Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 4


All of these voices were coming from inside Leiyin’s head, and his personal information is being displayed.


Gender: Male

Age: 16 years

Ninja Rank: Academy student

Kekkei Genkai or Human Strength: None

Ninjutsu: None      

Inventory (tools, weapons ): None

Contracted Beast: None

Sage Mode: Unenabled

Chakra Amount: 0/0 ]

What follows was a series of explanations about the system’s personal information.

His rank was currently the lowest, which was “academy student”.

There were three levels of ninja rank, which were the Genin, Chunin, and Jonin. Each of these levels was divided into three stages, which were elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Jonin (High Ninja) was the highest rank, but above it, there were other ranks. Ninja rank would grow along with the host’s strength.

Kekkei Genkai or Human Strength could be obtained by drawing cards using the world’s currency, the bailey. It would be activated when the host reached Chunin (Middle Ninja).

Ninjutsu could be obtained by drawing a card using bailey.

As a special note, most Ninjutsu was divided into six ranks: S, A, B, C, D, and E. The higher the rank, the more bailey was needed. As long as the host had enough bailey, Ninjutsu cards could be drawn at any time.

Once the cards were drawn, the Ninjutsu could be learned immediately. Each time the host drew a Ninjitsu card, one of the three random cards would be drawn.

The cost of each draw would be as shown below:

[E rank Ninjutsu, each draw required 10,000 Belly.] [D rank Ninjutsu, each draw required 10 W Belly.] [C rank Ninjutsu, each draw required 100 W Belly.] [B rank Ninjutsu, each draw required 1000 W Belly.] [A rank Ninjutsu, each draw required 100 million Belly.] [S rank Ninjutsu, each draw required one billion Belly.]

Ninjutsu’s rank didn’t represent its destructive power; rather, it represented the difficulty of learning it. The higher the rank of Ninjutsu, the higher the price to obtain it.

Contracted Beast would be activated when the host reached a certain rank (the system would determine the rank). After that, the host could summon their contracted Beast.

Sage mode would automatically be turned on when the host reached Chunin (Middle Ninja). At that time, the host could enter the sage region for practice.


After reading these series of descriptions, Leiyin immediately understood. This was a system where money could make you stronger.

Nevertheless, it was also because of this system that Leiyin stepped onto the path of the summit.

He carefully read the system’s personal information one by one.

“Hmmm, Ninjutsu required bailey to extract, and Kekkei Genkai or Human Strength could be activated as long as I reached Chunin.”

Leiyin was a fan of One Piece and Naruto in his previous life, so he was very familiar with these.

Speaking of this Sage Mode, there were three locations where it could be learned; Mount Myoboku, Ryuchi Cave, and Shikkotsu Forest.

After successfully practicing it, the sage could use Senjutsu, and their states were several times or even dozens of times higher than normal states!

The power of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and other techniques used would increase exponentially. Not only that, but Sage Mode would also activate the body, greatly reduce the pain when injured, and increase recovery.

However, all of this was a story for another day.

What kind of Kekkei Genkai or Human Strength would he get? Which one of these three locations would be the location for him to learn the Sage Mode?

These things made Leiyin excited with mixed feelings when he thought about them.

Just as Leiyin was immersed in joy, the system sounded again.

The Naruto Store was open, and the following items were sold and priced.

[Sword of the Thunder God, 60 million Belly.] [Explosive Tags, 80,000 Belly per piece.] [Scroll (in which it could summon creatures, people, and items, etc.), 10,000 Belly.] [Ninjato, 8,000 Belly.] [Hitai-ate, 500 Belly.] [Shuriken, 10 Belly per item.] [Kunai, 10 Belly per item.]

The Naruto Store updated the items regularly, and they could be purchased at any time.

Upon looking at these items, Leiyin’s memories of Naruto appeared again in his mind.

Hmm, If I’m not mistaken, it was said that the sword had infinite thunder power and was very powerful when combined with the “Flying Thunder God Technique”. Later, the sword was stolen by Idate Morino, and then it was given to the rebellious ninja Aoi Rokusho.

In the original Naruto story, the sword was cracked by Sasuke Uchiha’s “Chidori” and then broken by Naruto Uzumaki’s “Rasengan”.

However, this didn’t mean that Sword of the Thunder God was less powerful; instead, Sword of the Thunder God was too good. In the hands of the Second Hokage, this sword was mighty.

Because of Aoi Rokusho, the sword was only sold in the store for 60 million Belly.

As for Explosive Tags, its power was comparable to that of a bomb. It was as powerful as the Explosion Release Technique by the Shinobi. It could be used in conjunction with Kunai, Shuriken, etc. It could also be used to set traps.

Now, Leiyin’s feelings were probably beyond words. He was full of excitement, confusion, and desire…

With this system, Leiyin seemed to have stood on top of the world, overlooking the world’s strongest warriors; The Pirates King, Three Admiral, Four Emperors, Five Elder, Seven Warlords of the Sea, Three Sweet Commanders, and Beasts Pirates… 

As he was thinking, the system once again beeped, “Since it was your first time to start this system, you could get a chance to draw Ninjutsu.”

Leiyin brightened up and rubbed his hands in excitement, “Okay, let’s start extracting now.” 

The next sentence almost made Leiyin smash the system.

The system: “You could draw, but it required a payment of 1 million Belly.”

Damn it, was it a trap? Not to mention 1 million!

Leiyin didn’t even have 100 Belly.

Is it a cruel joke?

Leiyin said, “This is my first contact with the system. Can’t I just draw for free?” 

In the real world, the first time people played online games, there were newbie packs. Was this system a trap right from the start?

Unexpectedly, the system said in a solemn tone, “How much money do you have?”

Leiyin said, “10 Belly.” 

“Okay, I’ll let you draw once for 10 Belly. Doesn’t this make me look so kind?”

Leiyin had a black line in his head and thought, ‘Wasn’t it a million? Even at a discount, it won’t be ten Belly, right? Also, this system was actually joking and said something witty.’ 

No matter what, people under the eaves had to bow.

In Leiyin’s current situation, what he needed most was strength. Besides, with ten Belly, he could get Ninjutsu, which was worth every penny. 

As soon as he took it out, the bailey disappeared from his hands.

Then, three cards appeared on the ground in front of Leiyin. Each card had the word “Shinobu” written on the back, and all of them shone with a dazzling golden light. This golden light illuminated the originally dark lower cabin.

The system said, “Since this is the first time you draw Ninjutsu cards, the system gives you a discount. These three cards may contain Ninjutsu from E to S rank, so please choose…”

Upon hearing this, Leiyin’s excited heart almost jumped to his throat, and his hand slowly reached out to one of the cards.

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