Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 119


Gecko Moria took out a pair of scissors from behind him and attacked Leiyin without mercy.

Gecko Moria’s dream was to become the Pirate King, and he loved to use other people’s power. The marine in front of him was no ordinary person, judging by the ease in which he was able to destroy his cannon array. If he could obtain Leiyin’s shadow to achieve the powerful battle power, he was naturally thrilled.


Without further ado, Gecko Moria took the giant scissors and cutover.

However, how could Leiyin let him do that? He avoided that giant scissors with a dodge and obviated the fate of his shadow being cut away.

“If it were so easy for you to take away my shadow, I wouldn’t have come to your ship.”

At these words, Gecko Moria still refused to give up. He took the scissor and cut towards Leiyin one after another, but Leiyin saw the moves and dodged his attacks continuously.

After several attacks did not work, Gecko Moria became a bit anxious and put away the giant scissors and controlled his shadow.


At the end of the sentence, Gecko Moria’s shadow changed into thousands of round bats. The bats surrounded Leiyin like a box with a shrill, ear-piercing sound.


When those bats surrounded him and wanted to tear him at will, Leiyin’s body suddenly shone with “blazing” lightning. Some bats were struck by lightning and returned to their original form, turning back into Gecko Moria’s shadow; some were too scared by the dazzling lightning to come close, and there was nothing they could do.

“What an abomination!”

Gecko Moria said hatefully and helplessly put back all the “shadow bats.”

“Mr. Captain, what other techniques do you have? Use them all!” Leiyin said in a half-playful and flirtatious tone.

The usual smile on Gecko Moria’s face disappeared, “Kid, don’t get cocky there!”

With that, he once again manipulated his shadow and directly attacked Leiyin.


In a flash, the shadow underneath Gecko Moria changed into a huge black spear and stabbed directly at Leiyin.

In the original story, during Marineford Arc, Gecko Moria had used this technique to pierce the body of the Little Oars Jr’s descendants, who were tens of times larger than a giant. So, it was clear how powerful it was.

Upon seeing this, Leiyin disappeared once again in a flash using the “Flying Thunder God – Second Step!” Thus, Gecko Moria’s fearsome [Tsuno-Tokage] pounced on a space.

At this point, Gecko Moria was a little frustrated. This marine in front of him, was he invincible?

Not far away, Leiyin faintly smiled, “If you are at your wit’s end, I will have to counter-attack.”

Gecko Moria was enraged, “Stinking marine, stop being smug. I will make you my slave!”


The next moment, the weather above the “Thriller Bark” suddenly changed, and darkness enveloped the entire ship.

The two men had fought from the side of the ship to the inside of the ship, and the marine on the warship could no longer see the two men fighting. They could only see the blackness overhead.

“What’s going on here?”

“Why the sky changed?”

“What is the battle situation up there?”

The marines were all clutching their hearts and talking on the warship.


On the terrifying three-masted ship, a mass of pitch-black shadows kept gathering towards Gecko Moria. Onboard, his men all fell one by one.


It turned out that Gecko Moria rushed off in a rage and gathered all the shadows of his ship’s crew, including the zombies he summoned, into his body. His body kept getting bigger and bigger. In the end, he turned into a giant more than ten meters tall, which was more than twice as big as before. His face was even more hideous and terrifying than before.

Leiyin understood that this [Shadow’s Asgard] was the most powerful technique of Gecko Moria. He collected the shadows of thousands of people, and it was so powerful that it could crack an island with one palm.

Seeing this technique, Leiyin had to take a little measure. His hands form a seal, and ninjutsu came out suddenly, “WATER RELEASE – WATER COLLIDING WAVE!”

With that, a grand waterfall-like wave of water came crashing down on Gecko Moria.

This wave of water, which was freshwater rather than seawater, hit Gecko Moria’s huge body as if it were a gentle breeze and basically had little effect.

Hehe, boy, are you tickling me?”

Leiyin did not reply to his words. His hands formed a seal again, and another move of ninjutsu blatantly sent, “FIRE RELEASE – GREAT FIREBALL!”

The fireball was sent out boldly, and Gecko Moria immediately turned some of his shadows into bats to resist it. The flames struck up, and the bats blocked the flames like a shield.

However, Gecko Moria did not notice that the fire hit the water that had just fallen to the ground and turned into water vapor floating up into the air, gradually forming a medium-sized cloud.

As a result of the skillful use of the Devil Fruit’s ability, Leiyin’s [Great Fireball] didn’t hurt him in the slightest, and Gecko Moria laughed even more proudly and arrogantly.

Hehe…. useless. However, your ability has really surprised me again, spitting water and spitting fire.”

With that said, that cloud formed by water vapor swirled in the air like a ghost…

“Suffer your death, little marine! Watch me crush you!” With that, Gecko Moria waved that big hand like a demon and slapped hard at Leiyin…


Leiyin jumped away as he dodged, leaving a huge crack where Gecko Moria slapped.

In the original story, the most powerful [Shadow’s Asgard] could be used to split even an island.


Gecko Moria kept slapping the entire huge hull. It was like hitting a gopher as he struck one after another while Leiyin continuously dodged.

Hehe…. It seems you still don’t understand. Do you see the strength I’m showing? That’s why you must be my slave! I am also bound to be the man who will become the Pirates King. Hehe….”

Leiyin dodged his attack and couldn’t help but feel amused at the same time, “Become the Pirates King? Are you talking about yourself? If you really think you are so powerful, how come you were beaten so badly by Kaido in the New World? If I’m not mistaken, you are fleeing back after being defeated, right?”

Gecko Moria felt a twinge of heartache. Leiyin’s words hit him directly in the heart, making him furious, “You bastard, I’ll crush you to pieces!”

Leiyin ignored him but looked up at the cloud…

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