planet, has a powerhouse that can fight with the elders?’

The two Ghost Hand Clan aliens pondered as they flew at full speed.

Although the clan was severely traumatized, they were calm, and their experience judged that they were able to arrive before their clan member could not hold on and stop the Fourth Age Transcendents.

When the time comes, three against one, even if the Transcendent Mortal is powerful, it will be difficult to escape.

The elder is fine. The transcended human has been suppressed. As long as the three of them surround the human, the trancended being who is unexpectedly powerful will also fall.

‘As for the other humans ……’

His gaze swept across and crushing Legion of the Awakened.

‘They are just ants.’


The wounded Ghost Hand smiled.

The two ghost hand clan alien who are getting closer and closer to each other seem hesitant.

The corner of the mouth of the one who was injured grinned even wider.

At this point, the power source was no longer reserved, and the two palms flatly pushed down towards the injured Ghost Hand clan.

The surface of Yueya Mountain has been knocked down layer after layer, and the huge crater had sunk by tens of meters!

The ghost’s hand breath once again weakened.

However, because Yan Dingtian’s power had exploded into a big move, his power was somewhat sluggish and could not continue to explode.

At this time, a silhouette, as if teleporting, appeared not far from the giant pit….

The sky blue eyes stared at the extraordinary ghost hand, fluttering dress, and flying hair.

Yilian’s staff was raised high, ice-blue light rays burst, Zhou Zhenglei and the others shivered suddenly. The temperature had suddenly dropped more than ten degrees.


In the center of the giant pit, the ghost hand, who was struck by Yan Dingtian’s supernatural strike, had not yet struggled. The surrounding soil was annihilated, and a large ice ball wrapped it.

The ice crystal is magnificent and brilliant.

The ghost hand clan body had completely frozen.

The already weak breath became like a candle in the wind.

Yilian face was cold and stern.

The large ice ball had a diameter of more than three meters, and it blooms out a dazzling ice-blue light.

This light penetrates heaven and earth like a field of a blue blanket.

When the blue glow gradually dissipated, the gray and black bodies of the Ghost hand clan had disappeared from the hundred meters crater, which was covered with a thick layer of ice.

That extraordinary depressing breath finally disappeared under the constant gust of wind.


The two ghost hands roared.

High above in the sky, explosive sounds kept coming as endless demonic flames rose and fell like a meteor shower, burning the air dry and burning through the earth.

The elders of the Ghost Hand clan wanted to vent but were firmly entangled by Nancy.

Tang Yu smiled.

‘This battle opens the door to exterminate the Alien!’

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