My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 392


From the time Tang Yu discovered it and rushed into the demonic wave to chase the Ghost Hand clan commanders, the time was briefly less than a minute.

Rao opened the turret mode in the middle and bombarded all the way, but not many awakened people noticed – the distance was far, there were screams and sound of explosives everywhere.

Zhou Zhenglei and other people desperately fought these demonic beasts.

The only hope was that the Tree Shade Shelter could help. Zhou Zhenglei realized that the power of Tree Shade Shelter and these Ghost Hand clans transcendent was far beyond their expectation. He could only support others and was not the one to end this battle.

The company’s main business was to provide strong support for others. Zhou Zhenglei admired the old head’s vision.

However, the “Final Cult” strength was even more terrifying than what he had imagined, and there were four Transcendents! The number four-armed Ghost Hand clansmen who had awakened to more than ten levels were large. However, each one of them was enough to outperform the top battle force of the army.

Tree Shade Shelter people formed a battle formation and fought at the forefront. Several experts were fighting with the strongest of the aliens precisely because they fought at the forefront. The formation could barely hold until now, but it was only a matter of time before it was breached.

“Unless we can make the demon tide attack out of order and have a strong force to break through a pathway, there is a slight possibility of escape ……”

There was just a moment when the demonic beasts rushing over became somewhat chaotic. Zhou Zhenglei thought he saw hope, but it didn’t take long for the demon tide to return to an orderly pattern of advance and retreat.

Zhou Zhenglei gazed silently, looking towards the battle formation of the Tree Shade Shelter, hoping that director Tang could make a miracle.

At that moment….


A loud sound, the ground shook, and Zhou Zhenglei saw several peaks in the distance explode, and several huge figures, one by one, came out.

“It’s a disaster-level demonic beast!”

“How can there be such a thing!”

Several humanoid demonic beasts, 50 or 60 meters tall, could be seen clearly even from a few kilometers away.

The naked body, the draped hair, and the red eyes under cover of the hair.

The giant brown rock snake stood tall.

And the giant centipede that was a hundred meters long, over ten thousand awakened people looked at the bottom of their eyes.

Their faces were pale all of a sudden…

The size of the catastrophe-level demonic beasts, just one, could easily tear apart their line. Without a solid line, the human Awakened, whose strength was not as strong and whose numbers were even more different, would be torn to pieces in a minute.

“There’s someone over there!”

“It’s that legendary Chief Tang of Tree Shade Shelter!” An eagle-eyed type of ability shouted in alarm.

Knowing that Elaine and the others showed their transcendent strength as the number one expert of Tree Shade Shelter, an existence that made several transcendents willing to be under him. The strength of Chief Tang, obviously, should be even stronger.

Their only glimmer of hope resting on director Tang’s shoulder…

…… But Director Tang alone couldn’t win against those five!

There were five disaster-level demonic beasts, equivalent to five transcendents! –The difference between a pseudo-transcendent and a transcendent was not known to them, but in their eyes, a transcendent was far beyond the 13th level of awakening, the same as the catastrophe-level demonic beast.



Catastrophe-level demonic powerful beast breath from all sides was aimed at Tang Yu. In terms of breadth, it was not any weaker than the transcendent.

Although these catastrophe-level demonic beasts couldn’t fly and didn’t have any protective barrier, they have tough skin and exoskeleton…… even if the transcendent were to kill a single one of the catastrophe-level demonic beasts, they have to use a good deal of effort.

Tang Yu glanced at the giant brown rock snake’s belly. There was the source of the power of the young patriarch of the ghost hand clan.

Many water ripples have dispersed behind them. Artillery, arrow towers, and other defensive structures were no longer enough to deal with the disaster-level demonic beast… Tang Yu did not consume the source crystal for another wave.

He still has a trump card.

Super Magic Prism Tower! —In link mode, it was the strongest single point of damage among all defensive buildings!

In the past, prismatic towers, even if arranged on the defensive line, have the disadvantage of insufficient range. To the transcendent stage, a random attack can span hundreds of meters of distance.

Super magic prism tower could only be used in some particular terrain, such as the entrance to the abyssal rift. But after developing a personal combat system that allowed the defense building to move along with him, Tang Yu found that… this ability was simply to serve the “Super Magic Prism Tower”.

Perfectly circumvented all the drawbacks.

Except for kryptonite, in addition to the construction of the prism tower, each additional linkage of objects, each additional charge, the energy consumed by the source crystal increased by thousands…

It was much more expensive than using “large spells” within the territory!

