Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 150


In this way, Yado’s pirate group was declared destroyed, and Yado was captured back alive by the Donquixote family.

Baby-5 blocked the bullet for Leiyin, who was very anxious. The doctor of the Donquixote family gave Baby-5 an operation to take the bullet out of her body.

‘If Trafalgar were here, this operation would have been much easier.’

Leiyin secretly thought.

After a long time, Baby-5, who had been unconscious, slowly opened her eyes, and only Leiyin was in front of her. Seeing Leiyin, Baby-5’s pretty face was white, but still squeezed out a smile.

“Are you stupid? I am so strong, do I need you to block the bullets for me?”

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for me, I’m afraid you would have died long ago.” Baby-5 still sounded strong despite her weak body.

“Hey, my strength is much stronger than yours, are you looking down on me by doing this?”

Baby-5 sniffed and sat up from the bed, “Hey, you get it right. Okay, when there is an ambush, everyone has reacted, and you are standing there like a fool, can I not do this?”

In fact, Leiyin was angry with what he said. If Baby-5 really had a problem, he really didn’t know how to deal with it.

Leiyin really never met such a silly woman.

He gently patted her shoulder, signaling her to lie down and rest well, and not to move around.

“Next time, I will definitely not allow you to do how silly things.” Leiyin said softly….

When Yado came to the North Blue, he already had to respect Doflamingo as the boss, but why did the Donquixote family treat him like this?

After a few days, Leiyin would know the answer…

Yado and five other sturdy pirates were put in pitch-black handcuffs and shackles. Yado was given special care because he was a Devil Fruit user – his handcuffs was a sea stone cuff.

“Leiming, this is something that World Noble want. You go to the Sabaody Archipelago. Be very careful, do not let them escape, especially Yado.”

So that was the case.

Leiyin then counted to see. The range of influence operated by Doflamingo could not be described as wide. He wasn’t only selling and buying weapons, and doing Zoan Devil Fruit dealings with the Four Emperor Kaido of the Beast, but also kidnapping all kinds of beings and doing business of human trafficking.

Based on the news from Sabaody Archipelago, Leiyin wondered what the World Noble had in mind. He wanted a slave of Zeus and offered a reward of 400 million belly.

As soon as Doflamingo knew about this, he went all over the world to look for this Zeus.

It was a good coincidence that when he was looking for it, Yado came to the North Blue to pay him a visit.

What a heavenly opportunity.

Because Yado was a Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Buffalo user, it could be said that if he ate this fruit, he had superhuman strength. Furthermore, Yado’s strength wasn’t very strong, and for the Donquixote family, it could be said to be handy.

That was why, Yado farted to pay respect to the dock. He touched a nose, but was destroyed by the Donquixote family.

So, Leiyin went to deliver to the World Noble in exchange for 400 million belly bounty.

When Leiyin went, Baby-5 said she also wanted to go with him.

“You get well first.” Leiyin patted Baby-5’s head, like coaxing a little girl.

Baby-5 pouted stubbornly, “Cut the crap. My injury has almost healed long ago. I also want to go to Sabaody Archipelago to have a look.”

Lei Yin said, “This is not a pleasure trip. It is the same as escorting some vicious prisoners, and you are not well enough to go.”

Baby-5 replied, “No, I just want to go!”

After hearing such a resolute tone from Baby-5, Leiyin turned his attention to it and held her shoulders with both hands, looking into her beautiful eyes and said, “Baby-5, listen. It’s not suitable for you to go to a dangerous place like that now because… I need a healthy you.”

When Baby-5 heard this, her heart “thumped” and she froze in place like a lightning strike: I… I was… needed again?

“Okay… Okay…”

This time, Baby-5 didn’t argue anymore, and promised Leiyin to stop messing up.

“Hey, this trick really works on her.” Leiyin couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

As long as the word “need” was mentioned, Baby-5 would agree to all his requests, no matter how resolute she was earlier.

She was delightful and worrisome character.

Leiyin also wanted to say something to Baby-5, but he didn’t say it in the end.

So, he escorted Yado and five strong pirates and set off for the Sabaody Archipelago.

World Noble was located in the Holy Land of Mary Goise. However, according to the custom, the escorted slide first to be placed in the Sabaody Archiplego Area No. 1 The Human Auctioning House. The first place to “check the goods”, and then trade. Because the average person wasn’t qualified to enter the Holy Land.

As the pirate ship sailing, Yado and other pirates had knelt down to Leiyin begging for mercy, “Little brother, no, master, please let us go. We do not want to go to that kind of place.”

For their pleas for mercy, Leiyin simply ignored.

Yado was still undeterred, “Master, if you let me go, I still have a sum of money, all of which will be used to pay respect to you.”

Leiyin sniffed, before turning his head to look at him, “How much money?”

“About more than 70 million belly.”

“In what place?”

Yado saw that there was hope and hurriedly responded, “If you release me, I will tell you.”

Leiyin turned to leave, that meant he did not want to ask more questions.

“It’s on the island where I came from in the North Blue. I put all the treasures I’ve saved all my life there. If you let me go, I’ll tell you the exact location.”

For Leiyin, it was enough to know that it was on that island.

“How about this deal? Even if you send me to Sabaody Archipelago, you can get 400 million belly from the World Nobles, but you have nothing to do with that 400 million belly. If you set me free, you can get 70 million.” Yado reasoned.

“You don’t understand. How can I explain to my family if I let you go? Just for your measly 70 million belly?”

When Leiyin said this sentence, Yado was dumbfounded.

Then, Leiyin squatted down, looked straight at him and said, “To be honest with you, others may have a chance in my hands, but you I can never let go.”

Yado eyes terrified, “This… Why?”

“Humph, just because you order your musket team to wounded Baby-5. I can not let you go.”

At this point, Yado suddenly remembered the sexy and beautiful girl in a maid’s outfit, “She is your woman, right Master? Forgive me. I have eyes but don’t know the mountain. You also know that at that time the gunfire bullets doesn’t have eyes….”

“Do not talk nonsense!” Leiyin loudly stopped Yado, “She is not my woman, she is a friend….”

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