My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 56


Chapter 56 – I’m just a soldier

Somewhere in the wilderness.

Several hunters carefully moved forward.

“Brother Tao, there’s no danger. The demonic beast up front has left.” A hunter holding a telescope observed and quickly confirmed it.

Several other people smiled, “We’re lucky, the Tree Shade Shelter is getting near.”

“Yeah, back then we wasted a lot of time avoiding the demonic beast, sometimes we even fought it. If our luck is bad we will get injured. It’s absolutely slowing down our journey. Today if we’re lucky, maybe we can exchange the supplies without having to wait until tomorrow.”

Captain Li Tao spoke with a relaxed face.

They were a hunter team from another small shelter, Creek Forest shelter.

The distance Creek Forest and Tree Shade shelter was not too far and they often communicated.

On this trip, they brought some ‘specialty product’ of Creek Forest shelter. As well as some extra materials they wanted to exchange with Tree Shade shelter. They also wanted to exchange some information.

Li Tao had the strength of a double awakening hunter. He was a top tree master in the Creek Forest shelter. In order to ensure the smoothness of the exchange operation, he led it every single time. He also wanted to go back quickly after finishing things.

After all, every minutes passed in the wilderness was dangerous.

“Okay, let’s hurry up and get to the Tree Shade Shelter. We will rest there.”

They were always vigilant but that didn’t make them slow. It wasn’t long until they reached the periphery of the Tree Shade Shelter.

However, at this time Li Tao was hesitant.

He had been to the Tree Shade Shelter before, but something felt wrong.

As far as they eye can see, there were ruins everywhere.

Li Tao looked at the damaged fence all over the ground and the faintly visible footprints of demonic beast. His expression hardened, “Careful! Something happened to the Tree Shade Shelter!”

A misfortune?

Or a disaster?

The others responded quickly and hid themselves.

They hid behind a broken wall, carefully observing the situation. But minutes after minutes passed by.

“Brother Tao, I think the situation seems a bit wrong.” A team member whispered, “If something happened with Tree Shade Shelter, shouldn’t it be quiet? Or things changed?”

A little hesitation appeared on Li Tao’s face, he murmured quietly, “Let’s go and take a look, but be wary.”

The environment inside the Tree Shade Resort Villa was the same just like its outside appearance. Li Tao could tell from the damaged buildings that the Tree Shade Shelter was without a doubt, demolished. Judging from its appearance, it seemed like a demonic wave attacked.

Li Tao’s expression changed.

Tree Shade Shelter’s power was terrifying. If they were this easily destroyed by a demonic wave, what about their shelter?

“Just… Why is it so quiet here? Besides…” Li Tao frowned, “there aren’t demonic beast or human bodies here!”

After a demonic wave, there must be some corpses left even if the demonic beast already left. Either human body or demonic beast’s carcass. He recalled that from the outside, the entire shelter was destroyed and ruined as if trampled by demonic wave. He even saw traces of dried blood. Bu why there was no human body here?

It made no sense!

Was the doomsday over?!

“Brother Tao, look over there. What is that?”

In the distance, an unknown creature with a round torso and sturdy arms walked back and forth.

“Is it a demonic beast? I don’t think so.” Li Tao swallowed and spit only to found the round guy was looking at them.

It sent shivers down his spine.

He didn’t sense any aura from its body so obviously, it’s not a demonic beast. But the whole situation was too eerie. Li Tao didn’t want to underestimate it.

“Brother Tao, what do you think that thing is? Some legendary demonic beast, a puppet, or something else?

Li Tao heard his team member spoke.

Thinking about this, he also remembered some problems he dismissed, “Maybe the Tree Shade Shelter did survived from the demonic wave, but they certainly suffer a great loss. Not many people survived.”

“I think so too.” A team member said, making the rest of the team felt sad and sorrowful. “There were around two of three thousand people here, but now, we haven’t see any person along the way. I’m afraid there’s not many survivor left. Brother Tao, should we get in?”

They originally came to exchange materials with the Tree Shade Shelter, but since the whole shelter was already destroyed, maybe they couldn’t get any exchange appointment at all.

“Why not? We should check it out. At least we can find out what happened from the surviving people. Not to mention…”

Li Tao pointed at the round puppet in the distance, “There should be some masters lived here. Since it’s no longer safe, maybe we can persuade those hunters to come to our shelter.”


“As expected from brother Tao.”

“This is a win-win solution. Those hunter can get a safe place to stay and our shelter had more hunters. Our safety is more ensured this way.”

In the distance, someone was running fast. Li Tao smiled, “It seems like we guessed right. The Tree Shade Shelter had spotted us.”

After all, they were outsiders. They were just standing still and waiting, they didn’t cause any problem. While maintaining their vigilance, obviously. It’s a normal thing to do when two groups of foreign survivors met. They needed to be careful so they didn’t get betrayed.

Although Creek Forest and Tree Shade Shelter often communicated with each other, there’s no guarantee that there wouldn’t be a conflict. Of course, judging from the Tree Shade Shelter’s current heavy loss, Li Tao didn’t think that they were a threat.

“We are from Creek Forest Shelter and we want to…”

Li Tao’s word suddenly stopped.

He had imagined the survivors who survived the demonic tide should be in a tattered clothes, or maybe they were injured.

But the approaching man wore a black combat uniform with a long sword on his back and a pistol on his waist.

Compared to their appearance who were wearing ordinary clothes and dirty from the wind and dust during their 20 kilometers journey, it looked like they were the one who struggled after their shelter was destroyed.

That shouldn’t be the case!

How could the people from the Tree Shade shelter suddenly become this well-equipped?

In other words, this person who’s wearing a good equipment must be the highest authority of the shelter.

The man hesitated, “Creek Forest Shelter? I’ve never heard of it. Never mind, I’ll take you to the person in charge. I’m just a soldier anyway.”

Li Tao was speechless.

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