My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 5


Tang Yu walked down the path of the hill very carefully because the system’s radar was out of range here. Some demonic beast suddenly approached only to get smashed by No. 1.

There was an open space in front of the hotel. Before, many tents and houses were built, occupied most of the square. But now most of the buildings had collapsed.

A demonic beast was attracted to the noise Tang Yu made, it came closer and being killed by No. 1. Tang Yu cut open the head of the demonic beast. He wanted to check if the carcasses had any spirit stones inside.

After a while, he managed to gather some sparkling spirit stones.

“Why do I feel it’s more effective extracting spirit stones from demonic beast’s carcasses than looting the hunter’s residence?” Tang Yu had no idea the hunters were this poor. The sum of 100 units of spirit stone from all the hunters’ residence feels a bit miserable.

After clearing the surrounding area from the demonic beast, Tang Yu commanded No. 1 to follow his lead and walked into the hotel.

Suddenly he saw a dark shadow on the ceiling. Before he could clearly see what it was, he heard a loud bang accompanied by a strong vibration. When the dust finally cleared up, what appeared in front of him was the carcass of a demonic beast. He couldn’t comprehend its original shape since it was badly smashed.

Tang Yu swallowed his saliva.

He couldn’t tell if he felt intimidated by the demonic beast or by No. 1’s strength. With No.1’s strength, he wouldn’t be surprised if it could destroy the whole building.

He was still lost in his thought when suddenly No. 1 clenched the spear in both of his hand. The sharp blade slanting upwards, vaguely pointing to something at the distance.

This was the form of No. 1’s highest alert. Entering this state meaning No. 1 was ready to fight with its full power. This was indeed without a mistake an alert of approaching danger! Back then when facing three demonic beast, No. 1 didn’t use this form.

His pupil enlarged noticing the direction of No. 1’s pointed spear, from there, a crimson figure appeared.


Inside the cold storage.

The survivors gasped with joy.

“We’ve been…saved?”


“Let’s leave this place quickly!”

“But the demonic beast might still be lurking around outside-“


There were another loud noise. This time, the vibration force were even stronger, as if a demolition team was exploding something upstairs. Some survivors stumbled and fell down.

The loud noise was just only a beginning, the sound of cracked things and howls echoed through the surrounding area. The survivors quickly turned pale and felt the force shaking the earth as if the hotel would collapse.

What’s going on?

What happened?

What should they do now?

Questions echoed inside the survivors’ mind.

Chen Haiping face darkened, he had some speculation inside his mind. But even he doubt the possibilities.

The shockwave didn’t last long and soon disappeared.

Some survivors exchanged glances. Just now some of them were thinking about leaving, but now they couldn’t say a thing. They were all afraid that the demonic beast would return.

Just now, there were movements at the torn door. The remaining survivors held their breath and stared.


In the battlefield.

The crimson shadow and blue light intertwined with each other, the surrounding walls collapsed and the ground cracked as they danced.

Tang Yu stared nervously at the sight and was about to summon No. 2 to aid when suddenly he saw the blue light held the upper hand. Although his eyes couldn’t follow their movement, the demonic beast’s blood marks showed that it was injured.

As a high-ranked guard puppet, No. 1’s fighting instinct was extremely high. It seized the opportunity, the sharp blade of the spear spun quickly as the surrounding air seemed to freeze as the wind and dust filling the space, just like a mini-tornado.

The next moment, it stopped.

As No. 1 withdrew its spear, the crimson demonic beast was already lying dead on the ground. There was a hole on its forehead as red blood flowing out.

“It’s finally over.”

Tang Yu looked at the now crumbled hotel with the surrounding walls destroyed. He felt relieved that the hotel withstand the attack force.

This crimson demonic beast was the most powerful one he had encountered. Fortunately, No. 1 was even more powerful. Tang Yu understood this demonic beast was just slightly below No. 1 in terms of speed and strength. But No. 1’s defense and endurance were much more superior. These two points had successfully defeated the crimson demonic beast.

Tang Yu walked towards the underground cold storage. This was the shelter’s food storage.

At this time, the door of the cold storage had been torn up and behind the door was debris piled up like rubbish.

In the dark, Tang Yu heard someone breathing.

was it a human? A survivor?!

Tang Yu got shocked for a moment.


“We’re human, not a demonic beast!”

The survivors exclaimed joyfully knowing it was a human approaching them.

Chen Haiping observed carefully. The two approaching figures were a young man dressed in casual clothes and looked too clean, the other one was donned in heavy armor, making him unable to see his face. Only the armored person was stained with blood.

With the large movements upstairs, he speculated there were some sort of battle against the demonic beast. When he first saw these two person, his first speculation was someone had dealt with the demonic beast. Although he couldn’t believe the thoughts because from his perception, such a strong demonic beast couldn’t be killed with just heavy weapons. But looking at the situation, this was probably the most likely scenario.

Chen Haiping’s heart were shaken by the thoughts after he saw the two of them.

He could tell that they were not hunters just by judging their auras. They were not hunters and they didn’t rely on heavy weapons. No matter what, it’s impossible for any of them to defeat the strong demonic beast.

“could it be that the strong demonic beast already left without initiating attack?”

He questioned the doubt in his heart.

Tang Yu frowned and replied, “Strong demonic beast? You mean the one outside? Of course we killed it.”

“It’s dead?”

The other ordinary survivor sighed and exclaimed with joy.

Chen Haiping walked out of the cold storage and came upstairs. He was cautious at first, but when he reached the hall on the first floor, he saw the crimson demonic beast lying dead with wounds.

His pupils enlarged and he lost his words.

Recalling the mysterious man in armor, he was holding a spear stained with blood. It matched with the fatal wound one this demonic beast’s forehead!

“Did they really kill them?”

He looked around at the messed up hotel, the floor was cracked, and most of the walls collapsed. If it weren’t for the hotel’s strong foundation, the entire building would have collapsed already.

No wonder the shockwave were so violent. Only from judging the scene of the battlefield, he could understand the demonic beast’s strength were far beyond his expectation. But those two person who just killed the beast, did it mean that they’re much stronger?

He was no longer think both of them were just an ordinary survivor. There’s no way an ordinary people could possess such strength!

Chen Haiping understood about the ranks for a hunter’s strength.

More precisely, a hunter could absorb and refine spirit power to reach a certain critical breakthrough point. After a breakthrough, their physical strength would improve greatly, just like him. In the previous shelter, he was classified as a mid-ranked hunter, but still he was still considered as a first order hunter.

This meant that even if his physical strength were slightly stronger than an ordinary hunter, he still hadn’t reached that critical point. But he knew the most powerful hunter in the shelter who had gone through the double threshold and reached triple awakening.

That powerful hunter was the only one in the entire shelter who had reached beyond the first order and broke through the triple awakening.

This most powerful man had died in the previous demonic beast wave, but he had seen him fight. His strength were nowhere near powerful as these two.

So, did it mean that these two were even more powerful?

Chen Haiping shivered at the thought, but this was the only possible explanation. Also he couldn’t detect their aura because his own strength were far below them. So he mistook them as ordinary survivor.

How could he come out from a battle unscratched if they weren’t super strong? Only a super strong hunter could roam the wilderness without being dirty.

This was the only logical explanation!

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