My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 52


Chapter 52 – Knowledge

Tang Yu snorted as he watched the convoy drove past the shelter gate.

Human beings were so arrogant, they would be easy to get revenge to. In contrast, his strength was lo-key, it’s hard to come by.

Tang Yu certainly didn’t care.

Although, he might have to do something when he came to the east.

Most of the survivors here were local survivors of Lindong shelter.

These people went out early every day and returned after sunset. One by one, they seemed to show some kind of identification at the gate and they were allowed to enter the city.

Other survivors who first came to Lindong shelter like his party lined up next to the city gate.

There was a tent with a big letters hanging on the banner above it. Identity Registration.

There were also some guide signs and instructions related to the registration.

New survivors need to be registered here in the registration office before they were allowed to enter the shelter. The identity registration was fairly simple, it only required basic information such as name, age, sex, and specialty to facilitate their work load in the shelter.

There were three queues in the registration office. Two of them were ordinary queues and the other one was a VIP queue.

The VIP queue was only for hunters and professional talents. The professional talents include medic, researcher, engineers, and combat or command talents. These talents were rare in the Shelter. That’s why the Lindong officials gave quite preferential treatment.

There’s only one VIP queue, but the lined up people were certainly fewer than the ordinary ones. This queue was equivalent to VIP guest. This was a preferential treatment and also a disguised solicitation.

Naturally, from Tang Yu’s view, some hunters had bad tempers. If they let them lined up with other survivors in the normal queue, a conflict would rise.

Since Tang Yu had no bad temper, he lined up behind the VIP channel.

Elaine grew up in the slum and naturally didn’t appear uncomfortable. Gray Blade as always, lowers his sense of existence. Of course this was only referred to the case when they weren’t talking about movies.

The three of them stood out even in the VIP channel.

There were many professionals in this VIP queue, but now they looked like an ordinary survivors in the other two queues. Their clothes were tattered like a refugee. Only a few hunter seemed to be more spirited. But compared to Tang Yu and his party, everyone else looked miserable.

In particular, Elaine. Although her anime character-like blue hair was covered with her hood, the glimpse of her beautiful face was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

Tang Yu had anticipated if someone would provoke them, but that didn’t seem to be the case. If he thought carefully, these ordinary survivors didn’t have the courage to directly look at her. Even some confident hunters didn’t dare to cause a ruckus under the military’s surveillance.

He just shrugged it off.

It’s difficult to trigger by pretending to get his face slapped or something.

The VIP queue was not long. It’s now more than a month past after the doomsday. New survivors in the shelter were getting fewer and fewer. After a short while, it was already Tang Yu’s team turn to register.

A man who looked like a military officer was sitting behind the desk. The other one observed them and said, “Two hunters, one ordinary person.”

The officer pointed at Elaine and Gray Blade, and finally Tang Yu. A young clerk beside them handed out three empty forms. Two for hunter and one for ordinary person.

Tang Yu scratched the tip of his nose. He wanted to say he was also a hunter but he didn’t expect the officer to act as a detector.

Hunters could sense each other’s aura. Obviously, Lindong shelter would not let ordinary people to enter the VIP queue so they arranged a hunter at the registration table.

Although Elaine and Gray Blade had lowered their auras, the officer still could sense them. Tang Yu was embarrassed as he didn’t have the same aura.

He decided to keep quiet. It would be too troublesome to prove his hunter identity. The most annoying thing before the doomsday was going through various formal process. For now, let’s just filled the forms and left as soon as possible.

They casually filled in their forms and handed it over to the clerk.

Unsurprisingly, the officer looked at Elaine and Gray Blade and said, “Do you want to join the military? Our treatment is the best one in the entire shelter. You can get various benefits and get stronger. A promotion is the most beneficial one…”

“Of course, joining the military requires a series of test. If you’re interested, you can fill out an application form first.”

He spoke with a mechanical voice. Obviously, the same word had been spoken hundreds of times.

Elaine and Gray Blade instantly refused by shaking their heads.

The officer stopped talking.

In his mind, Elaine and Gray Blade were newly awakened hunters. They had not yet reached the point of solicitation and he was only tasked with offering the job.

As for Tang Yu, the officer shook his head lightly. He glanced at Tang Yu and saw he wasn’t the kind of person who fought often. But since he registered with two hunters, he didn’t particularly care about this person’s professional talent, fighter.


Once they stepped into the shelter, they felt like they had stepped into another world.

The street facing the south gate is very wide. It’s still lively even without the military vehicles that passed the street on weekdays. Survivors in different clothing were passing by, many vendors shouted their merchandise like a traditional market.

It was lively especially at this time when survivors returned to the shelter, selling today’s loot from the outside world.

Tang Yu was amazed.

The buildings on both sides of the streets remained intact. They still retained their appearance before the doomsday. Without the survivors with tattered and yellowed clothing that was passing by, he really felt like they were returning to the era before the doomsday.

There were also some survivors at the city gate. They didn’t carry anything in their hands. They were just standing by at the gate of the city. Sometimes when a survivors walked in, these people hurried up to circle them, but sometimes they were indifferent.

When those people on the gate saw Tang Yu and his party, their eyes lit up and immediately rushed forward.

A skinny young man in a ragged shirt spoke first, “Boss, do you need a guide? I was a local in this Lindong city. I watched the establishment of the shelter with my own eyes. I’m very familiar with every part in these city. I can guide you to the entire shelter for the whole day just with two portions of food.”

The young man was dressed scruffy, but he was the most energetic one compared to the other survivors. Tang Yu considered, his hand reached for a can of meat from his backpack and tossed it over, “Is this enough?”

The skinny young man caught the canned meat. His face showed a surprised expression, “Enough? No, no sir. It’s too much. I was only talking about two portion of ordinary foods.”

He seemed a little helpless. The other survivors were envious and annoyed.

Tang Yu asked the young man to accept the canned meat and asked as he walked. “Can you tell me everything about Lindong Shelter?”

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