Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 46


When it was time for free training, Leiyin and Ain saw a male student walking toward a female trainee at the training field. He got down on one knee and held a bouquet of roses in his mouth.

“Since the first time I saw you, I was deeply attracted by your beauty. So, Hina, please accept my love.”

The female student who got confessed was Hina, and the male student who confessed was… Fullbody.

He was named [Double Ironfist] because he wore an iron ring on his hands. He served as a Marine Lieutenant and was severely beaten by Sanji for spoiling food in a seafood restaurant in the East Blue, which brought shame to the marine.

‘I didn’t expect this guy to start liking Hina so early on.’ Leiyin thought to himself. 

In response to Fullbody’s confession, Hina was sarcastic. She snatched the rose from Fullbody’s hand and broke it mercilessly, “Please don’t play such silly tricks in the future. The meaning of my words must have been clearly expressed. Could it be that you don’t understand human words?”

After saying that, Hina walked away.

In contrast, the crowd of trainees laughed.

“Kid, you still won’t give up.”

“No wonder. She is a superhuman with [Ori Ori no Mi] Devil Fruit ability and is already a Captain trainee right now. When she graduates, she will be a Captain. Besides, she is pretty, so she has an unlimited future. You’re only a Petty Officer, so save it.”

“That’s right.”

In response to the crowd’s sarcasm, Fullbody was taciturn. He stood up and patted the dust on his knees, “What do you know, huh? I’m much better than those of you who like her but don’t dare to say it. No matter what anyone else says, I will never give up my pursuit of Hina!”

He then walked away in a dashing manner.

When Leiyin saw this scene, he secretly thought to himself: This guy… He was quite thick-skinned.

Leiyin then looked up at the blue sky and white clouds, feeling very comfortable.

Here, not only can I silently improve my strength, but I can also enjoy my incomparably beautiful youth.

When she saw Fullbody’s distant back, Ain, sitting next to Leiyin, covered her mouth, and laughed.


Ain said, “Fullbody is really interesting. He’s been rejected 46 times, and he’s still so persistent.”

Leiyin responded, “Well, he’s pretty stubborn..”

“Anyway, you’re also a superhuman, right?” Leiyin then asked.

“Well? How do you know that?” Ain was puzzled.

Leiyin scratched his head, “Oh, well… I guessed it.”

Ain smiled sweetly and stretched out her right hand. A pink flame similar to ghost fire appeared on her palm, and she aimed at a small sapling, “MODO MODO SHOT!”

Ain sighed delicately, and the pink flame suddenly launched out and hit the sapling. In a split second, the small sapling disappeared.

“Oh, is this?!” Leiyin’s face was all a bit surprised.

Ain withdrew the flame in her hand, “This is my ability, called [Modo Modo Shot]. Anything that is hit will go backward by twelve years. That little sapling just now has a life span of less than twelve years, so if it is hit, it will just disappear.”

“It’s a compelling ability. If it were a ranking examination, I would definitely not be a match for you.” Leiyin said modestly.

Ain’s pretty face turned red, “Not really, but, that… If anything happens, I’ll protect you.”

Huh? Was this something a girl should say to a boy?

However, this wasn’t Ain’s fault. Leiyin was a bit thin and frail, looking like the type of person who couldn’t help himself.

He was also an unprecedented Chief Petty Officer, which naturally made people feel like he was underprivileged.

Leiyin was dumbfounded. He had been wholly underestimated.


Unknowingly, the afternoon training was over. As promised, Leiyin and Very Good dueled in the open field next to training field number six.

Both of them showed up as scheduled.

Very Good said, “I didn’t expect that you were not afraid of death. You actually dared to come.”

Leiyin laughed disdainfully, “That’s something I should be the one to say to you.”

Hmph, such an ungrateful guy. I’ve already warned you in the morning, but you’re still sticking and tangling with Ain. It really upsets me! Today, I will beat you so hard that your mother won’t even recognize you!”

“Cut the crap. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Hmph, arrogant kid who doesn’t know how to live!” With that, Very Good, unceremoniously rushed up, “ROKUSHIKI – RANKYAKU!”

With the impulse’s help, Very Good lifted his foot and sent out a direct blue zap, which Leiyin easily dodged with his foot on the ground.

Not only was Very Good had the Devil Fruit ability, but he was also proficient in the [Rokushiki].

So what?

With a cyclone gathering in his hand, Leiyin’s ninjutsu was about to emerge quietly.


Not far away ran the figure of a girl. When the two looked, the girl was Ain.

When they stopped, Ain ran between them and asked, “Leiyin, what are you doing?”

Leiyin didn’t say anything, but Very Good spoke, “Don’t worry, Sister Ain, we just have some problems with each other, so we’re here to end it!”

Ain snapped at Leiyin, “Leiyin, you’ve only just arrived, and was only a Chief Petty Officer. How can you mess around with people who have Devil Fruit ability?”

You’re just a Chief Petty Officer; you’re no match for Very Good, so don’t fight.

However, Very Good ignored all this. He went around Ain and attacked Leiyin again, “BERRY PUNCH!”

In the next moment, Very Good’s fist came out of his arm and struck straight at Leiyin.

This was his superhuman [Beri Beri no Mi] Devil Fruit ability. With this ability, his entire body could turn into spherical particles to initiate or dodge attacks.

However, this ability was somewhat similar to [Joker] Buggy’s [Bara Bara no Mi].

When Leiyin saw the spherical fist coming, he didn’t expect Ain to step forward and grab the fist at once.


“Ain, you…”

Ain turned to Leiyin, “I told you I would protect you.”


Although I knew she had good intentions, there was a limit to how much she could underestimate people, right? If I couldn’t defeat him, how would I ever succeed in the sea?


Leiyin disappeared faster than their eyes could catch it.

When he appeared in front of Very Good’s eyes, Leiyin’s knee had hit him in the stomach. Very Good’s was in the air and then knocked back to the ground.

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