Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 215


Marine Headquarters, the Fleet Admiral’s office.

Sengoku pounded his hands on the desktop, and said to his correspondent, “Hurry up and get in touch with Leiyin, and tell him to go to Sabaody Archipelago to catch the guy who killed the Dragon.”

Communication soldier, “In accordance with your instructions, we have been contacting Admiral Leiyin, but the phone is not live.”

“Where has this damn kid gone? He just became an admiral and doesn’t know manner! This time back, I will definitely dismiss him!” Sengoku finished whining, and said to the correspondent, “Immediately contact the Borsalino and Bartholomew Kuma, let them not go to the G 5 branch, and ordered to rate the headquarters troops, go to Sabaody Archipelago to catch the rebels!”

“Yes, sir!”

When Admiral Borsalino received the order, he contacted his subordinate Momonga to rush to Sabaody Archipelago….

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 1.

Seeing that the matter had come to this, Baby-5 desperately tugged Leiyin, “Let’s run!”

Leiyin pulled Baby-5’s hand and ran outside. At this time, the staff of the auction venue came and was already dumbfounded when they saw the body of Charlos on the ground with both arms lost and his head rolling.

“He actually… killed the World Noble…”

Not to mention how unbelievable this kind of thing Leiyin did. Ordinary people, didn’t even dare to look more than the eyes of the World Noble, let alone defy the World Noble. A bold person like Luffy was such a tendon, and could knock out the World Noble in just a punch in the face.

The kid in front of them, not only killed the World Noble, but also dismembered it!

What kind of monstrous guts did it take?

The staff members who saw this scene froze on the spot!

“All of you get out of my way! Don’t get in my way if you don’t want to die!”

Leiyin shouted, pulling Baby-5 darted, those who scared automatically got out of the way ……

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 2.

When Charlos’s father Roseward came out with a large group of guards to buy some goods, suddenly, a man in wretched clothes came running not far away. Roseward recognized at once that this man was Charlos’s guard. He was not killed by Leiyin and rushed out.

The guard panicked and said, “Saint Roseward, it’s not good!”

“What’s wrong?”

The guard said, “Saint Charlos, he… He he was killed!”

“What did you say?!!!”

“I came here to give you the news, a young man killed your son.”

Roseward was extremely sad and angry, “What kind of joke are you making?

“It is true, Saint Roseward!”

Roseward said, “Call Marine Headquarters quickly and arrest that man!”

Guard replied, “I already told the headquarters when I came.”

Roseward was furious and took out his pistol and shot the guard straight through the heart, “My son is dead, why aren’t you, the guard, dead?”

With that, Roseward took his own escort and stepped over the body of that escort and ran in a panic towards area number one…

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 5.

Leiyin and Baby-5 had already run here, Leiyin crouched down and said, “Come up, I’ll carry you to fly.”

Baby-5 hurriedly climbed on Leiyin’s back, Leiyin’s chakra flew in his body, using wind and earth transport to fly off the ground.

“You’re dying now!”

What a coincidence, a golden wave of light attacked, Leiyin was afraid Baby-5 was hurt, lost his balance in fear, and fell from low altitude.

“Baby-5! Are you okay?” Leiyin asked anxiously, lying on the ground.

Baby-5 staggered up from the ground, “I’m… It’s okay…”

Baby-5’s physique was not as strong as Leiyin’s, and her legs were black and blue from the fall.

Seeing that she was not seriously hurt, Leiyin was temporarily relieved.

A dazzling figure was already in front of him.

Leiyin stood up and stood opposite to it.

The person who emitted the light wave… It was the Admiral Borsalino!

“Oh, Leiyin, at first I really can not believe it is you.” The light wave just now, it was Borsalino who released.

Borsalino was Pika Pika no Mi user with the power as fast as the speed of light. After receiving the order he had already arrived at Area No. 1 Human Auction House and asked for the news of the person who killed the World Noble, and tracked all the way to here.

“In this world, there are many things you can’t think of, Mr. Borsalino. However, you injured my wife, I will never let you go.” Leiyin said with a straight face.

“Oh, although I know you are very strong, we have to see if you have the ability to beat me. Moreover, you have to defeat not me alone, Leiyin.” Borsalino’s tone was slowly and leisurely.

To defeat more than one person like Borsalino? Later, Leiyin understood the meaning of his words ……

Marine G 5 branch base.

Dracule Mihawk wielded the black knife, ready to kill…


A crisp sword sound blocked Hawkeye’s attack.

“Dracule Mihawk, it’s better for me to be your opponent!”

The person who spoke was one of the Charlotte family’s strongest combatants, the “Four Sweet Commanders”, Charlotte Snack, with a bounty of 720 million Belly!

Charlotte Snack held a superb short sword and blocked the world’s strongest black sword!

“Snack, Big Mom’s Four Sweet Commanders?”

Dracule Mihawk held the black sword and confronted with it, but his eyes showed an unfathomable sense of excitement …

“Mero Mero Mellow !”

“Slave Arrow!”

The Empress unleashed her ability again and again, petrifying some of Big Mom’s low and mid-level cadres and miscellaneous soldiers one by one. However, in her mind, she was always thinking: Leiyin, you damn bastard, why you still don’t come and fight alongside my concubine ……

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