Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 28


After Schott was expelled from his position, the commander, who had played no key role, but had fought bravely, was promoted by Garp to be the captain of the 153rd Branch. Morgan was also promoted from Chief Petty Officer to Lieutenant Commander for his tenacity in stopping the pirates.

As for Leiyin, Garp heard the 153rd Branch marine describe him as fire-breathing, water-spitting, lightning-releasing, teleporting, and a bit of swordplay man.

That sounded like bullshit at first. Because when Garp listened to their serious-faced nonsense, he thought he had a hearing problem. However, the whole 153rd Branch was saying that, which he doubted.

These marines couldn’t all be crazy, could they?

Even the strongest Logia Devil Fruit could only have one natural element ability, or at most two. However, this guy showed no less than three types of natural element abilities. Not to mention in the East Blue, there wasn’t even a person like this in the whole world.

What the hell was that if it wasn’t bullshit?

However, since the entire 153rd Branch was in agreement, this greatly piqued Garp’s curiosity. He wanted to try to find out what had happened. After all, seeing was believing, and he wasn’t there at the time of the incident.

However, he didn’t expect that after two days, Leiyin would return by himself.

The reason was simple: He wanted money.

When he first killed Krieg, the Shells Town was already a mess, and Leiyin didn’t have the nerve to ask the marine to exchange the bounty. However, now that the marine had rested and recovered, Leiyin came back.


Garp was sitting at his desk while eating a snack and drinking tea. Upon seeing Leiyin, he showed his trademark kind smile, “Kid, I was about to send someone to look for you. I didn’t expect you to come on your own.”

“Are you looking for me?”

The lines on Garp’s forehead gathered together, and he smiled even wider, “Kid, your deeds are so well known in the marine, I wouldn’t dare pretend that nothing happened.”


Before Leiyin could react to what Garp was saying, Karp gave a wink to one of the marine Lieutenant Commanders standing next to him. When the Lieutenant Commander saw this, he flew and kicked at Leiyin without saying a word.

Fortunately, Leiyin reacted quickly and dodged the kick at once. The Lieutenant Commander jumped into the air and kicked his foot into the wall, blowing a big hole in it.

Leiyin flashed aside and became angry, “Hey, old man, what do you mean by this?”

Garp took a bite of his senbei and said, “This is Lieutenant Commander Pruze, my Security Lieutenant. Why don’t you try sparring with him?”

Leiyin’s story was widely spread in the 153rd Branch of the marine. The fact that he displayed at least three types of abilities was unbelievable. This was why Garp sent his men down to test it.

Lieutenant Commander Pruze had no expression on his face as if he was paralyzed, giving people an icy feeling.

Leiyin looked at the big hole that had been kicked out and jumped out of the hole all of a sudden. Pruze thought he was going to run away and immediately chased after him.

Standing on the marine training yard, Leiyin stopped running and stood in place, “The space inside is too small, so let’s come here.”

Pruze’s face remained expressionless, and he didn’t say anything. Instead, he rushed toward Leiyin.

Garp was standing behind the kicked out hole, watching the fight with great interest.

Pruze was the first to make a move using [Rokushiki – Shingan]. He poked it straight at Leiyin, who didn’t dodge but still used his chakra to gather protection. When the [Shingan] poked him, it knocked him back several steps.

As expected of a Lieutenant Commander in the Marine Headquarter, his [Shingan] wasn’t the same as what Miller had used before.

When Leiyin stopped, he revealed an obscure smile. From this strike, it could be seen that this guy wasn’t an idle person. However, fighting with masters was also one of Leiyin interests in life.

At this time, the training yard was filled with officers and soldiers from the marine 153rd Branch. They all came to watch the fight.

Leiyin’s hands flew up and down, rapidly forming seals.


With a sudden burst of heat, a red-hot flame suddenly burst out of Leiying’s mouth and struck directly at Pruze. However, Pruze suddenly disappeared and was nowhere to be seen as he launched his (Rokushiki – Soru).

The marine around the training yard was chattering away.

“That little kid from the other day, he’s here again.”

“He uses the same fire-spitting move.”


When he saw this scene, Garp somewhat believed the words of 153rd Branch. At this time, his heart was also somewhat pumping, ‘Was this the natural element ability of [Mera Mera no Mi]? No. Portgas D. Ace has eaten the [Mera Mera no Mi], how could there be two identical abilities in the world…?’

While Garp was thinking to himself, Pruze had arrived in front of Leiyin.


Pruze lifted his foot and swiftly kicked out a blue air wave like a zap. At the same time, Leiyin disappeared at the same speed, causing the blue airwave to cut a deep mark in the ground.


When Leiyin reappeared, he was already behind the Lieutenant Commander. When the Lieutenant Commander turned around, a ball of blue chakra gathered in Leiyin’s hand, “RASENGAN!”

Pruze didn’t even have time to react. The [Rasengan] struck mercilessly, and Pruze took the blow at such close range. He spun around and flew twenty meters away, falling to the ground.

Pruze stood up trembling, and when he fell again, it proclaimed Leiyin’s victory.

At this time, even Garp couldn’t help but check Leiyin out, ‘Not even the experienced marine officer was a match for him. This kid truly had such unfathomable strength…’

Leiyin slowly walked over and looked up at Garp on the third floor. He then shouted, “Old man, I’ve defeated this guy, now can we talk about my business?”

Garp brought up his dog head mask and laughed boldly, “Haha, I have seen that you really aren’t an ordinary kid. Well, tell me what you want.”

Leiyin said, “I killed Krieg, now give me the bounty!”

Garp was a Vice Admiral in this department, and this was a matter of words to him.

Garp thought for a moment, then said, “Okay, but you must promise this old man one condition.”


Garp said seriously, “I’d like to invite you to join the marine. What do you think?”


Upon hearing these words, Leiyin’s jaw almost dropped to the ground. Although Garp usually had a cheerful personality, he didn’t seem to be joking when he said this.

Joining the marine had hardly been on Leiyin’s mind since he came to this world.

Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Revolutionary Army, adventurers, he had thought about all of these. Still, he had never thought about joining the marine.

After hearing that, Leiyin looked straight, “What if I refuse?”


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