Ripples reappeared on Tang Yu’s back. The range was not far, a six-pronged crystal compressed to the size of a fist, slowly floating around his body, a total of fifteen prismatic tower crystals forming a circle.

Tang Yu’s right hand lifted.

On his hand, the first prism tower crystal spun, bursting with blue-violet light. The second prism tower crystal in the clockwise direction slowly began to rotate, faster and faster. At this time, from the first six-sided crystal, a blue-violet light beam shot out and sunk into the second six-sided crystal. The blue-violet light burst into light, and the crystal was spinning faster and faster.

The third one.

The fourth.

The catastrophic giant centipede swooped over and spat out venom condensed into balls.

Tang Yu pulled the Super Magic Prism Tower to charge up his energy while avoiding the giant centipede’s venom attack. If he couldn’t avoid it, he blocked it.

The three super-large giants were also approaching. A straight fist was thrown out, and the dust from the strong wind turns into a dust storm that covers the world in the blink of an eye. When they slam their feet on the ground, they immediately form a bottomless pit. Everyone felt that the world was shaking violently.

Only the giant brown rock snake stared coldly but didn’t come close.


Tang Yu couldn’t dodge one time and was slapped into the trap by a giant hand. The thirteen-layer egg-shaped shield was broken immediately.

“Compared to the real transcendents, these disaster-level demonic beasts are not flexible enough, but they are more violent. It is good to confront head-on.”

Tang Yu is still thinking about it.

If it were five Transcendents, he would have fled as far as he could, but with five Catastrophe-level Demonic Beasts, relying on “Instant Step” and “Eye of Insight” to anticipate the trajectory of the enemy’s attack, he would be able to keep them at bay for some time.

It only took five seconds to charge the Super Magic Prism Tower. He was not worried at all!

When there were seventy-five layers of the shield left, Tang Yu’s eyes lit up.

The fourteenth six-sided crystal was spinning, and the blue-violet light burst into the fifteenth one.


The ground shook behind him.

Tang Yu did not care. Instead, he escaped with “instantaneous step”, flying close to the giant brown rock snake.

As a price, the shield was instantly broken another twenty layers.

The eagle eyes, the dynamic vision type who was always observing…In the eyes of those who can barely capture the afterimages, Director Tang, who was blinking in the air, seems to be indifferent to the terrifying attack of the disaster-level demonic beast. He blocked it a few times, he just flew faster, and it didn’t seem to be injured.

Worthy of being a legend!

At this time, behind the legendary figure, there was a blue-purple ring, and he had appeared above the brown rock snake for a moment, with his right hand stretched out and his five fingers spread out.

The giant brown rock snake roared. His body was constantly twisting. The beam of light fell, covering the brown rock snake, and its huge body was constantly washed away by a blue-violet light and disappeared inch by inch from top to bottom.

There was a vast blue and purple light between the sky and the earth.


After a long time, the thick beam of light gradually disappeared.

A bottomless hole was left on the ground.

The huge brown rock snake with a body length of nearly 100 meters has long since disappeared. Including the young patriarch of the Ghost Hand clan inside the snake, he couldn’t even struggle at all. He died instantly.

Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief. He faintly retracted the right-hand palm that reached forward. Suddenly, he was slapped by the giant next to the mountain peak. Like a balloon, he was blown off, sent straight through the mountain, and directly pierced it with a bang.

… but soon, he flew out from the mountain cave entrance.

Glancing at the number of remaining shields and then at the clothes that were not contaminated by dust on his body, he patted his hands lightly, pretending to be very chic.


“Now that’s cool!”

“Destroyed a catastrophe-level demonic beast with a single move of his hand, and even more so without even a bit of dust on his body, he managed to take the attack of that giant unscathed, worthy of being a legend!”

Tang Yu’s outburst caused the morale of the Awakened ones, such as Lindong, who was at a low point, to soar.

“kill 10 is enough, kill 20 to make a profit, kill 30 to go home and get a wife, kill 40 to have a baby immediately ……”

Zhou Zhenglei was surprised to find that the Demonic Wave, which was initially in order, suddenly became erratic, sudden chaos.

A dozen long-rehearsed coping strategies immediately popped up in his head. Finally, Zhou Zhenglei shouted, “One group, formation number three, two groups, formation number five.”

In a flash, there was that glimmer of hope.

