Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 37


When he heard the news, Ryan was shocked!

Who does Vice Admiral Garp have his eye on?

No wonder the kid was so arrogant and overbearing. It turned out it wasn’t for no reason.

What the hell have I done?!

When Ryan covered his head in frustration, T Bone stood up and patted him on the shoulder, “Regarding this matter, I know Leiyin has done something wrong, so please forgive him.”

Hearing T Bone said this, Ryan immediately confused, “No, no, no, it’s my men’s fault. They have eyes but can’t see mountains, and their dog eyes can’t see jade in gold. I’ll go apologies to Mr. Leiyin immediately.”

When he heard that Leiyin was Garp’s man, Ryan turned wimpy for a second.

T Bone smiled, “Apology is not necessary. Leiyin and I will be leaving Loguetown soon.”



T Bone told Garp about what was going on here with the Den Den Mushi, and Garp just laughed at it.

T Bone knew that with Garp’s personality, not only would he not blame Leiyin, but he would pay attention to him as well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a son who was the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army and a grandson who wanted to be a Pirate King. In other words, Garp liked strong people.

Furthermore, upon closer examination, the fault didn’t lie on Leiyin at all. Rather, Leiyin was the one who beat up Ensign Baker to protect the little girl, which led to a series of vindictive incidents later on. From this point of view, it seemed that Leiyin’s nature wasn’t that bad.

Garp didn’t deny that he would fight an unrighteous man for a little girl he had never met before.


A day later, T. Bone found Leiyin and explained his intentions. He then took a Den Den Mushi and dialed Garp’s number.

As soon as Leiyin got the Den Den Mushi, the person on the other end of the line spoke up, “Kid, I heard you’re pretty restless in Loguetown.”

“Those guys deserve a beating. They have bullied me, so I have to teach them a lesson.”

Garp said, “Haha, you’re really a mess. You don’t look like you’re a marine at all.”

“By the way, old man, Lieutenant T Bone comes to see me and tell me what you want?”

“Oh, here’s the thing. I don’t think you’re fit to be there anymore, so… come to Marine Headquarters with T Bone.”


Leiyin, who was initially slacking off at the news, stared down at T Bone, who in turn nodded at him.

“This… isn’t it a little fast… ” Leiyin scratched his head.

Garp said, “What? You don’t want to?”

“Not at all… “

Although the tone on Leiyin’s mouth was light, his heart was somewhat happy. Going to the Marine Headquarters Marineford meant that he could enter the New World at will and meet the world’s most powerful fighters.

The three Sweet Commanders, the Four Emperors, and The Seven Warlords of the Sea.

“Then when do we leave?”

“If you want, we can leave tomorrow…”

After some simple preparations, the next day, when the sky was just starting to turn a little white, Leiyin and T Bone set off with some marine soldiers on a small warship.

Even when the ship was moving, Leiyin didn’t forget to practice.

Currently, Leiyin had mastered the C-rank Ninjutsu [Wind Release – Great Breakthrough]. Right now, he had a blue cyclone gathered in his hand, which was the [Rasengan]. At this point, he was about to infuse the chakra of the [Wind Release] into it and attempt to use the S-rank technique.


Suddenly, a loud bang distracted Leiyin’s attention.

“Oh no, there’s a sea beast!”

“Captain T Bone, a sea beast, is hitting the ship!”

As the soldiers approached the bow of the ship, they shouted in panic.

Upon hearing this, T Bone drew his sword from his waist and immediately rushed towards the ship’s bow, “If this continues, the ship will be rammed!”

The marine soldiers were panicking as they watched the Tiger Head Shark wreak havoc, one by one; they were at a loss for words. 

“Why are you guys panicking! Is this the look of marine soldiers?!” T Bone shouted in anger, and the soldiers remained silent.

The soldiers couldn’t be blamed for this. There were only thirty people on the ship, all ordinary soldiers with the same fighting ability. How could they be the opponent of a twelve-meter-long shark?

Captain T Bone wielded his sword and slashed directly at the Tiger Head Shark.


He drew a sword in the void, and the flashing sword in the shape of a right angle flew straight towards the Tiger Head Shark. The sword cut off its body, directly slicing a large incision in its skin.

The Tiger Head Shark flopped and howled in pain on the sea’s surface and sank slowly into the sea. The blood that had flowed out earlier had stained the nearby seawater. 

The large Tiger Head Shark was killed with a single blow. T Bone put his sword into its scabbard with aplomb as he stood on the bow of the ship, his marine cape blowing in the wind, looking very impressive.

“He killed the Tiger Head Shark in one blow… “

“We can’t handle that kind of stuff.”

“Worthy of Lieutenant T Bone… “

On the deck, the marine soldiers kept voicing their admiration and amazement at him.

Leiyin, who was standing not far away, saw all of this. He was ready to go back to his training when he saw that T Bone had quickly finished off the shark.

However, just before half a minute had passed, the ship was once again in commotion. This time, there was even more commotion than the last time.

“It’s not good!”

“Another large Tiger Head Shark… “

“There’s more than one … “

The soldiers took out their swords and muskets. Their hearts jumped into their throats. The soldiers saw these fins as if they saw the god of death, calling them.

There were only two small-caliber guns on the warship. If they were fired, their weak killing power would do nothing but provoke the sharks into a fierce counterattack.

Initially, the ship was simply used to send Leiyin to the Marine Headquarters, not to carry out any mission or find pirates to wage war. However, who would have thought to encounter such a thing? 

“Why are there so many large Tiger Head Shark?”

“It seems that they surround us!”

Indeed, the fins around the battleship gradually pulled up, and a hideous and horrible shark face was revealed. When all the marine soldiers saw this, they clutched their muskets in extreme fear. They didn’t dare to fire a single shot.

A smaller Tiger Head Shark jumped from the right side of the ship directly onto the deck, picking up a soldier in its mouth and jumping into the sea on the left.

The shark’s teeth were so sharp that they broke the soldier’s body. The unlucky soldier’s upper body fell to the deck, still twitching.

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