Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 134


In the air, the blue flames and blue energy heck hit together like fireworks. After a big roar, it splashed out cyan and blue starbursts in the air to show the magnificent colors.

“This is the strength of the Whitebeard 1st division commander.”

“Lord Rear Admiral can actually fight with him to this extent.”

On the warship, the marine soldiers were discussing.


At this time, Marco’s Devil Fruit ability was all bestialized and turned into a bird.

“[White Robe Young Admiral] Leiyin, your strength is really extraordinary. If I am not in a hurry, I want to fight with you, sorry.”

Marco bird beak opened and closed, waved his wings, and flew towards the long sky.

After a short exchange of words, Leiyin returned to the warship with the Geppo.

The warship continued its journey to the Marine Headquarters.


After returning to Marineford, Leiyin prepared to go to the Fleet Admiral’s office to report the situation’s details. On the way, he met his first acquaintance.

“Hey, Leiyin.” When Verdan saw Leiyin return, her beautiful eyes flashed with a pleasant color. She immediately leaned over, “Did you just came back?”

“Yes,” Leiyin surveyed Verdan’s luscious curves, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you’ve become a Lieutenant Commander?”

Hearing Leiyin say this, Verdan’s pretty face showed a smug look, “That’s natural. I defeated a 37 million Belly bounty pirates in the Sabaody Archipelagos, but of course, there is no way to compare with you, Woody.”

Verdan looked at Leiyin, who had returned after a long time. Her eyes were glowing with spring, and that look was not ordinary at all.

After Verdan changed into this new officer’s uniform, the originally exquisite curves were outlined more fully. It had been a long time since he had seen it, and her eyes, which had been a pair of soul-stealing eyes, were more flirtatious. Her aura of the royal sister was more intense. This kind of girl seemed to be like a special thing, enough to make all men fall over

The two were talking when a discordant figure walked over.

It was the newly promoted Captain Yukimura.

In a battle, he alone killed one hundred and twenty-two pirates and won the title of “Slayer of a Thousand Men,” so he was also promoted to Captain of the Marine Headquarters.

As mentioned earlier, Yukimura and Sharinguru were both pursuers of Verdan.

Although the last time they were politely rejected, Yukimura, in particular, never gave up on the pursuit of Verdan.

At this moment, he just happened to see Leiyin and Verdan talking and laughing together and was very upset.

“Oh, isn’t this Rear Admiral Leiyin? What wind has blown you here?” Yukimura’s tone was a bit shady and hostile as he looked at Lei Yin.

Oh, Yukimura, you’ve been promoted to Captain as well, not bad.” Leiyin said.

Yukimura’s tone remained unchanged, “Well, you’re a Rear Admiral, how can I, a mere Captain, be compared to you?”

When Leiyin heard that Yukimura came with bad intentions, he smiled at Verdan and said that he had some things to do at the Fleet Admiral’s place. With that, he turned around and walked away.

“Leiyin, do not pretend here! Do you like Verdan?!”

Suddenly, Yukimura showed a hideous face.

With this voice, all of a sudden, Leiyin froze in place.


How could he like Verdan? Is that a joke?

“Yukimura, you drink too much, right?”

Hearing Leiyin’s answer, a small trace of disappointment flashed in Verdan’s eyes. She wished that this wooden head could say, “Yeah, I just like Verdan, how about that?” What about that?” and so on.

Hmph, don’t pretend there. Why [White Robe Young General] Leiyin, you don’t even dare to say what you want to say? I think you’re just a name in vain!”

The smell of gunpowder between the two sides was getting thicker and thicker.

Leiyin coldly snorted, “If you are not convinced, you can come and try.”

Verdan was just about to go forward to dissuade them, but Yukimura had already pulled out the sword on his waist and lunged at Leiyin!

The meeting of the lovers was extraordinary. However, the definition of “love rival” was not that clear for Leiyin. It could be said that it was only a unilateral guess of Yukimura.

Yukimura lunged with his sword, and Leiyin didn’t even pull out his Sword of Kusanagi behind him. He just used his right arm to meet Yukimura’s sharp blade!


The sound of gold and iron clanging. Leiyin used his arm to block Yukimura’s sword. It turned out that Leiyin attached chakra to his hand to harden, blocking the sword of Yukimura.

Verdan stepped forward and shouted, “You two, both of you, stop.”

However, Verdan’s shout did not help. Although Leiyin blocked his sword, Yukimura madly slashed at Leiyin. Leiyin only used his right arm, blocking all of Yukimura’s cuts and slashes.

Leiyin seemed to be a little impatient. His right hand was blocking, and in the middle of a gap, his left hand was clenched into a fist and came out suddenly.


The left fist directly hit the small of Yukimura’s belly. Yukimura fell on the ground rolled several times; his stomach was very painful.

Leiyin coldly glanced at Yukimura, who was knocked to the ground by himself, and then looked at Verdan, turned around, and walked towards the Fleet Admiral’s office.


The incident was spread in the Marine Headquarters. Those who like to gossip were all fist-pumping and excited: There were things to gossip about again, and this time it was a love triangle!

“Hey, did you hear about that thing?”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s the matter of Captain Yukimura and Rear Admiral Leiyin fighting over Verdan.”

Oh, I heard that Yukimura was knocked out by Leiyin in a few moves.”

“That said, Leiyin is really strong. It seems that the [White Robe Young Admiral] is really not a name in vain.”

“That’s not the point, okay. We’re talking about their intricate relationship.”

“Hey, I heard that Leiyin has actually always liked Verdan, but just never dared to say so.”

“There. I heard that Verdan likes Leiyin to death, but Leiyin’s high and cold is always unenthusiastic towards her”

Amid a relatively boring military career, gossip could always mobilize everyone’s excitement.

The bored young marines were happily talking about this matter, but one person was unusually unhappy to hear about it.

She was the current Marine Headquarters Captain, Hina.

‘This damn woody, he actually went to fight with other men for that woman!’

Previously, when Leiyin was going to the West Blue, Hina confessed her love to Leiyin, and now Leiyin did such a thing? How could she not be angry?

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