My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 39


Chapter 39 – Spirit Stones

The demonic wave went as quickly as they came. After it was gone, the shelter was filled with warmth and love again.

Fortunately, the spirit stones as the new universal currency in the doomsday had incredible durability beyond Tang Yu’s expectation. Even after being hit with the cannon and arrow tower’s destructive forces, they were still intact. Even collecting the spirit stones were way easier because the demonic beasts’ bodies were destroyed.

It’s not bad to do this again in the future, what a harvest!

He still felt distressed about those materials. Not only the materials could be used to craft equipment, they couldn’t also be brought to Lindong. Wasn’t there a marketplace in such a big shelter like Lindong? Tang Yu was looking forward to make some money out of it.

In addition, there were some powerful demonic beasts. The materials on their carcasses were still relatively intact. Tang Yu ordered some people to collect these materials as he counted the profits of this battle.

Demonic beast wave had brought so many spirit stones which meant it’s a lot of money. But it’s not without losses.

Just from building these defensive buildings, regardless of the materials, two thousand spirit stones were consumed. Not only that, it also consumed energy when defensive buildings attacked.

Where did that energy come from? Of course from the spirit stones. Tang Yu had stored some spirit stones in the small warehouse in the castle which were used for defensive buildings. Otherwise, he wouldn’t wait until now to build them.

Tang Yu remembered there was a building called Energy Patio in the tertiary territorial building list, it could absorb free energy from the air to supply the defensive building. Before that building was constructed, the defensive buildings were all huge spirit stone spender.

Anyway, he made some money. Tang Yu was in a very happy mood. In addition to the previous plunder at the spirit stone mine. There were already many spirit stones. These spirit stones must be spent wisely before he went to Lindong.

The survivors were also very happy.

That was how their life was going to be.

The gate had been reopened. Some courageous survivors stepped forward to observe the demonic beasts’ carcasses up close.

“God, it’s so big! So many big demonic beasts are dead!”

Ordinary survivors had their first chance to made contact with a demonic beast at a close range. Immediately, the survivors poked the carcasses only to find that their furs were really hard.

So many horrifying demonic beasts had attacked but they were all being taken care of by the shelter.

A shelter with less than a hundred people.

With such record, who would believe them? Although most of this was credited to Tang Yu, but without doubt, it became their own prides that they could boast as well.

In the past, ordinary survivors could barely eat and hide and waited for death every day, but now it’s different. As long as they worked hard, they could eat well every day. Now they understood the shelter’s capability. Even the demonic wave couldn’t penetrate through their walls. In the doomsday, aside from large shelters, was there a safer place than this?

Unconsciously, the survivors felt a sense of belonging to the shelter and sincerely felt lucky to be here.


After the demonic wave ends, Tang Yu was not idling around. The businesses outside were handed over to Roger and Chen Haiping. He returned alone to the castle to the open space area where he had built the system’s buildings.

He had built the pub, workshop, and market. Only one of the core four-piece set of the territorial building was left, The Research Institute.

Tang Yu ordered No. 1 and No. 2 to porter materials back and forth, and finally the construction’s required materials on the system panels were met.

“Research Institute construction consumes 1000 units of spirit stones, 100 units of wood, 300 units of stone, and 300 units of iron.”

Just like before, a three-story building soon appeared in front of Tang Yu.

He walked inside the building.

There were all kinds of research equipment inside the building. Tang Yu looked at them and only knew a few of them. That was a beaker, the kind that he used to use in high-school experiments. He didn’t remember the name clearly, it might just look like it, but anyway, it’s just a cup.

That didn’t really matter. What matter the most was the function of the Research Institute.

As a core building, the Research Institute was in charge of all research and development of blueprints, such as enhancing blueprints, transforming blueprints, etc. These were all the main functions of the research institute. Theoretically speaking, with enough knowledge and spirit stones, the research institute could develop a specific blueprint.

However, those were all still far away in the future.

At the moment, the level of research institute was still too low and Tang Yu still hadn’t planning on spending spirit stones yet. The main function of the research institute now was to transform blueprints, such as the basic long sword that was attached to the workshop was very inhuman. What if he wanted to use a dagger or other weapons?

Transforming a blueprint was to change the long sword blueprint into battle sword blueprint. Of course the level was the same with the same basic rune equipment, but it’s more usable that way.

