My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 79


Chapter 79 – Mass Extinction

The members of Scarlet Hands who were lying down on the ground smirked. They thought their opponent probably didn’t have grenade so they were just bluffing.

It’s a shame that their opponent was only three hunters. Even though they could evade the firearms attack, they struggled just to avoid it.

He was about to get up when suddenly a shadow appeared.

A strange round creature appeared in front of him.

“What the—“


Its long sword pierced through the member’s chest.

The same fate happened with the rest of the team.

Although most of the Scarlet Hands’ member was a double awakening hunters, they couldn’t block the puppet’s sharp blade.

Some people lied dead on the ground. The remaining members of the Scarlet Hand began to fight back.

Suddenly, another ball was thrown towards them. The balls expanded and transformed mid-air. Shortly after, the puppets rolled and landed on the ground. Their thick and powerful arms were holding a sword.

Some members who hadn’t got the time to react was suddenly penetrated by the puppets’ swords.

They panicked.

“What the hell?!”

“Shoot! Quick! Shoot them all!”

“What’s going on? It’s useless to aim their hands or feet—“

Then, screams were heard.

Basic warrior puppets weren’t strong, but they had no fear of death. As long as they could move, they would still continue attacking.

A puppet was hit by a fist but it didn’t cause much damage. The puppet’s sword sliced its attacker in half.

On the other side, a puppet was beaten into pieces. But it suddenly hugged a member and it exploded like a bomb.

In the chaotic situation, the basic warrior puppets could take down the Scarlet Hands’ member one on one, or even one to two.

The tide of war turned.

Above, Ling Minjie was stunned.

They had the situation under control a while ago. But suddenly the situation changed.

“Is there any puppets controlling ability from the collected information we investigated?”

Scar thought for a while and shook his head, “No, it’s probably their hidden trump card. But I had no idea that two of them were hunters with ability.”

Everyone knew the value of a hunter with ability.

If the ability was of a common kind, then it would only slightly increase the combat outcome.

But both of these abilities were exceptionally good.

Lin Mingjie was envious.

“Fortunately, both of them will die here today. Otherwise, with such ability, they could became a superpowers.”

“You two should get down. Be careful, don’t let them escape.” Lin Mingjie said to the two Captains behind him.

The two captains nodded and immediately jumped down from the third floor.

In the middle of their jump, a silhouette flashed. One of the captain’s body burst with blood. His head lowered and fell down to the ground.

Never to rise again.

After the other captain landed on the ground, he cautiously looked around.

Soon, he saw Tang Yu coming out from an abandoned machine.

As if greeting him. Shortly, he threw another round ball.

“Haha.” The leader of the Scarlet Hands smirked. From his observation, this puppet’s strength was not very good. His team members were killed because they let their guards down. But now, the captain was fully prepared.

He withdrew his sword and wielded it.

‘—Just have to destroy the balls before it transformed. Then it would be a junk.’


Beyond his expectation, the ball didn’t transform into a puppet. Instead, the ball suddenly exploded!

The captain was engulfed in flames.

Obviously, he had no idea it would be a different item.



Lin Mingjie and Scar were both cautious.

The young man who just killed a captain in a single strike was now around them. They felt his figure approaching.


A wound appeared in Scar’s arm.

“Boss, what should we do? This guy is too fast, we can’t catch up!”

Gray Blade entered his fighting state, his natural aura explode.

The three of them was at the same level of awakening. Moreover, it was 2 on 1.

Lin Mingjie’s eyes were solemn.

“You must also be a hunter with an ability to increase your speed. But unfortunately, your speed is not enough because I can also—“

Between his speeches, his skin turned bronze, his entire body enlarged until his shirt exploded at once, revealing finely build muscles.

It’s his special ability.

Muscles! Also known as transformation.

Every aspect of his physical quality greatly improved.

“catch you!”

When Lin Mingje stepped on the ground, the iron floor dent. He rushed straight forward with a violent momentum.

Ordinary people would be shocked and scared to death by this oppressive momentum.

Scar could no longer keep up and just shouted, “It’s amazing how someone could force the boss’ transformation ability.”

The two man engaged in a close combat.

They fought fiercely. Scar was dazzled.

Suddenly, Lin Mingjie was wounded. His whole body stumbled back. A deep scratch was spread along his chest.

If he wasn’t in the transformation mode, the slash wound would be enough to make him severely injured.

At that moment, fear was reflected in Lin Mingjie’s eyes.

He felt like a prey.

And his enemy was the hunter.

“With this kind of skill, you can’t be a new hunter! Who are you! I know you must be someone sent by our enemies to kill us!”

Lin Mingjie wanted to escape, but speed was Gray Blade’s advantage. If he fought him one on one, he could still withstand his attack. His confidence caused him a great loss in the battle.

His whole body was covered in wounds.

He understood that he couldn’t escape. He bit his teeth and exploded in his final form.

One last blow!

His fist aimed at Gray Blade’s waist. But before it even touched him, he saw Gray Blade’s shadow split into two figures. Both figures rushed towards him from his left and right side.

Suddenly, a dagger penetrated his heart.

He was defeated.


Beside them, Scar saw his boss was defeated. He didn’t dare to step forward to help.

Even if their powers combined, they couldn’t beat the young man. He better took the chance to escape.

He secretly slipped from the side of the factory.

A low voice was heard.


Chill wind came from every direction.

Scar found his movement was getting slower. He struggled hard to move. However, a long sword pierced through him.

Tang Yu withdrew his long sword. He yanked the blood from his sword.

He looked at Scar who was falling on the ground.

“This time, the rewards would be handsome.”


A few streets away from the Scarlet Hands headquarter.

Lin Wei was standing in the center of the team when one of his subordinate came to report.

“Boss, a gunfight broke along in the Industrial Road. Maybe some mercenaries were fighting.”

Lin Wei waved his hand, “That’s not important. We should focus on more important thing.”

Suddenly he frowned. Industrial Road…it’s a bit familiar.

He remembered.

Ming Jie once told him that his mercenary regiment had a headquarter outside the city. In one of the factory building along the Industrial Road.

“Guards and First Corps, follow me. Others, continue with your mission.”

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