Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 100


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Kaido’s Haoshoku Haki: Incapacitation blast out, and a majestic pressure spread on the flat ground. The marine fell, one by one, they were spitting foam, and their eyes turned white. Even the two Vice Admirals, Bastille, and Mozambia were stunned.

Therefore, only three people were still standing on Level 1.

Kuzan, Borsalino and Leiyin.


It was normal that Kaido’s Haoshoku Haki did not knock out the Admirals, but why was this Commodore not affected by anything?

At this time, Kuzan and Borsalino both coincidentally look at Leiyin. Borsalino thought to himself: ‘Kaido was one of the Four Emperors, and his Haoshoku Haki must be extraordinary. Even the two Vice Admirals and the other Four Emperors’ members were shaken down, but this kid, what was going on?’

While he was thinking, Kaido’s mountain-like body came towards them. Upon seeing this, Kuzan’s body emitted a strong cold aura, while Borsalino gathered a dazzling light bomb in his hand. Leiyin drew the Sword of Kusanagi behind him, and the dark chakra in his body surged…


Suddenly, when the three were ready to counterattack, three giant dark purple dragons appeared in the air; they attacked Kaido and exploded on Kaido.


After three explosive sounds, those [Hydra] in the Kaido body turned into a deep purple liquid. That liquid dropped on the ground, making the ground corroded a little. That deep purple liquid had not only toxicity but also strong corrosive.

Needless to say, the person who unleashed the [Hydra] was the “strongest man in prison”, the Vice Warden of Impel Down – Magellan!

Since earlier, Magellan suppressed the riots on Level 6 and Level 5 and had just settled them. He then hurriedly came from below.

“Magellan, you’re really annoying like a fly.”

Kaido shook the poison from his body and said like it was nothing.

The perversion of Kaido’s body has exceeded human imagination. It was almost impenetrable, invulnerable to water and fire. Even if he jumped from 10,000 meters in the air, he was unharmed. So, when this venom spilled on him, his thick-skinned body blocked it.

However, after all, the poison was quite a horror and was not sour plum soup. When it hit, the poison was almost painless, but the Magellan’s poison made him feel a little paralyzed.

The most direct effect of this paralysis was to slow down Kaido’s speed.

Once the speed was reduced, the attack power was impacted.

If a more accurate definition had to be given, Leiyin’s strength at this time was certainly beyond Bastille and Mozambia, the ordinary Vice Admirals. However, compared to the elite Vice Admiral such as Garp and Momonga, Leiyin might still have some gaps. Therefore, he could be described as a semi-elite Vice Admirals.

While Magellan, needless to say, his strength, could be equivalent to the Admiral.

Kaido’s attack speed and movement were slowed down and faced with the Admirals and a semi-elite Vice Admirals, even if he was one of the Four Emperors and the “Strongest Creature,” the result was obvious.


Borsalino gathered many lights with the foot, then kicked in Kaido’s body, tearing out a small bloody mouth.


Magellan’s mouth spat out a poisonous bullet, trying to slow down Kaido even more.


Leiyin formed a seal with his hands together and threw his shuriken in unison. It hit Kaido’s body with a “crackling” sound, forming many small grooves. Although it didn’t cause damage to Kaido, it slowed him down once again.

Although hit by many powerful attacks, Kaido still turned his attention to Leiyin because Kaido still remembered the wound on his shoulder caused by the Susanoo released by Leiyin.

Kaido said gruffly, “Leiyin, right? You seem to have become stronger again than that time, that ghost things of yours really tickle me…”

With that, Kaido blatantly attacked Leiyin, while Kuzan quickly stepped forward and said, “ICE AGE!”

The words just fell, and numerous ice blocks appeared on Kaido’s body. With it, he turned into an ice sculpture.

“Finally, is he defeated?” Borsalino wiped the sweat on his forehead. Even he felt a little tired.

The four almost all breathed a sigh of relief, and Magellan said to the three of them, “I will go to report the situation here to Sengoku, and see what he does.”

Kuzan replied, “Good.”


Just as Magellan was about to report the situation, suddenly, a crisp burst of sound was heard, and the ice on Kaido’s body broke apart in unison.

“This ice freezes me; it’s so cool! “Kaido raised his hands high and shouted boldly.

Damn, this guy actually still has strength.”

The next moment, Kaido faced the crowd. He raised his large hands, his eyes suddenly changed, and a terrifying pressure came again.

The Haoshoku Haki constantly echoed above Impel Down, “Haha, if you have the ability, come and kill me. You useless marine!”

Kaido’s greatest interest was suicide. In the face of this barefaced provocation, the four men were hardly able to deal with Kaido’s ability to execute him.

Suddenly, from the ground stood up a blue skeleton equal to Kaido’s height, then standing opposite Kaido. Kaido released the Haoshoku Haki at the same time, smashing a fist to the blue skeleton. However, the blue skeleton was not willing to show weakness and returned the fist.

The blue skeleton was Leiyin’s Susanoo! At this time, seeing Kaido’s Haoshoku Haki surge in all directions, Leiyin activated his Haoshoku Haki as well.


Kaido and Susanoo’s fists did not clash together, but a high-speed rotating white energy ball was formed between the two fists.

This white ball of energy, driving the entire Impel Down Level 1, formed a strong wind pressure.

The other three did not intervene. Due to the wind pressure being too strong, the three people put their hands flat above the eyebrows to block it.

Magellan said, “This… This is…”

“It’s Haoshoku Haki… Incapacitation!” Kuzan replied.

Borsalino’s face was lewd, “Damn… It’s so scary…”

Magellan said, “Hey, who the hell is that kid…”

“I can’t believe that he’s just a Commodore…”


At this time, the prisoners and guards in Impel Down felt this powerful clash. The vast majority of people on the Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 had a shivering feeling.


At the Level 5, Freezing Hell.

“Hey, did you guys feel it?”

“Something must have happened up there.”


At the Level 6, Eternal Hell.

“Hey, hey, hey, this clash. It’s that old demon Kaido?”

“Who is the person who fought with him?”

“It should be Garp, right?”

“This aura, it doesn’t seem to be that damned guy Garp…”

Haha, it’s more violent to relieve my boredom…”

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