Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 120


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Gecko Moria had been unleashing powerful attacks one after another, while Leiyin avoided them, keeping an eye on the developments in the air.

“Okay, it’s almost time.”

When he saw that the time was right, Leiyin’s right middle finger and index finger were attached with thunder attribute chakra. He then raised them high above his head, and at once, the dark clouds were thick, and the already very gloomy sky became even more gloomy.


With a loud “clattering” sound, as if the God of Thunder was coming down, a lightning bolt in the shape of a dragon fell.

Millions of volts of lightning struck Gecko Moria’s body; Gecko Moria vomited out all the shadows he had just absorbed and changed into his original form. His eyes rolled over, and he passed out.

The S-rank ninjutsu [Lightning Release – Kirin] was ninjutsu that he extracted with the 1 billion Belly he obtained after defeating Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Although he wanted to test its power now, he didn’t expect it to hit and stagger Gecko Moria.

Leiyin picked up the fainted Gecko Moria and headed for the warship.


When they returned to the warship, the marines were filled with amazement when they saw the massive body of Gecko Moria.

“A 320 million bounty offender.”

“Was he caught just like that?”

“It’s just a little unbelievable.”

A few years ago, the giant pirates who also had a bounty of 320 million, Panz Fry, was captured by Vice-Admiral Momonga.

Who was Vice-Admiral Momonga? Even among the Vice Admirals, he was one of the best. So, how could Leiyin, a mere Commodore, do such a thing?

With a feeling of admiration for Leiyin, the warship headed back to the Marine Headquarters.


The next day, Sengoku was pleased to get the news and immediately ordered Gecko Moria to be sent to Impel Down.

In the original story, Gecko Moria had once joined the Seven Warlords of the Sea. However, with the appearance of Leiyin, he might have skipped this link. In other words, the appearance of Leiyin changed the course of One Piece history.

In the future, he might change even more.

“Commodore Leiyin, with outstanding war performance and repeated achievements, is hereby promoted to Rear Admiral of the Marine Department.”

With the Alabasta “no rain” event, defeating Jack in Impel Down, and helping the two Admirals to capture Kaido, the success of recruiting the Empress in Island of Women to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and capturing of Gecko Moria, even the promotion to Vice General was acceptable.

Today, Leiyin performed the ranking ceremony, and there was a lot of marines came to watch.

By the way, Leiyin would turn 19 years old in two months.

What did this mean? In marine history, there had never been a Rear Admiral with age less than 20 years old, ever.

“That Rear Admiral is so young.”

“I heard that he seems to be under 20 years old.”

“Under 20 years old? Impossible, right?”

This immediately caused an uproar among the marine, and the discussion exclaims to make the whole room boiling.

“That Rear Admiral kid, his future is bound to be unlimited.”

In a strict sense, Commodore’s rank couldn’t be fully considered an officer, but a Rear Admiral did. Becoming a Rear Admiral also meant that he and his teacher, Rear Admiral Gion, were now equal.


Fate seemed didn’t want to let Leiyin idle for a moment. Soon, he had a new task again.

Sengoku regarded Leiyin as his beloved officer with repeated outstanding performance and entrusted him with important responsibilities in many matters.

Sengoku called Leiyin to his office.

“Recently, the West Blue is very unsettled. There were constant riots, and pirates robbed down the weapons we collected and bought from the people. The most important thing is that the base of the West Blue’s 2dn Branch encountered pirates. The two Captains and three Commander I assigned were all killed. The branch chief felt that he had grossly neglected his duties and offered to resign.” 

Leiyin said, “What kind of pirates? Why are they so powerful?”

Upon hearing this, Sengoku handed Leiyin a copy of the information, “This pirate is called Ryan, the Captain of the Wild Beast Pirates. He has a bounty of 225 million Belly and is said to have Zoan Devil Fruit ability. He was strong and cruel. As long as he caught any marine or those who dare to resist him, he will abuse and kill them.”

“Well, do you want me to capture him?

“Sengoku said, “That’s right. As the former chief resigns, I will appoint you as the new chief of the 2nd Branch in West Blue. Your task is to investigate the situation.”

“Yes!” Leiyin said firmly.

“By the way, this time, we suspect that Ryan certainly has some strength. However, just by his pirate group, making such a big move in the West Blue is impossible. There must be more powerful criminal groups behind him. So, I will remind you to be careful in all things.”

“I know, Fleet Admiral.”


The night before the trip, Leiyin was packing his clothes when he heard a knock on the door.

Leiyin opened the door and saw that it was Hina.

“Why are you here?” Leiyin said.

When Hina heard this, a trace of anger appeared on her pretty face, “What do you mean ‘why are you here?’ Don’t you know how to be polite? You are leaving; why I can’t come over to take a look?”

Leiyin said, “Oh, I just went out on a mission.”

“On a mission? Aren’t you going to be the chief of 2nd Brand in the West Blue?”

As they were talking, another silhouette floated outside.

It was Verdan!

As soon as the two women met, their attention was focused on each other’s bodies. The two looked at each other as if they were about to shoot out lightning!

Hina said gloomily to Leiyin, “Leiyin, the person who misses you is here to see you.”

Verdan was not to be outdone, “You are talking about yourself.”

“You….” At this time, Hina saw Verdan’s hand holding something similar to a bow incense bag, looking ready to give it to Leiyin, “Yo, I also picked myself clean while you’re holding something. Is it a token of love?”

Verdan smiled, and her pretty face turned red. Immediately, she put the things in her hands behind her back and remained tough, “Humph, it’s not it. It’s just a new small pendant I bought… What about you? Don’t you think it’s too late to see Leiyin?” 

The two pointed at each other, and no one refused to take half a step back.

The atmosphere gradually became awkward. They were squeezing each other for Leiyin, who could not wait to find a crack in the ground.

Finally, Hina couldn’t control her emotions and shouted out, “Yes, Hina likes Leiyin! How about that?”

When Hina said this, both of them were dumbfounded. Perhaps feeling embarrassed, Hina took a look at Leiyin and ran towards the door…

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