It was not clear how many people could make it to that point, they were all warriors who died for a good cause, and their names must be engraved on the most prominent monument in Lindong.

Zhou Zhenglei frantically waved his battle sword, but out of the corner of his eye, he could still see more and more warriors, either wounded or exhausted, falling on the battlefield.


A very penetrating voice echoed across this battlefield.

Zhou Zhenglei looked over and saw a strong man with short brown flat hair, riding a fiery red warhorse and holding a two-meter long knight’s spear. The fiery horse’s front hooves were raised high as the flame-like mane flowed in the wind, and the knight’s spear was held high and pointed straight up to the sky.


The fire horse under the seat, open hooves forward, the investigation corps shield-bearing awakened, tacitly divided from the middle of a channel, Carmen with a horse in the lead, and holding a knight gun sweeping, will make sure to swept away several incoming demonic beasts.


In the back.

The Cavalry Regiment Awakened, who had been fighting since the start of the war and had long held their breath, their eyes glowed as they followed, shouting.




In an instant, three hundred cavalrymen charged out from the gap in the line, holding their knight’s spears tilted forward in their hands, the power of qi and blood bursting out, winding around the tips of their spears and linking them together.

The speed gradually increased as each man mobilized the qi and blood in his body to perform the combined battle technique “Charge”!

With red faces, a glowing red aura of qi and blood bloomed from each person’s body. The red aura became more and more prevalent……


The abundant qi blood was visible to the naked eye, forming a pillar of qi blood, a dragon of qi blood, and rushing straight to the clouds!

In the eyes of outsiders, it was no longer a regiment of 300 cavalries but a red dragon that seemed to condense with the power of qi and blood, swooping down.

Everywhere the cavalry regiment passed, the black tide of demons was wiped out without any obstruction. The huge qi-blood power followed the entire cavalry regiment and fused on the front end of the charge, on the knight’s spear of Carmen.

The demonic beasts touched by the tip of the gun were instantly turned into pieces.

A ghost hand clan transcendent shot an arrow that landed on the red aura, but it was immediately shattered and could not hurt the awakened in the knight group.

The red cavalry regiment, led by Carmen, circled back and forth in a “Z” pattern in the tide of demons, which was so strong that it was shattered to pieces. The scale of destruction was greater than that of a catastrophic demonic beast!

Carmen was also looking at the ghost hand clan transcendent, chasing them, with the huge power of blood, fire horse speed was very fast, 12 to 13 ghost hand clan transcendent, was not able to avoid it, they could only scream, holding a war knife clash, several arms shattered, swirling a line of smoke and dust.

The original peak strength of Carmen, showing an almost invincible posture.

Combined combat techniques, shine in war!

Lin Dong, Shuohu, Hengcheng, and the other shelter, under reduced pressure, also put in their best efforts.

A blue-purple pillar of light that ran through heaven and earth in the distance appeared again.

Catastrophe-level demonic beasts, another one of them was killed in seconds by Director Tang, the remaining three, the giant centipede, burrowed into the ground. The two oversized giants also turned their heads and spread their legs to run wildly ……

Surprisingly, they fled!

Tang Yu did not chase. Instead, he re-joined the demonic wave fight on the ground. He quickly switched the super magic prism tower back to artillery mode. Countless sky fires were sprinkled from the sky and smashed into the demon tide. Without their commander, the other ghost hand clansmen were crushed to death by the cavalry regiment and fled.

Tang Yu did not know how long it has been. He was so tired that he started breathing erratically. His heart was also tired, so he didn’t dare to calculate how many source crystals he had consumed.

The tens of thousands of demons were also reduced to only 20,000 to 30,000, sparsely, and humans have begun to gain the upper hand.

But Lin Dong and other sheltered awakened suffered heavy losses. Tang Yu glanced; at least half were resting on the ground, some exhausted, some seriously injured, some have died valiantly.

On the Tree Shade Shelter, the investigation corps also lost some Awakened, but in the fiery horse cavalry corps, almost no one died …… Tang Yu saw that they had stopped doing the combined battle technique. The power of qi and blood was nearly depleted, lying within the line. Most of them were limp and already unable to stand up. Even Carmen was also the same.

“It’s finally over.”

Murmuring, Tang Yu also slowly fell to the ground. His clothes were still unstained with dust, and everyone looked at him as if they were looking at a hero, he was exhausted, yet he still had to keep smiling.

The smile was faintly weary.

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