Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 116


“I’m just following orders; if you agree, please sign this agreement; if you don’t agree, there’s nothing I can do. However, please also remove the petrified state of my men, and also, give me back my sword.”

It turned out that after Leiyin was put in prison, his Sword of Kusanagi was taken away.

Leiyin’s words were not without reason, and the words were more earnest. The Empress lightly bit her vermilion lips, “Then, will you tell others about that seal in my back?”

Leiyin smiled blandly, “What good would it do for me to tell that kind of thing? Don’t worry; I’m not that gossipy.”

At those words, the Empress’ heart palpitated. She then ordered Boa Sandersonia to take out the sword. The Empress took the sword in her slender hand and handed it to Leiyin.

“Thank you.”

Then, the Empress followed Leiyin towards the warship and lifted the petrified state of the marine soldiers.

“So, how about the agreement of the Seven Warlords of the Sea?”

“I’ve promised you a deal.”


After this twist and turn, the Emperor of the Kuja Pirates, Boa Hancock, officially became a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea under the World Government.

Leiyin boarded the warship and ordered the warship to depart. The Empress looked at him and said, “What’s your name?”


The words fell, and the warship slowly headed into the distance.

Looking at the distant warship, the Empress lowered her head in thought.

Marigold said, “Sister, men are extraordinary. Some are terribly perverted, but some are cold outside and warm inside, making people inscrutable.”

Sandersonia replied, “Yes. But anyway, I think it’s still a good choice for my sister to become a Seven Warlords of the Sea.”

The Empress looked at Sandersonia, and her beautiful eyes glazed over, “Sandersonia, why are you wearing a marine cloak?”

Sandersonia then reacted. It turned out that Leiyin forgot to get back the marine cloak thrown out to cover her back.

The Empress snatched the cloak away, “This kind of thing, how it can stay here? Take it and destroy it!”

“Yes, sister.”

In the future, Leiyin would have a series of things happen with the Empress.


Marine Headquarters Marineford, Fleet Admiral office.

Sengoku smiled happily and praised, “Leiyin, you have done an excellent job. I really did not misjudge you.”

Leiyin answered, “It’s… It’s nothing.”

Sengoku said, “Haha, I heard that the Emperor of the Kuja Pirates is a complicated woman to deal with. By the time I went with two Admirals before, but they all returned without success…. I didn’t expect that once you went, she agreed to come.”

Leiyin had completed the task and was considered to have removed a small piece of Sengoku’s heartache.

Because the Island of Women was quite far from the Headquarters, the marine could not manage all aspects of the world. Although the Empress was a woman, she was powerful and was drafted as a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Nominally, she was considered a member of the World Government. If the government had any orders, she could be notified. However, whether she could comply with the orders was a different story.

Nevertheless, one thing for sure was that if the Kuja Pirates and the marine meet, there would never be a big fight.

In a way, the marine was also considered to have an additional ally. At least not a pinhead.

Sengoku happily patted Leiyin’s shoulder, “Kid, well done. If you have any requests from the Headquarters, you can ask me.”

Leiyin sighed, “If I have to make a request, give me a new ‘Justice’ cloak.”


When Leiyin returned, he heard something happened just a few days after he went to the Island of Women to recruit the Empress. His fellow, the current marine Rear Admiral, Yukimura, confessed his love to his long-time fan Verdan.

After hearing this news, Leiyin couldn’t help but feel a little amused: That girl. It turned out that there were boys who liked her.

Everyone had a love for beauty, and it was men’s nature to like beautiful women. Verdan was also considered to be outstanding among girls. When men saw her, they basically had the feeling of blood swelling, so she could be deemed to be a real “beauty.” Although she was slightly inferior to the Empress, she was never too far behind.

Leiyin didn’t know what he felt about this.

This was how it happened that day.

In particular, Yukimura held a bouquet of red roses and waited for Verdan with some anxiety on her daily route. Verdan and her best friend were talking and laughing when Yukimura suddenly came out.

“Verdan, I have liked you since the first moment I saw you. I have been deeply impressed by your beauty and gentle heart. Please accept my love.”

This came as a shock to Verdan. She certainly did not feel anything for Yukimura. However, Verdan was kind-hearted and did not know how to reject him for good.

Thanks to her best friend on the side to give her relief, “Yukimura, my sister does not like you. You guys are better off as friends.”

“I want to hear it from Verdan.”

Verdan blushed and said, “I’m sorry, Yukimura, let’s just be friends.”

Yukimura sighed heavily, “Okay, I respect your decision, but I am not going to give up pursuing you. I really like you, Verdan.”

After saying that, Yukimura turned around and walked away.

This incident, which many people saw, was spread around.

There was one person who heard about this one thing and was anxiously scratching his ears. He had his heart set on Verdan for a long time, so he also took action.

This person was also Leiyin’s classmate from the Marine Academy. He was a superhuman with Beri Beri no Mi Devil Fruit ability, Very Good.


The next day after Leiyin returned from the Island of Women, Very Good also confessed his love to Verdan.

“Sister Verdan, please accept my love.”

In full view of everyone, Very Good didn’t hide his emotions and said it directly.

This time, the onlookers were much more than the last one. The people who watched weren’t afraid of the big thing, and many of them shouted, “Accept it.”

“Say it. Accept it”

“Let’s say yes to him!”

“Look how sincere Very Good is.”

Many men were silent. They all begged Verdan not to say yes because there were quite a few of them secretly in love with Verdan. However, they were just not as brave as Very Good and Yukimura, who said it directly in public.

For this, Verdan still politely refused.

Many men sent a sigh of relief, secretly thankful that their goddess hadn’t being taken…

So, some men’s hearts began to stir, trying to follow the example of Yukimura and Very Good.

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