Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 197


” Are you saying that this is not Cracker?”

At this time, Garp said on the side , “Kid, you should look at the picture on the bounty order before you hit someone. Does he look like Cracker?”

At that, the marine of the G 5 Branch understood.

“He is Cracker, the photo on the bounty is a fake… I can’t say it’s fake, it’s just a doppelganger of his.” Leyin slowly said.

“Doppelganger?” Sengoku and Garp listened with increasing suspicion.

Looking at the Fleet Admiral, more and more high-ranking officials gathered on the pier. At this time, Sakazuki also came over, and it did not take long for him to understand the situation.

“Kid, you just want to find a guy to impersonate the military credit, are you so stupid that you can’t even fake it?” Sakazuki was unrelenting in his sarcasm to Leiyin.

When Leiyin saw this, he said angrily, “Sakazuki, whether he is a Cracker or not, it’s not up to you. And, who are you to call me kid?”

Originally, Leiyin did not give a damn about Sakazuki, and now with the strength to defeat Cracker, he put Sakazuki even less in his eyes.

“Leiyin! How dare you talk to me like that, you Vice Admiral?!” Sakazuki looked at Leiyin angrily.

Just as Leiyin was about to get angry, Garp spoke up, “Sakazuki! It was you who spoke out against him first, and he spoke out against you. And you’re wrong. Leiyin, he is now… He’s not a Vice Admiral anymore, he’s perfectly qualified to talk back to you.”

Not a Vice Admiral? He could talk back to Sakazuki?

What did that mean?

Leiyin said, “Vice Admiral Gapu (He called Garp with respect outside), what does that mean?”

Garp replied, “I’ll talk to you about this later, but first tell me what this man is all about.”

When Sakazuki saw this, he stopped talking and quietly waited to see Leiyin’s joke.

At this time, Cracker spoke again, “I am not Cracker, this boy he is lier. He accused me of wrongdoing, quickly release me.”

When Lei Yin saw this, he had a bashful face. He went to Cracker’s heel and said a few words in his ear, followed by a move that startled the crowd present.

He then unlocked the handcuffs of Cracker!

But then, to their surprise, Cracker meekly changed into the appearance on the bounty order, his face ashen, “I am one of the Three Sweet Commander under Big Mom, Cracker…”


Today’s surprise was like a wave after wave.

When Sakazuki saw the situation, his eyes were thrown on the ground.

All the marine forces of the G 5 Branch could testify that this person was Cracker without a doubt.

There was no doubt that there was a fake bounty order to cheat the marine for so many years, and today the truth came out.

With that, the marine has handcuffed Cracker again, escorted him to the prison.

However, people didn’t know what Leiyin said in the ears of Cracker, so that Cracker obeyed…

Just now, Sakazuki, who had always wanted to see Leiyin’s jokes, was frozen in place, and could not say anything for half a day ……

Familiar with the anime Leiyin also knew the character of the Cracker. Although he was strong enough to build a strong armor, he was very afraid of pain, he was even afraid of the injection.

So Leiyin just said in his ear: You better give me good behavior, or I will order the ministry to take the needle to stick you, or use any other more painful torture device… So, next, you do what I tell you to do… If you dare to resist, I think you know what my strength is, and this is the Marine Headquarters. I am not the only expert …

Cracker also knew what his situation, and he was extremely afraid of pain. As soon as he heard the words “needle” and “torture device”, he agreed to Leiyin without even thinking.

For people like Cracker, Leiyin showed his dark side.

The Sweet Commander under the Four Emperors with the bounty of 860 million, was actually be afraid of needles, which was also a little comical.

The only thing that could shake people was interest and fear. This was an immutable truth, practical wherever you go.

“Old man, what did you mean just now when you said that I am no longer a Vice Admiral?”

After escorting Cracker into prison, Lei yin asked Garp.

“Oh, this… You may know in a moment. I will not say now, haha ……”

“Old man, this is getting increasingly unorthodox…”

“By the way, kid, how’s your stay in the G 5 Branch?”

“Well, it’s okay.”

“Didn’t find a girl or something? You’re not too young…”

Leiyin looked at the latest issue of the newspaper, returned, “G 5 Branch is all male marine, and the pirates there is extremely unsettled. There is no place to look for, and no time.”

Leiyin, of course, would not say about Baby 5 to Garp. At least not now (after all, she was a pirate), he wanted to wait for a more mature time, and then said to Garp, “This is my wife”.

Garp ate a mouthful of senbei, “Ha ha, who told you kid not to catch it? Otherwise, Hina would have been with you…”

“Oh, right,” hearing this, Leiyin closed the newspaper, “How is she now, Hina?”

If it was not for Garp’s words, Leiyin probably forgot about her.

“She is now transferred to the East Blue as a Marine Captain with Smoker to look after each other. I heard that the two have gotten along.”

If so, there was little discrepancy with the originalstory, Thinking about it, Leiyin smiled gratefully, “That’s a congratulations to him.”

Hearing this, Garp but said, “You brat just do not know how to cherish. Veirdan and Hina were originally interested in you, and now they have a home, but you are still… Hey, do not talk about this, look after your own affairs.”

Garp wanted to let Leiyin have a good home. He didn’t want him to be a fighting machine that only knew how to fight and kill every day.

Leiyin also understand his meaning.

“You and I are strangers, you have helped me so much, no matter what kind of person I am in the future, I will not be your enemy. If you are in trouble, I will go through fire to help you, old man…” Leiyin secretly thought to himself.

“Vice Admiral Leiyin, Lord Fleet Admiral wants you to go to his office.” A marine officer reported.

“Do you know what it is?” Leiyin asked in passing.

However, the officer had a smile on his face and a pleasing look in his eyes, “It should be a great joy for you.”

“A great joy? He’s not going to introduce me to someone or something again, right?” Leiyin thought secretly and said to the officer.

“I know, I’ll go there right away.”

“Yes!… Lord Vice Admiral!”

The officer gave Leiyin a standard military salute and then went out.

After the officer left, Garp was laughing and not saying anything.

“Old man, does it mean something happened, I always have a strong feeling.” Leiyin said to Karp.

Garp replies “Have you not noticed that the officer are unusually respectful of you today?”

“There is a little bit, but what does that say?”

“Kid why so much talk, you will know when you go?”

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