My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 401


Pingliang shelter, Mercenary block. —An area strictly used for the day-to-day work of a mercenary group.

The people who came and went mainly were hunters who wore strong equipment, swords, firearms, and weapons. Everyone exuded a fierce aura. However, some ordinary people specialized in providing logistical services so that the mercenaries could go out for missions in the best condition.

The center of the block was a ten-story building. On the second floor of the building, the character “Mercenary Quest Management Center” hangs very conspicuously.

There was an endless stream of awakened people coming and going.

“Have you heard that, a few hundred meters away, a new “Adventurer’s Guild” building was built? Although it is similar to the “Mission Center” it is surprising that it can be opened in the shelter.”

“What is this? It is said that behind the “Adventurer’s Guild” belongs to some other large shelter, called something…Tree Shade.”

Huh? Tree Shade Shelter, quite far from us here, but I heard that their strength is stronger than our Pingliang.”

“Not only that, at the “Adventurer’s Guild” equipment exchange list, there is a lot of magical equipment, and they grade it in EDCB grade. I don’t know what the level is this Dragon Blade that I exchanged from the “Mission Center” at great cost, but it should be at least C level, right?”

“I have a friend whose cousin recently went to work at the “Adventurer’s Guild” and I heard that there is a lot of magical equipment. There are at least a few hundred pieces that can be seen in the warehouse …… so I have registered with the guild as an adventurer. It’s free anyway.”

“However, although the “Adventurer’s Guild” exchange list is luxurious, the quests are too few, and magical equipment can’t be directly purchased with source crystal, I see ah, this is like a gimmick….”

The mercenary who spoke shook his head.

The “Adventurer’s Guild” has been a hot topic recently. On the “”, where the mercenaries exchanged daily posts, the word “Adventurer’s Guild” has made it to the top of the search, and the most talked about was the wide array of rune equipment.

It was said that with C-grade equipment, the ordinary hunter could easily kill demonic beasts when they go beyond the first level.

But how was that possible!

Even with Captain Ben’s exquisite combat skills, armed with a high-grade magic weapon, the Dragon Blade, at the first level, he could only be 50-50 with the demonized beast.

The mercenaries scoffed at the rumors circulating out there.

It’s just a kind of unorthodox means of creating fame.

“Yes, no matter how much rune equipment they have, it is fake if you can’t get it. Moreover, there are not many quests in the “Adventurer’s Guild””

Even if it was a mercenary registered as an adventurer, seeing everyone else say so, he did not refute it.

No matter how hot they were, new guilds were only a talk, and the “mission center” is where they belong.

A group of people walked into the mercenary building with jokes and laughs. They, who were unwilling to work, had to take over quests in order to maintain their livelihood.


A few hundred meters away, the “Adventurers’ Guild” branch building, although the number of floors was not as high as that of the “Mission Center,” the newly built building was even more magnificent.

Two stone lions with extraordinary charm at the door, squatting halfway, staring at everyone who enters and exits with their big bronze eyes.

But embarrassingly, the “Adventurers’ Guild” was deserted.

In one morning, only a few hunters walked into the hall and glanced at it. The branch was established for several days, and only two quests were accepted, and none of them completed the handover. —Granted, there were not many quests on the guild list. Most of them were just “searching for X minerals” and “searching for X plants,” which require a lot of time and might not be completed.

The adventurers who took it were mostly relied on their luck to get the items, so the guild couldn’t predict when the quests will be completed.

The lady in charge of handling business at the counter window, the handsome guy at the door ready to help guide the adventurers, and even the uncles and aunts in charge of cleaning the guild, were all worried.

Being too idle was not a good thing!

Most people wouldn’t want to pay idle people. It was just a waste of money. The “Adventurer’s Guild” worker was worried that the “Adventurer’s Guild” could not continue, which made them lost their job.


Diagonally across from the guild building, there is a tea house.

The two people in the box on the second floor have been sitting there for several hours, drinking large cups of tea, not knowing how much they drank. The number of times they went to the toilet during the period can’t be counted.

“The boss asked us to keep an eye on this “Adventurers’ Guild”, but there is really nothing to keep an eye on. There are not many people all day and night. So I think it will not be long before it closes.”

The intelligence officer who was sent into the guild also did not get any valuable information. He felt that the top was making a big deal out of it. As an outsider, without resources, how could the “Adventurers’ Guild” threaten the “Mission Center”?

The person at the opposite table poured himself a cup of tea and sipped it little by little with pursed lips, “It’s not bad. The tea fee is reimbursed. I heard it’s not very peaceful recently, others are busy, and we are here just leisurely drinking tea and chatting.”

“Yes, when this task is completed, I do not know what kind of hell I will be getting into. I heard that because of the matter of the remaining evil sect, the minister is so worried that his head had turned white.”

The two still have some professionalism. Although, while sipping tea, the corner of their eye from time to time swept across the door of the “Adventurers’ Guild”, even when they needed to go to the toilet, they left a person to continue to observe.

“You go quickly, don’t take too long. My bladder is also going to explode.”

The man nodded and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, the two men froze and looked up in unison, staring out the window at the sky, where a huge ship, suspended in the air, was slowly descending.

The two rubbed their eyes in unison.

They looked again, a huge ship still existed in their sight, people on the street also saw the airplane, they stopped what they were doing and looked at it in astonishment.

“Wait, the direction where the floating ship landed seems to be in the open space behind the “Adventurers’ Guild”? I was wondering before how that place wasn’t bankrupt yet ……”

The faces of the two Pingliang intelligence officers became stiff at once. The unexpected situation that appeared in the mission has finally happened!

“Old Zhang, you go to inform the people above, I will go to the “Adventurer’s Guild” to explore the situation.”

“No, we’ll both go together. We no longer need to inform our superior, such a conspicuous target as a floating ship. There’s no way the top didn’t notice. They must have sent someone over. We have to come up with preliminary results of the observation before the people from the top arrive.”

The two men looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Then, they pushed open the box room door to walk quickly towards the stairs.

Suddenly, the two paused what they were doing, and once again, they looked at each other in unison. Then, they glanced at the other side of the corner marked with a toilet arrow.

Their bladder was getting bloated.

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