Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 126


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This might be the proverbial: Evil people weren’t afraid of heaven, and good people weren’t deceived by heaven. The destiny might not abandon Sweet, and Leiyin looked at him with great respect.

As if Sweet saw his bright future, he gladly accepted the order.

Leiyin asked him, “Do you need anything else? Like manpower or something?”

Sweet’s face became serious,” me alone, is enough.”

“Very well, then I’ll leave it to you.” Leiyin patted his shoulder and said.

As the saying went, “One wave is not enough, but another wave rises again. On the afternoon of the same day that Sweet went to Kano Country to spy on the Happo Navy., something big happened.

“Report to the Rear Admiral. Our cruising force, in the sea 28 kilometers from the base, found a large pirate ship!”

“A large pirate ship?”

“Yes. Rear Admiral, please give your instructions.”

Leiyin pondered for a moment and said, “Tell the cruising unit to continue to follow this pirate ship and report its position every five minutes; I will send the fastest small warship to arrive.”

“As you command!”


So, Leiyin took one of the fastest warships with a high-power turbine and rushed to the pirate ship’s location. Unexpectedly, halfway there, the cruising warship that was following the pirate ship was found and destroyed. Lei Yin had to chase after it, according to the track reported by the original cruising team.

The speed of the warship with a high-power turbine was really fast, less than 20 minutes, Leiyin’s warship caught up with the pirate ship.

The pirate ship seemed not to care about the warship coming this time. However, when the warship came, they stopped!

When the marine on this side of the warship was dazed, a flag on the opposite pirate ship’s thickest mast was already unfurled!

Wasn’t this a bit too much to look down on people? Were the pirates now so arrogant? How dare they show their pirate flag in front of the eyes of the warship?

However, although the warship Leiyin was sitting on was fast, it was the smallest type of warship, much smaller than the pirate ship in front of him, just like a cat meeting a tiger.

Nevertheless, no matter what, it was still a marine ship. Was it too much for the pirates in the West Blue?

No, it didn’t seem right.

Upon looking closely, the pirate flag that caught the eye was a heavily lipsticked and waving skeleton pattern.

Leiyin, who is familiar with anime, recognized it at once.

‘It is….’

‘One of the Four Emperor group, Big Mom, Charlotte Linlin pirate group!’


Seeing this flag, many marine forces were treated as if they had seen a life-death situation!

A slightly depressing and terrifying atmosphere spread in the warship.

Of course, they couldn’t be blamed. These soldiers were always in the West Blue; they hadn’t seen any powerful characters. It had always been a small fight with a few million, at most ten million level bounty pirates.

However, this time was really different. How could those bounty pirates, who used to be in the hundreds of millions, be compared to the [Four Emperors] who stood at the pirates’ highest peak?

“Lord Rear Admiral, why don’t we retreat?”

“The opponent is the Four Emperor!”

“Although I do not know why they came here but, it is better to escape first.”

‘Could it be? [Four Emperors] Charlotte Linlin is here?’

In that case, the situation was no better than meeting Enel of Sky Island.

Big Mom was a superhuman with [Soru Soru no Mi] Devil Fruit ability. She had the terrifying ability to take away a person’s life. It was said that she had “Thunder Cloud Zeus” in her left hand and “Sun Prometheus” in her right hand, which made people shudder.

However, on second thought, it was unlikely because Charlotte Linlin’s sphere of influence was in the [New World]. How could she easily come to the West Blue?

Moreover, Charlotte Linlin was a dominant figure, so how could she come here?

However, looking at such a battle, even if there were a Sweet Commanders (It was originally a Four Sweet Commanders, but Charlotte Snack was defeated by Urouge of Sky Island and was removed), it would be enough for them to have a drink.

The Sweet Commanders.

[Thousand Arms] Charlotte Cracker was a superhuman with Bisu Bisu no Mi Devil Fruit ability. His bounty was later increased to 860 million Belly; Charlotte Katakuri was later increased to 1 billion 57 million Belly; Charlotte Smoothie was later increased to 932 million Belly.

First of all, seeing the Sweet Commanders, even just listening to the above profile, could scare people to death!

Each of them was a bounty of about 1 billion. They were never roadside cats or dogs.

The strength of the Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders and Kaido’s All-Stars and the Division Commanders of Whitebeard Pirates should be on the same level if there were a hierarchy.

Could it be that they are coming?

They had to take the Happo Navy that had 600 million bounties with a night attack, not to mention the pirates of the level of Big Mom.

The marine was gradually wavering up. The opponent, after all, was the strongest pirates – the Four Emperors.


As they were thinking, the sea on both sides of the warship suddenly appeared two booms.

When you look closely, the opponent under the Big Mom Pirates had already pointed their dark and cold cannons at them, “Fire!”

With a shout from the opposite side, the pirate ship again flew out to this side like a rain of shells. Leiyin took out some shuriken. His hands together to form a seal and immediately threw it out.

Simultaneously, with A-a rank [Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique], the shuriken hit the shells so that the shells exploded in the air. None of them fell on the warship.

The marine sent a sigh of relief. The ship’s artillery captain and Leiyin offered to take artillery fire to counter the Big Mom’s ship.

Leiyin simply said indifferently, “No need.”

In fact, Leiyin was not afraid of the Four Emperor, but rather the warship had less than five guns. If Big Mom were really on board, even if they used gunfire, it would not help at all.

With Leiyin’s current strength, even if he could fight against Big Mom for a moment or two, but the destruction of the warship was indeed a matter of minutes.

Moreover, if she was really here and wanted to escape, the chances of survival weren’t excellent.

Since even escape was unlikely, it was better to fight them to the death, and perhaps there was still hope for survival.

“Brothers now has come to the moment of life and death. Anyway, stretching your head is also a stab. It’s better to fight with them.”

Clavin also pulled out the sword at his waist, “Even if it is death, we must let the pirates see our backbone. Bet on the honor of the marine, we can never retreat half a step!”

The Big Mon’s pirate ship gradually collided with the warship!

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