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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 144


“Young Master Doflamingo, Caesar has produced four more Artificial Devil Fruits, and we have been able to earn several hundred million again.” Trebol said.
“Well, you quickly send someone to send him to Kaido.”
“Hasn’t the weapons shipment from the South Blue arrived yet? How do you guys do things?”
“I’m very sorry, young master, we encountered marine on the way, so we had to take a detour.”
Although Doflamingo was arrogant, after all, he was still [Seven Warlords of the Sea ]. Even though with this identity, there were aspects of the political volt that would turn a blind eye, it didn’t mean that the marine could let him do whatever he wanted.
If he violated the marine interests, they would immediately deprive him of the title of [Seven Warlords of the Sea ], turned the other cheek, and beat him.
For example, Doflamingo weapon and Artificial Devil Fruit business had actually violated the bottom line of the marine, so he could only go behind the back of the political ambush, secretly.
These two days, in the North Blue on the island of North Asia, Doflamingo didn’t give Leiyin any task. Moreover, Baby-5 was with Leiyin every day and clung to him like a little heel.
However, there were times when Leiyin wanted to go to the back of the Spider Miles to practice, and Baby-5 also wanted to follow, but Leiyin did not let her follow him.
On this day, Leiyin was sitting bare-chested in the back of the mountain. He was sitting cross-legged and meditating on the ground, perceiving the surroundings as if he was sitting in meditation. His body had grown strong muscles, making him looked extremely confident.
In the original story, The Straw Hat Pirates and Baroque World duel in Arabasta, Roronoa Zoro was forced into a desperate situation when Zoro comprehended the power to cut off the steel.
It was as if he could hear the sound of everything breathing.
The breathing of the trees.
The breath of the grass.
Even, the breathing of the stone.
Why he didn’t have such a feeling?
If he had, wouldn’t he be able to perceive the natural energy like Zoro?
When Leiyin was trying to perceive, suddenly, he felt a piercing and intense chill.
Now it was still in the early autumn season, so it shouldn’t be that cold. Moreover, with Leiyin’s physique, even a normal cold could be fought against. However, the strange thing was that the surrounding temperature, as if it had dropped instantly. It dropped directly to more than minus 20 degrees.
Leiyin, who was originally naked, hurriedly put on his shirt. He seemed to suddenly understand what happened and suddenly looked up.
As expected, a monster with a human face and bird body hovered in the sky, staring at himself.
It was the [Snow Woman] Monet.
She used the ability of [Yuki Yuki no Mi] to bring the temperature down abruptly.
Monet looked down at Leiyin, and a trace of intriguing smile shown on her face, “Well, unexpectedly you still work so hard after being so strong.”
On the other hand, Leiyin was coldly looking up at this air [Snow Woman], “What are you doing here?”
Monet covered her small mouth with her wings, “Well, huh, is this place run by your family? If you can come, why can’t I come?”
“Cut the crap, then you take your time here by yourself.” Leiyin snorted coldly, turned around, and walked away.
Monet retracted her wings and bird claws, changed back to her human form, and blocked Leiyin’s body.
With long grass-green hair, golden pupils, and a delicate figure, the humanoid Monet was really a bit intoxicating.
However, Leiyin looked at her expressionlessly, “Hey, what exactly do you want to do?”
“Well, that day you treated me so badly, I can’t pretend as if nothing happened.” Monet said abruptly.
Leiyin said, “What? Do you want to fight again? If so, I am always ready to accompany you.”
Monet smiled at him ambiguously, “Aiya Aiya, we are already friends. Why do we need to hold such great hostility? I also know that even if we continue to fight, I am not your opponent.”
For Leiyin’s strength, Monet had been completely convinced. The reason was that not everyone could shatter her steel-like [Kamakura] with a single punch like breaking glass. She could see that Leiyin’s strength was not something she could overcome.
“What exactly is your business? If you have something, hurry up and say it. I’m in a hurry.” Leiyin said.
Monet saw her hot face on Leiyin’s cold butt but was not at all discouraged. She still had a smile on her face, “What is your relationship with Baby-5?”
Once he heard Monet say this, Leiyin seemed to have been hit on the dead center, “We don’t have much relationship.”
Monet’s face was still playful smile, “Don’t worry about it. Do you like her?”
Leiyin’s face rose red, “I did not. Don’t think nonsense.”
Everyone was not blind since Leiyin came to the Donquixote Pirates. Despite sleeping and eating, they were together every day. Baby-5 was the closest one to Leiyin.
So, who would believe what Leiyin said?
Monet just looked at Leiyin. Her eyes were as if she was questioning him.
Leiyin was a little annoyed, “This doesn’t seem to have much to do with you, does it?”
Monet smiled ambiguously, “How can you say it’s not related?”
Monet gradually moved closer to him, “You just said that you don’t like Baby-5, did I hear you right?”
The helpless Leiyin was forced to step back by the Snow Woman Monet, “No, that’s right. What are you doing, don’t come over again, okay?”
Monet said, “Well since you don’t like Baby-5, does that mean I still have a chance?”
“Ha? What are you talking about?”
Leiyin had a capitalized dumbfounded look on his face.
In fact, Monet’s meaning was already quite obvious, and her words weren’t just words.
Who was Monet? First of all, she was a Logia Devil Fruit user on the sea, and a woman with Logia Devil Fruit could be said to be a rarity. —It could also be said that Monet was the only female with Logia Devil Fruit ability!
After all, she was so strong and blessed that she didn’t give a damn about anyone except the young master, Doflamingo.
Because of her own strength and unique position, it was enough to make her arrogant and conceited in this sea.
To reach her entity, first, you had to learn Haki.
To fight her, you couldn’t be afraid of the cold.
To beat her, you had to first learn to move in the air or had the strength to kill the Logia Devil Fruit user in one move without the use of Haki like Roronoa Zoro.
As long as you didn’t meet any of them, there was only one way to die in front of Monet.
With such power, her heart was naturally higher than the sky, proud and conceited.
Naruto System in OnePiece

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