My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 398


The aftermath of the cult was still brewing, but this was only circulating in the upper echelons of the shelters, the full-fledged elders. The mercenary corps and other idle organizations were unaware that an event that almost brought the entire Tiannan Province into extinction occurred a few days ago.

Only some large organizations, and the top mercenary groups, vaguely caught the transcendental atmosphere.



Outside the Adventurer’s Guild, a new announcement was posted.

[Adventurer Battle Power Measurement].

[The guild plans to rate all registered adventurers in the coming week. In the future, the personal information of adventurers will indicate not only the star rating, reputation level, and awakening level but also the increase of combat power.] [When evaluating combat effectiveness, you can wear equipment, but borrowing advanced equipment from others is strictly forbidden. Once discovered, borrowers and lenders will be punished by lowering their star rating. In severe cases, they may be disqualified as adventurers.] [After the evaluation, based on the demonic beast of the same level, the adventurer’s combat power increase is +1~+MAX. For details, please go to the Adventurer’s Guild Consultation Office.]

The level of awakening was not linked to combat power, which was clear to all adventurers.

Nowadays, at least in the Tree Shade Shelter, even the newly awakened hunter understands that the strength of the awakened person couldn’t be simply measured by the aura they exuded… It was said that many masters have the habit of pretending to be new by hiding their aura.

And with equipment, the battle power gap between hunters of the same level will become larger and larger.

Once in the first martial arts conference, a fifth-level hunter armed with a C-level weapon easily killed the sixth-level master. The latter was called the ‘big brother’ at the time.

The power of the equipment is evident.

In Tree Shade Shelter, money is power. This was not an empty phrase.

“But, why do you need to conduct a combat power evaluation when you have a star? Isn’t it superfluous?”

“No, the combat power evaluation is more intuitive. It may also be that the guild is about to make some rule changes, and the version always needs to be updated from time to time.” He Yuanhang rubbed his chin and said.

Although Farhang Adventure Group was only a small adventure group of five people, they have the strength of the seventh-level hunter. The group’s strength was also not weak and was well known in the industry. Along the way, many hunters greeted him.

He Yuanhang responded with a smile.

At first, Tang Yu was just a very ordinary hunter who could only hide in the wilderness, but since he came to the Tree Shade Shelter, he had become a powerful adventurer, his strength began to soar.

Growing to this point from the beginning was unimaginable.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase his combat power.

However, the insider information he learned was still too little.

He Yuanhang was distressed and walked inside the guildhall with the crowd.

The top floor of the guild building was connected to the training camp’s “Spiritual Space”, where the combat power evaluation took place. He was already dressed in his usual full set of equipment for the mission.

At this moment, He Yuanhang saw a conspicuous bald head in the crowd.

“Brother Qiang–“

Fang Qiang walked down the stairs with a dragon’s stride, and everywhere he passed, his powerful aura caused the surrounding Awakened to avoid him. —One of the leading figures among adventurers, a master of the awakening of the nine peaks, he was known as a warrior of steel.

If the two did not know each other, He Yuanhang would never dare to shout so loudly.

They shook hands together and laughed merrily, “Head of Farhang, Brother Qiang, are you back after completing the evaluation? How is it?”

“The evaluation of combat power is very simple. Each level represents an evaluation level. After you kill the enemy in the level, you can rest to regain your power and enter the next level. The number of levels is currently unknown, but preliminary estimates are that the guild has prepared at least a dozen levels.”

He Yuanhang nodded and listened eagerly.

“+1, it means that the strength is slightly stronger than the same level of demonic beast, and can win in one-on-one single combat, +2, it means that you can defeat the same level of the demonic beast more easily, +3, it shows that you can crush the same level, but there is a possibility that you can win against the higher level.

The battle power increase of 6 levels, it means that you can cross two small levels, 9 levels, is to cross three small levels, for example, you now, if you can get a +6 rating, then your battle power and the ninth level of the demonic beast is comparable.

In addition, in terms of the fifth-level breakthrough, sixth-level breakthrough, and ninth-level breakthrough to tenth-level breakthrough, the guild currently defaults to two small levels by default, and it needs +6 to overcome the breakthrough challenge. “

He Yuanhang timely asked Fang Qiang about his battle power measurement results.

Ah… I broke into the eleventh level but failed to breakthrough. The final battle power rating is +10.”

He Yuanhang’s mouth opened slightly and counted silently for a while, “So then doesn’t that mean that Brother Qiang you can cross three levels and defeat your opponent?!”

“It’s just a comparison to demonic beasts. They have little intelligence, and their combat power is not strong by nature.” Fang Qiang shook his head.

It was not uncommon to need a team to surround and kill a magical beast of the same level.

“We humans also have magic weapons. If we put aside this equipment, my battle power would hardly reach fifth-level.” He looked at He Yuanhang, “You are looking for me for some insider information, right? I did hear some rumors.”

Fang Qiang’s voice remained the same, but the weird thing was that the other people standing a few meters away could only see their lips moving, but they couldn’t hear the sound at all.

“I heard that the Adventurers Guild intends to set up branches in multiple places, and this time the battle power evaluation is all for the branches.”


“Nancy, what do you think is the advantage of the guild to create this combat power evaluation?”

In the study, Tang Yu and Nancy were sitting opposite each other.

On the desktop in front of Nancy, textbooks such as Chinese and mathematics for the ninth-year students.

The high-level transcendent could complete the most basic operation with ease. For example, three digits multiplications and divisions could be solved within seconds. Yet, Nancy still frowned, pouting and looking at Tang Yu sadly.

She did not like to use her brain to do things. So why would her boss ask her to study like this?

Her head tilted for a while but did not come up with a result.

Nancy lowered her head again and tried to read a large number of texts within the books, but the letters seemingly jumped out of the books and flying all over, at least on her mind.

This author, called Lu Xun, must be a master of illusion.

She sighed.

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