Not only that, the basic materials used for a long sword blueprint was iron. After modifying the blueprint, he could add demonic beast material such as claws, bones, etc. Although the blueprint level hadn’t changed but using a better material results in a naturally better weapon.

Tang Yu first transformed the blueprint into a combat knife then designed a shield, gun, and bullet blueprint without runes so he could craft them in large batches in the workshop.

After finishing The Research Institute, he didn’t feel the need to build anything for now. He went to the market instead.

In order to go to the Lindong Shelter, he must first have the town portal scroll. This item’s initial refresh rate was high but he hadn’t found one yet. For that reason alone, yesterday he leveled up the market into level 2 and the items shown in the counters went up from 10 to 20 daily refreshed items. However, after several swipes, there’s still no sign of the town portal scroll.

One refresh was 500 units of spirit stones. Even if he was a rich man with thousands of spirit stones, he didn’t dare to use the spirit stone to continue refreshing. These were not just ordinary stones, these were spirit stones!

Tang Yu felt he had committed a crime yesterday by wasting spirit stones to refresh. But he just solved the parasite matter in the shelter today. He also solved the demonic beast wave attack. His luck should be good. As long as he could get his hands on town portal scroll and made enough preparation, he could go to Lindong shelter.

First of all, he should take a look at the items that appeared today. The prices were so high that he couldn’t buy them. Seeing so many zeros behind the number, his heart and eyes hurt.

It’s too painful to watch the items he couldn’t afford.


From the first grid, the items were refreshed one by one.

Intermediate Timber Resource Package (500 units). Price: 49 spirit stones.

Remaining quantity: 5.

Feilian (Weapon) Manufacture Blueprint. Price: 3000 spirit stones.

Remaining quantity: 1.

Fruit from another world. Price: 100 spirit stones.

Description: a very delicious fruit.

Remaining quantity: 50.

Skill Runestone (Burning the Sky and Boiling the Sea). Price: 1 million high-purity spirit stones.

Remaining Quantity: 1.

The first refresh, as expected, no town portal scroll was seen. But there were some good items such as Feilian weapon manufacture blueprint. Such a blueprint was not a waste of money. If he had enough spirit stones, Tang Yu would definitely buy it. If he bought it, he could use it to research and synthesize new blueprint.

It’s a pity that his spirit stones were very insufficient.

Other things like fruit from another world, Tang Yu could only say that there are more and more exotic items appeared after the market level had risen. But the probability of a high-end items showing up were also much higher, such as the skill rune. This was the first time the market refreshed a skill rune stones, but Tang Yu ignored them calmly.

One million spirit stones?! Moreover, high purity?!

He didn’t even have one million spirit stone in hand. Let alone the high purity stones. He hadn’t even heard of it before!

For the first time, Tang Yu took a deep breath, “Don’t freak out, don’t freak out. Even if I lose the one million skill runes, or a legendary item, as long as I have the town portal scroll, it’s not a big problem!”

After a few minutes, Tang Yu’s face was pale. There was sweat on his face.

He doesn’t remember how many times he had refreshed the market item. But among the refreshed item, it still didn’t appear. Was it because the item’s value too low, belonging in a non-lord item that they couldn’t show up in front of such a great lord like himself?

What’s more annoying was that after he refreshed so many times, he still had a good luck and found some good items. The prices of these items were reasonable, and they could help him greatly during these time. In short, the temptation was huge. He didn’t hold back from grabbing these items.

After so many times of refreshing, he had bought a lot of things. By now, the spirit stones in his hands already shrank by more than a half.

This was even worse than finding a treasure!

Anyway, some treasures were still the most wanted things. The market had seduced him with so many good and cheap products. In the end, he hadn’t purchased a town portal scroll.

It’s not working!

Tang Yu returned to the castle. He bathed and changed his clothes. Afterwards, he burned some makeshift paper into incense. He couldn’t find real incense and rolled a paper into incense instead.

He returned to the market.

“Ancestor, Lord Buddha, Goddess of Luck, Lord Emperor, Elder Bai, no matter who, please give me the power to win the town portal scroll!”

Tang Yu closed his eyes and opened his eyes.

He drew his fingers into the shape of a sword.


Starting from the first grid, white brilliant light swept through as the items refreshed.

The bones of advanced demonic beast.

Spring water of great vitality.

Basic knowledge of source power

Energy beam gun manufacture blueprints

Scroll to increase the summoning rate.

These are all top quality items!

To Tang Yu’s desperation, it seemed that he was about to spend a lot of money again.

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