My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 96


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 96 – Illustration Book

The resort villa was backed by the mountain range, connected to a dense mountain forest.

Tang Yu found that the growth of grass and trees had gone up another level after a while. There were giant trees everywhere. Its trunk had the size of seven-eight people standing together side by side. The dense branch grew wildly, losing the place to grow bigger.

It was strange that after such a wildly growing grass and trees, this mountain forest didn’t spread further. Although the weeds on both sides of the road outside were also overgrew, they were still inferior to the grass and trees in this mountain forest. It was as if a unique geomorphic environment was formed here.


The lance swept across lumps of vines, and various messy creeping plants were cut off with a single strike. In an instant, the path opened up in front, leaving only some of the wildly grown grass and muddy ground. It was puppet No. 2 that opened the way in front of the group.

Such a mountain forest was undoubtedly dangerous, not just from the demonic beast but also from the environment itself. It was tough to walk in such a messy environment. The wildly growing plants reduced their vision significantly. If they weren’t being careful, they could be attacked by the demonic beast. Not to mention the plants had sharp spikes that would scratch their skin if they were not careful. If those plants mutated and produced some kind of toxin, the scratch alone could kill humans.

Fortunately, their team was strong. Wherever they passed, a path was cleared in the dense mountain forest. No. 2’s power was fiercer than a bulldozer. They were clearing the land, reclaiming the dense mountain forest into a wasteland.

Tang Yu walked in the center of the team with No. 1 following closely. At the back, some patrol members act as a porter, carrying the weapon boxes. Although Tang Yu brought his space backpack, it was already full. At this time, the patrol members needed to show their value. The other patrol members were standing guard outside to protect the rear and the center.

The team moved forward smoothly. It was easier than the last time Tang Yu came with only No. 1 and No.2. Along the way, they could see strange plants growing in the forest from time to time. Most of which were never heard before during the doomsday. Of course, Tang Yu never studied botany before the doomsday, nor was there any scientist among them. But it didn’t matter. If they didn’t recognize it, they would harvest the plant. As long as he could take them to the Research Institute, he could analyze the plants. He collected the sample carelessly. Tang Yu didn’t care. He was afraid the next time he came here, the plant would be difficult to find. Not to mention the effort required to enter the mountain forest was quite enormous. He probably wouldn’t come back for a while. So, he just pulled the plants whole, with nothing to waste.

Perhaps they were still on the outer edge of the forest. Hence, the density of the demonic beast was very low. They haven’t encountered a single demonic beast yet along the way. Lu Xiaopeng and Peng Bo were opening the path on the side with a machete. The vines were cut off in a single slash.

“These vines are tough. If we didn’t use the weapon from the shelter, it would take time to chop off. Or maybe we can’t even cut it.”

Lu Xiaopeng recently had ascended to double awakening stage, he was already an expert when placed in other smaller shelters. Although his job was to clear the side path, it wasn’t that easy, “This forest is not an ordinary forest.”

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“No way!” Peng Bo wiped his mouth and looked around, he couldn’t find a single tree with fruit. He sighed in disappointment. He felt pity and said, “There are not just vines. Don’t forget, there’s probably demonic beast roaming in this forest.”

“That’s true, but this forest is quite close to our shelter, and now we’re on the outskirt of the forest. I don’t think we will encounter any demonic beast. If there were any, why didn’t they attacked our shelter?” Lu Xiaopeng said. Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he saw a green figure, “Watch out!” He shouted.

His current self was no longer the timid boy that couldn’t defeat a demonic wolf. His machete that was slashing the vines moved direction in a smooth motion and swung upwards. It collided with the green figure.

Lu Xiaopeng felt his machete was empty. Upon further inspection, the creature landed on the ground with a wound on its head from the battle knife. But, it was still fierce. Its mouth open, its long tongue like an arrow, shooting at him. Peng Bo beside him roared and condensed a rock, swung it at the creature to stop the tongue’s movement, but it was pierced at once. Lu Xiaopeng seized the moment and avoided the demonic beast’s tongue attack.

It was the first demonic beast sneak attack in the forest. Not long after, the patrol members worked together to slay the demonic beast. Their opponent was a giant green lizard, sizing about one meter long. It was covered in scaly armor with a long tongue that could attack, there were sharp barbs on that tongue. However, the giant lizard had been stabbed several times, it was staring with wide eyes, dying.

“This is a long-tongued lizard, a demonic beast.” Lu Xiaopeng walked closer to observe the beast, “Its strength should be around double awakening. It’s good at sneaking around, hunter.”

A patrol member in the back took out a small book and brushed open the pages. The text said, illustration Number 73, Long Tongued Lizard, Demonic Beast. After reading the text’s content, the patrol member said, “This long-tongued lizard has two noticeable traits. The recorded strength was the first awakening stage. First, its sharp claw had the strength of a sharp steel blade, it’s deadly. And second, its tongue attacked very fast with good piercing power and was covered with paralyzing toxin. Besides, the tongue length of this lizard could reach about five times its original body length.” Ge said, adding a small note on the page. Double awakening, good at stealth and sneak attack. Soon, another patrol member took out a camera and filmed the carcass from multiple angles. Capturing the miserable state of the long-tongued lizard for future research.

Some valuable materials were collected from the carcass. They can be used for crafting materials or samples for future research. For example, its tongue was stretched and cut off. The senior members of the patrol team did it very skillfully. When they finished, the team moved forward.

After the previous sneak attack, the team moved forward cautiously. They encountered more demonic beast as they went deep into the forest. Roger and the other follower moved to slay the beast. The information on the Demonic Beast Illustration Book was enriched by another level.

Finally, as No. 2’s lance swiped off vines that blocked the way, the front was opened. The sun that was blocked by the dense foliage sprinkled down the area.

One by one, the patrol members approached forward and stood at the edge of the pit, looking ahead.

Their mouths were wide opened.

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