Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 188


Two days later, the Marine Headquarters, Marineford.

In the conference room, all the top brass of the marine seated, Fleet Admiral Sengoku sitting in the chief center position.

The conference table was silent.

“Ah la la…. that guy Leiyin is getting stronger and stronger….”

The first to speak was the first Admiral Kuzan. He broke the silent atmosphere.

The great Admiral Borsalino said, “Yes, this little guy. He’s really getting scared.”

Borsalino had always been known for being lewd and pretending to be scared, but this time, his tone carried a few elements of paranoia.

Vice Admiral Crane’s arms rested on the desktop, with hands on his chin, “In the future, the marine definitely will not focus on training Leiyin as simple as this. It must be an absolute focus. After all, to be able to defeat a series of strong enemies, like the previous Doflamingo plus the current Golden Lion Shiki, who would have thought that only a twenty-year-old kid could do it?”

Vice Admiral Momonga, “If this piece of news spread out, is bound to be a shock to the world.”

With that, Garp said a sentence, leading to another shocked in all four seats, “I think we all saw Leiyin’s battle achievements, right? If you count from the past, the bounty for the bounty offenders he has caught, defeated or killed adds up to about three billion. Even if we don’t talk about these, just this time alone, he had already made a battle achievement that many people can’t look up to, like killing the Golden Lion.”

Sengoku said, “What exactly do you want to say?”

“I suggest that an application be made to the Holy Land of Marie Goise to add a spot for Admiral, to be filled by Leiyin!”


Kuzan said, “Hey, hey, this is not a joke, right? Mr. Garp.”

Garp replied, “I’m serious”

After Garp said this, the Admiral Sakazuki sat down, “The Four Admiral? Are you kidding me? The system of the World Government has always been three Admiral, and when you come like this, won’t you add to the chaos? It seems that Mr. Garp, as usual, like to mess up ah.”

Garp smiled and got anxious, “Sakazuki! You speak from the heart, Leiyin his battle achievements are not below you or even higher than you? Who does not know, these years you have been biased against Leiyin. As long as the things that are beneficial to him you are trying to block. I am afraid it will be difficult for an Admiral like you to convince the public?!”

Sakazuki said, “You….”

“Well, both stop talking!”

Seeing that these two were about to brawl again, Sengoku immediately shouted to stop it.

Momonga turned his head to Sengoku and said, “Then Lord Fleet Admiral, what do you mean?”

Sengoku pondered for a moment and said, “I think Garp’s suggestion is well worth considering.”


“Does it really mean that we should make Leiyin a newly promoted Admiral?”

Vice Admiral Crane said, “Even if we all agree, it will not be helpful. The key also depends on what the Holy Land side says.”

Sengku said, “This is natural, the new Admiral must be approved by the five Elders and the entire Army Commander-in-Chief.”

Kuzan said, “Fleet Admiral, this is a matter of great importance, you….”

Sengoku continued, “In fact, this issue, I considered when thatkidbrat killed Doflamingo. Now his reputation is not below us veterans, and with his battle achievements and strength, if he does not pay tribute to the Admiral, I’m afraid it will cause people to disobey, who will still work hard for the marine in the future?”

Kuzan said, “Speaking of which, Mr. Garp can also achieve the position of an Admiral long ago.”

Sengoku said, “Garp himself repeatedly refused.”

Garp smiled brightly, “I just feel that the Vice Admiral is more comfortable than the Admiral.”

Boraslino sip a mouthful of tea, “Oh, how to say, if the application is really successful, the kid you trained will have to stand on your head it.”

Gapu arms clasped in front of his chest, “Haha, then this old man really want to.”

Sengoku said, “Well then, if there is no dissenting opinion”

Sakazuki replied, “I don’t think so.”


“Even if he has a great war record, but after all, he is still very young, so that”

Garp said, “Hey, it has nothing to do with the young or not. I’m afraid, to know that the maintenance of world order is basically relying on power, as long as the power is strong what does the age have to do with it?”

“But, he…”

“Okay, stop it.”

Just when Sakazuki still want to say something, Sengoku interrupted him, “Sakazuki, you said the age is not a problem. From the Petty Officer step by step promoted to the Vice Admiral, we are all witnessed. These four years (Leiyin 16-20 years old) he accumulated a lot of combat and command of the army experience, so that age is not a problem at all. “

Seeing Sengoku said so, Sakazuki did not have the good sense to say anything else.

“Is there any more dissimilarity?” Sengoku asked once again.

There were no other voices in the conference room.

“Good, since we keep unity here, I will make a report to the Holy Land, dismiss the meeting….”

In fact, Sengoku tripod to support Leiyin, one because Leiyin did have the potential and strength of an Admiral, and secondly, Leiyin reputation could further strengthen the marine’s voice, deter the pirates, and better control the suppression of the Four Emperors.

“Twenty-year-old Admiral, it is really some people can not believe….”

Sengoku typed up a report and sent a delivery to the Holy Land.

New World, G 5 Branch base.

Leiyin draped in a white cloak is meditating in the marine dojo. His body chakra surging rapidly running….

Since he was able to successfully open the Sage Mode, Leiyin could also clearly feel his strength and spiritual power increased greatly. Before entering the Sage Mode, he needed some time for his body to fuse, but now, as long as he wanted, he could open the Sage Mode and unleash the Sage Technique whenever and wherever he wanted.

Moreover, the system also told him that, regarding the ninja rank, the “Kage Level” was not the highest level. There were four higher levels above the “Kage Level”. The next level of “Kage Level” was the “God Realm” level, and the next level higher was ……

The current Leiyin, nearly as strong as the Admiral. Even if the Admiral was stronger than him, it would take several days and nights to defeat Leiyin.

“If I enter, I wonder how I compare with the strength of the Four Emperors?” Leiyin thought darkly.

“Lord Vice Admiral, it’s not good!”

Just as Leiyin was concentrating on his training, Lieutenant Commander Clavin barged in in a panic.

“What’s wrong?” Leiyin withdrew his power and slowly opened his eyes.

“Colonel Thomson encountered an attack while cruising, more than 800 soldiers on our ship along with Colonel Thomson were all killed in action!”

“What? Who did it?” Leiyin asked as he stood up.

Clavin gasped, “It was the fleet of the Four Emperors Big Mom Charlotte Linlin…”

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