My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 81


Chapter 81 – Sky High

The territory, in front of the castle.

Three blue light shone up. The light flashed, and three figures appeared from it.

Tang Yu and his team had returned from Lindong.

Tang Yu returned to the master bedroom in his castle and laying down on his back after he dismissed Elaine and Gray Blade.

“Ah… so comfy. We only left for three days, but it sure felt like a whole season had passed.”

Suddenly, he remembered his dirty clothes and body. Tang Yu frowned, but he didn’t move. The castle had the automatic dust removal and purification function anyway, along with some other semi-automatic and automated cleaning facilities. Before the doomsday, this place must be a heaven for lazy people.

It’s a pity that the doomsday almost cured his laziness, but living in the castle made him lazy again.

“I wonder what happened to Lin Wei. Is he dead?”

Although he said that, he understood that Lin Wei was still alive. As soon as he discovered Lin Wei had many hunters under his wings, Tang Yu had no plan to initiate an attack. He was having a hard time dealing with Scarlet Hands, who had a smaller number of men. Naturally, he didn’t dare to directly challenge Lin Wei who had a large number of strong hunters.

It’s better for him to return to the territory and improve everything while he thinks about how to defeat Lin Wei and his men.

As soon as he left, he was reluctant.

It made sense now why there were so many explosives in Scarlet Hand’s treasure house.

Lin Mingjie’s father was wealthy.

After a brief rest, Tang Yu went to the storage room and took out the small box where he stored the spirit stones.

His heart beat fast after he saw the continuously increasing spirit stones value in the system panel. Tang Yu felt pleased. Life’s good when you had money. But life would be better if you found someone else’s money.

The spirit stones value finally stopped at a five digits, starting with the number 8.

Looking at the spirit stones value, Tang Yu got lost in his thought.

Not that he was unhappy, but he thought his way of making money was a bit crooked from his original plan. He originally planned to kill demonic beasts to earn money. But now that he carefully thought about it, the spirit stones extracted from the demonic beast weren’t that much.

On the contrary, several windfalls became his main income.

“If that doesn’t work, I have to hunt down the demonic beast for spirit stones. I should open the market to earn more. How could a decent person like me had a distorted talent for making money?”

Tang Yu had ideas in his mind.

First of all, he’s going to spend his spirit stones.

Now he had more than 80000 spirit stones. The spirit stones earned by Roger and the patrol teams and the defensive structure must be near 9000 spirit stones.

That was undoubtedly a large sum of money.

But it’s also too small. The cost to upgrade or to construct a new building required a lot of money. These tens and thousands of spirit stones wouldn’t last long.

He had to spend the money wisely on important things.

“First of all, I’m going to upgrade the castle level. The most important building required castle level 3 to unlock it.”

More importantly, the territory would expand after he upgraded the castle. According to his estimation, the territory would spread to the edge of the spirit stone mines in the mountain forest.

He was greedy for the spirit stone mine.

That time, the demonic beast attacked in the mines were only a small number compared to what’s hiding under the tree. Tang Yu had no idea about the exact number of the demonic beast on the pit was.

They couldn’t clear the demonic beast to ascend to the surface, even with No. 1 and No. 2’s strength. There were some high-ranked demonic beasts among them. Recalling the situation on the abyss’ crack, Tang Yu felt that he was really lucky to escape the mine alive.

This time, Tang Yu had to prepare carefully.

For example, build a defensive building on the edge of the mine.

It’s a great strategy. In strategy games, he liked to place a defensive building in front of the enemy’s base.

Shortly after, Tang Yu selected a castle upgrade from the core building list on the system panel.

“Ding! Level 2 castle will be upgraded to level 3 castle, consume 10000 units of spirit stones to upgrade. Yes/No?”

He confirmed with yes.

At the next moment, Tang Yu was surprised.

He didn’t feel any movement in the castle. But he could feel the castle changed.

Its original shape remained. But on the outside of the original castle, there were a lot of new buildings. They linked together and turned into a proper castle complex.

Tang Yu didn’t see the change with his own eyes as if he knew that should’ve happened.

Ding! Level 3 castle unlocked a new feature: remote control.

[Remote control: The Lord can control the territory remotely, even if the Lord is not within the territory. Such as constructing a territory building, using a functional building, etc.]

Tang Yu’s eyes brightened.

He had wasted the market items refresh and daily free summon attempts from the pub. It was still heartbreaking. Even if he couldn’t summon a high-ranked adventurer, he always wanted with the pub’s current level.

But the summoning attempt would be much more convenient in the future with such a function. Most of the time, he’d stay within the territory. But occasionally he had to go out somewhere.

“So, the new feature is remote control ability.”

Tang Yu looked at the territory map in the system panel and suddenly realized that he didn’t need it anymore. He closed his eyes and concentrated. The territory map emerged in his mind.

Including the yellow-green dots.

This map was even more detailed than before. It included all the territory terrains.

Suddenly, he remembered something. He summoned the floating crystal ball with his mind.

Previously, the function of the crystal ball was to detect and warn. Its display screen was much more detailed than the territory map.

At this time, he controlled it with his mind. The crystal ball glowed, and a scene appeared.

It wasn’t a map, but a complete view like he was looking down the territory from the sky. It showed everything within the territory.

“Let’s take a closer look.”

Tang Yu controlled its perspective. He saw the survivors at work, the patrols were patrolling the area with a gun, and he even saw some demonic beasts roaming in the outer periphery.

With the crystal ball, Tang Yu’s eyes could inspect every corner of the territory.

After some time, the lens of the crystal ball returned to the castle.

Tang Yu zoomed in on the camera, wanted to enjoy the beautiful view of the castle.

But suddenly, the camera shot through the castle wall, inside a room.

The room was foggy.

Tang Yu was stunned. This lens also came with a wall penetration view function.

And why was there such a foggy room inside the castle?

His eyes widened. He heard the sound of running water.

In the room, there was a delicate figure in the bathtub. Her wet ice-blue hair fell on the snow bright skin.

Tang Yu couldn’t help but stare.

The mist filled the bathroom, blocking his sight from the dazzling view.

He just continued staring.

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