My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 92


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 92 – Lindong Shelter Intelligence Agency

Roger seemed like he lost in his thought. After sometimes, he finally spoke, “Of course. Because both of you are candidates, you two can go together.”

Ma Jiafeng was annoyed. He and his brother were both masters of triple awakening strength. Even with tacit understanding, the two of them could take down a high master of fourth awakening if the hunter wasn’t careful.

However, his face changed once he felt Roger’s real aura. His aura was really oppressing. He called his brother to stand by in position.

Outside the combat arena.

The spectators were also surprised. They didn’t expect that they would have the honor to witness such high-level combat.

“The Hammer Brothers joined forces in a duel! It might be the first time ever!”

“Will Captain Roger win?” someone asked nervously.

“It’s hard to tell.” Someone else analyzed both of the parties. “If it’s one-on-one, I’m sure Captain Roger would win with ease. But if there’s two of them, I think even Captain Roger will have a hard time.”

“Nonsense! Captain Roger is powerful! He could win even against the two Iron Brothers combined together.”

“Indeed, Captain Roger is strong. But no matter what, Captain Roger is only an official in a small shelter, even though our shelter is stronger than most shelter, but the Hammer Brothers are also stronger than most shelter. Not to mention they combined their strength, I believe their chance of winning is high.” The analyst spoke with honesty.

The hunters who were supporting Captain Roger was left speechless. It’s not like they were fighting to the death, right?

The brothers didn’t use any weapon. They nodded at each other and rushed towards Roger. The younger brother, Ma Jiaze, had a short and chubby figure. But his speed was incredibly fast. He first approached Roger and attacked Roger’s lower part from his height advantage. Ma Jiafeng followed, he punched hard, and his eyes were fierce.

Could Captain Roger handle such a cooperative attack?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roger blocked the fist and kick of the two brothers as the dust around them flew in the air. The spectators couldn’t help but covered their faces from the dust. It was the first time they saw such a high-intensity fight. It’s even more spectacular than they had imagined. Most of them already knew, if it were them, they would be defeated in a single punch.

“Hey, aren’t you good at analyzing battle? Which side wins?”

The analyzer was speechless. Cold sweats dripped from his head. “I…I can’t see it clearly. I have no idea which side has the upper hands, but it seems they should be evenly matched.”

Someone beside him shook his head.

The analyst refused to accept, “Even though I can’t see it clearly, but it seems even if one side has the upper hand, the gap is relatively small, so in the end, their power evenly matched.”

The hunter still shook his head. He could see what’s going on in the combat arena but chose to remain silent.

Beside them, Lan Qingya also stared seriously without blinking. After a while, she took a long sigh of relief.

“That’s because Captain Roger holds his full strength.”

“Without his full effort? Are you serious? How could he retain his strength in such a fierce battle?”

Lan Qingya shook her head. “It’s exactly because he’s too powerful. He lowers his own strength to be able to control the rhythm of the battle. During the entire battle, he was only defending.”


In the combat arena.

Ma Jiafeng hit his fist only to be deflected by Roger. He focused on Roger’s movement. He got excited from entering his combat mode. In this mode, he could exert 120% of his strength.

After a while, the three of them separated. The Iron Hammer Brothers panted. They both fought fiercely in this battle. Their clothes were tattered, their bodies were sweaty. But both of them felt satisfied with the battle.

Ma Jiafeng looked at Roger, who didn’t even break a sweat. No wonder he could move so smoothly. If he carefully thought about it, he had made a lot of mistakes in the previous battle. All corrected by Roger. This battle was also a training session.

Captain Roger’s strength far exceeded his expectation. Even he couldn’t figure out which level Captain Roger was. But he didn’t fret. Instead, he felt excited, grateful, and respectful of Roger.

He opened his mouth to admit his defeat and his own shortcoming. He initially thought of trying hard to get stronger before one day, he would rechallenge Captain Roger.

Suddenly, he heard the other person said, “You passed the patrol recruitment test.”


Lindong Shelter, Southern Gate.

The shelter was very lively. Countless survivors came and went every day. Most hunters were still talking about the fresh battle that just occurred yesterday in Maple Leaf Town. They were excited.

“Did you know our neighbor Wang Qiang’s squad rose higher after they killed so many demonic beasts in the front line. They were originally from the poor and weak squad like us. This time, their fate changed.”

“Come on,” the hunter next to him rolled his eyes in disbelief. “You know how many hunters died at the frontline, right? Those who survived are young and powerful. If you envy them that much, you should join the front line next time they open a big mission.”

The two of them talked as they walked further into the distance. Although they were envious, judging from their new weapons and equipment, the two also gained some money in yesterday’s mission.

The passing by Lindong resident hunters and combatants showed their pass to the soldiers guarding the gate. While the newly arrived survivors needed to queue in line at the registration tent.

An ordinary young man came to the tail of the queue. He was Gray Blade. He changed his appearance so Lin Wei’s men wouldn’t recognize him. After completing the registration, Gray Blade entered the Lindong Shelter. Just like before, so many guides were waiting near the entrance, waiting for wealthy-looking new arrivals to guide. He ignored the guides and quickly disappeared into the sea of people. Unlike those who wandered around like headless cockroaches, Gray Blade had a purpose.

He will build an intelligence agency in Lindong. His space backpack contained countless spirit stones and various lavish equipment, but he still lacked manpower. He still needed to solve things alone.

But Gray Blade didn’t care. During his long years of career as an assassin, he already used to collect information by himself. Sometimes he needed to act as a spy. He’s seasoned and skilled and had the corresponding qualities.

Gray Blade walked into the aid area. Tube buildings were built and cramped in the area. There was almost no distance between one building to another. The high-rank officials called this area as “refugee zone”—a suitable name. There were countless dirty and messy people with a bad and cramped and complicated environment. One could get lost in there.

Gray Blade walked to a narrow lane, which could only fit three people walking side-by-side. He turned left and right several times before finally reached his destination.

A bar.

It’s not exactly a proper ‘bar’. But it’s the only bar in the entire aid area. Naturally, it had no other competitor and was very poor. But the inside of the bar was quite lively, even in broad daylight. A lot of people were entertaining themselves. Loud noises echoed inside the bar.

Gray Blade remained calm as soon as he entered the bar. After adjusting to the environment, he glanced around the room as if he was looking for something. Shortly after, he walked to the corner of the bar.

Compared to the whole bar, this corner was relatively quiet. An old man was sitting on a wooden stool with an empty wine glass on his hand. Gray Blade went straight to the man and banged the table.

The old man was surprised. His head bumped in the ceiling, and he angrily asked, “What’s your problem?!”

Gray Blade drew a pattern on the table.

The old man understood what it means. He was a little more energetic, “So, what do you want?”

Gray Blade smiled, he gazed into the old man’s eyes and said, “I want you…”

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