My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 69


Chapter 69 – Regional-level Danger Zone

Outside the city, in Scarlet Hands’ base.

The leader, Lin Mingjie embraced two half naked girls on each arm. The girls were playing with his shirt.

Upon hearing the news of the seventh team annihilation, he wasn’t angry. Instead, he was rather amused, “It’s been so long since anyone dared to provoke us…”

No one dared to provoke them again after the last time hunters who confronted the Scarlet Hands were all killed.

On the opposite seat.

Scar, the vice leader, was tapping his finger on the table very fast. He looked annoyed, “That seventh team garbage was killed by only three people!”

“It’s useless, Shi Yanming and the others provoked them first but they can’t even touch them. It’s not like he was the best among us. He was only a triple awakening hunter, his strength was below those three. Clearly he’s not their opponent so of course he’s dead.”


Lin Mingjie’s expression darkened, his playful smile disappeared, “The Scarlet Hands’ greatness cannot be tainted. But there are some people who didn’t know this yet. It’s time to make those hunters trembled in fear with our power.”

He squeezed his hand on one of the girl’s face. She twisted with pain but didn’t dare to resist. She could only bit her lips to endure the pain.

“Boss, I’ve sent someone to investigate those three. It won’t take long before we find them. Hmm, they must’ve thought we wouldn’t dare to attack them and they’ll be safe inside the shelter.”

Scar smirked, “As long as we know who they are, no matter where they hide, I’ll catch them. They can’t escape forever.”

Lin Mingjie didn’t respond initially, but he refused, “No.”

“Boss, they just insulted our name! We can’t just let them wander freely!”

 “Of course there will be consequences for their actions, I’ll let them know the taste of death, but…”

He frowned, “That weapon have attracted everyone’s attention, including the dean of the Academy of Sciences. Although that old-man isn’t a threat, it’s best if we stay out of their way, especially now.”

“What should we do?”

“We should stay discreet inside the shelter. But I just heard the news. There will be a big operation issued by the shelter. Tomorrow, the mission center will hire a large number of hunters with high reward. With their strength, they will definitely participate.”

“The participating mercenaries will be divided into teams. You should greet Director Jiang in the mission center, let him know we’re looking for someone…”

Scar smiled, “Got it. As expected from our leader.”

He smirked. He could already see how the story unfolded.


Tang Yu got a lot of new knowledge after talking with Professor Sun.

The discussion didn’t just widened up his horizon, but also resulted in him to have a deeper understanding of the power source.

In addition to gaining profit, he also developed a good relationship with the Academy of Sciences.

He sold his basic weapons to the Academy of Sciences. The weapons were including long sword, combat knife, and dagger. The price might be lower as the one in the auction, but Tang Yu understood that the swords fetched for a high price at the auction because of some special circumstances.

Once he brought up more equipment, the price would inevitably fall. Even though he still had good profit because not all hunters could afford the price.

At the auction, people bid until they ran out of spirit stones. These hunters’ wealth was limited. He could only sell the sword in the auction again for two or three times at most.

 But it’s different with the Academy of Sciences as they were wealthy. No matter what, he could sell weapons to the military through the Academy of Sciences. He’d be rich even if the price was only 20 spirit stone each.

“You didn’t bring many equipment with you. But the next time you came again, you’ll be rich.”

Tang Yu wasn’t worried that the Academy of Sciences’ research result would affect his future business.

The workshop could manufacture equipment cost at maximal 5 spirit stones with a primary rune inscription.

Even if the Academy of Sciences’ succeed in their research, he estimated that the price would be cheap.

The quality would also improve.

The business with the Academy of Sciences wasn’t just limited to thousands of spirit stones.

Tang Yu was spreading open a map in his hand.

This was a very detailed map with the entire terrain layout.

Obviously the map focused on their current province with the most detailed information, followed by some neighboring provinces.

Tang Yu had requested the map.

BaiXiaosheng10086 drew the map. The map was indeed even more detailed than the official issued map.

This map didn’t just mark the shelters throughout the area, but also the danger levels.

One star belongs to basic danger level. For example the area outside Lindong shelter that frequently cleaned off demonic beasts by soldiers and hunters every day.

The two-star were a low-risk area. For example the path from the territory to Lindong was mostly passes through two-star area so the risks were relatively low. Well that’s excluding the crack of the abyss in the Maple Leaf Town.

Three-star were a medium-risk area. This is the danger level of most places in the wilderness.

Four-star were high-risk areas where high-ranked demonic beast would appear from time to time and could be considered highly dangerous. Ordinary combat teams who entered such area were often annihilated.

Five-star were extremely dangerous, such as the Maple Leaf Town.

Six-star were dead zone.

Tang Yu’s eyes searched throughout the map. The six-stars areas were scarce, but it did existed on the map.

The border between two provinces.

It was a dense cluster of cracks. There were dozens or hundreds of crack of the abyss in that area. The entire area was stretched into several kilometers or more and was considered a dead zone.

Even the army couldn’t pass such a six-star danger zone.

Tang Yu glad he had the map.

Otherwise, he might accidentally enter a high-risk danger zones.

His mood was gloomy.

He only knew the current situation in Lincheng is relatively good. But there were so many cracks and high-risk danger zones here.

Small shelters were nearly extinct in that area. Even large shelters were struggling.


In Lindong, he mainly collected information, and there were hardly any new ones every day.

There’s no need to fight demonic beast so every day he just sitting in front of the computer, scrolling through the forum. Tang Yu felt he was taken back to the past.

Gray Blade left early in the morning to collect information. This was already his daily routines. He was also quick to learn modern tools. Tang Yu felt more at ease.

After bathing, he planned to go shopping with Elaine to see if he could get something good.

As soon as they entered the street, he noticed the atmosphere was somewhat different.

There were not many pedestrian on the street. Most combatants had gone out and most ordinary survivors wouldn’t hang out on the streets if they didn’t do anything profitable. It’s just a waste of energy.

Survivors equipped with swords of firearms rushed in hurry.

Most of them were going in the same direction. Tang Yu thought for a while and noticed they were running to the mission center.

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