Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 62


After two weeks of competition, the final battle had finally arrived.

Leiyin vs. Drake.

The pinnacle of the battle. This battle would show the strongest trainee of Marine Academy.

On the field, there was only one match left.

Outside the field, there was a sea of people. Not only the Marine Academy trainees but even the marine of the Marine Headquarters, which brought quite a few onlookers.

On the platform, the marine’s high-ranking officers and admirals were almost all present.

The center’s main position was the highest rank of the Marine Headquarters, the Fleet Admiral [Sengoku] the Buddha; the three Admiral on the left and right, Vice Admiral Garp, Vice-Admiral Momonga, Vice Admiral Onigumo, Vice Admiral Yamakaji, Rea Admiral Gion, and so on.

The lineup could be described as luxurious.

This could also determine the importance of this match for the high-ranking marine.

Not only that, many male trainees even bet on Drake and Leiyin’s victory or loss with belly.

“I’ll bet 5000 belly on Drake’s victory.”

“I’ll bet 20,000 on Drake.”

“I’ll bet 50,000 belly on Drake too!”

“I’ll… I’ll bet 1000 belly on that Chief Petty Officer.”

Although everyone acknowledged Leiyin’s great strength, they didn’t think that Leiyin could beat Drake.

Who was Drake? He was a person with Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit ability, the winner of several consecutive championships.

He almost didn’t use his Devil Fruit ability to win the competition in the past, so he was extremely strong.

As for Leiyin, he was just a “rising star in the eyes of the people.”

How could a new recruit compete with a veteran?

So, most of the trainees placed their bets on Drake’s side.


On the field, Drake and Leiyin stood opposite each other.

Drake had a four-bladed axe and a sword at his waist. He was like a medieval American swordsman. While Leiyin, with his Kusanagi Sword on his back.

The rank examination stated that weapons could be worn during the match.

This was the first time that Leiyin carried a Kusanagi Sword during the match. Drake was still slightly causing Leiyin to pay some attention.

The atmosphere inside the arena was tense, while the outside was silent.


As the referee gave an order, Drake narrowed his eyes and quickly attacked. Leiyin didn’t show any weakness and welcomed the attack.

The two fought a dozen rounds with equal speed and power, and the battle was a draw.

This round was considered a test attack to make a judgment for the next attack.

Leiyin daily practice was not only ninjutsu. To strengthen his physical attack, he also worked hard to train his body strength.

Initially, his body had more than tens of times energy (amount of chakra) than ordinary people; combined with physical exercise, Leiyin’s body’s strength could be said to have grown exponentially.

As for Drake, not only has he had Zoan Devil Fruit ability, but it was an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit.

Zoan Devil Fruit users would have had superhuman physical strength and recovery ability, so Drake’s physical strength was self-evident.

After just the fist and foot attack, Drake judged that if he kept using physical skills, the two might have to engage in a protracted battle.

In previous matches, Drake could beat his opponent almost to pieces with physical strength, which was unbeatable.

Therefore, the strength showed by Leiyin just now made Drake pay slightly more attention to him.

Hence, Drake’s eyes changed, and he drew the sword at his waist.

“Well, if the physical strength isn’t good enough to win or lose, then let’s use the sword to talk.”

“Use a sword?”

At that, Leiyin also slowly drew the Kusanagi Sword behind him.


It was Drake who took the lead in attacking. He poked his sword in the void, and a pile of white light swords similar to dragon scales came at Leiyin like rain.

Drake’s moves were great. It seemed like he wanted to split the victory quickly. The many small sword waves he sent out simply made it impossible to avoid.

Was it really impossible to dodge?

Leiyin put the Kusanagi Sword’s hilt in his mouth; his hands quickly flipped and formed a seal.

He pressed his hands to the ground, and a massive wall of earth appeared in the ring of the competition.


The flying sword energy just hit the earth wall like a hornet’s nest and didn’t pierce through it.

“That… what is that?”

“Is it some magic spell?”

Seeing the earth wall rising from the ground, the trainees were stunned.

Drake was first to be stunned. He then swung his sword, drawing a cross sword energy in the void, and shout out, “ALLOSAURUS CROSS CHOP!”

The [Cross Chop] struck the earth wall and instantly crumbled it.

When the two men saw each other again, Drake’s eyes showed a serious battle intent, and his sword emitted a faint white light.


Drake’s sword swung fiercely. Like a swimming dragon, a sword wave tore the ring apart with a bang, whistling towards Leiyin.

The air rushed through the sky!

Looking at the powerful sword wave that came straight at him, as if to cut everything in front of him in two, Leiyin’s face didn’t have the slightest fear.

Instead, he similarly waved his sword and sent out a blue sword wave, welcoming the sword wave with a sudden motion.


The two sword waves came at each other with the same powerful impact.

“This… What kind of power is this?

“As expected of a finalist.”

“Such a duel is simply not something we can participate in.”

Looking at the fantastic battle on the field, most of the trainees could only sigh in disbelief.

The white and blue energy, roaming the ground like a dragon. It cut the ring in two and then collided together with the violent sound of an explosion.


On the ring, one person had shaken back five or six steps by the force of this impact, while the other was solid.

The one who was jolted back was Drake, and the one who stayed still was Leiyin!

“How… how is it possible?!”

“Drake was actually shaken back by that Chief Petty Officer?!”

Outside the field, the trainees let out shrieks of surprise one after another.

The fact that Drake was shaken back meant that Leiyin’s sword energy was slightly stronger than his. In that case, it was really unknown who would be defeated!

The topic of conversation shifted.


A day later.

On the empty island 10,000 meters above the sea, a sturdy mountain-like figure with two bull horns on his head was standing at the edge of the clouds, looking down.

Not far away, Urouge (with a pair of wings, a man from sky island, and the Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates, later on, he would become one of the eleven supernovas) asked the huge figure, “What are you doing?”

Urouge’s crew said, “Don’t mind him, Mad Monk.”

Another Urouge’s crew had a serious look on his face, “That guy is not a good guy.”

Mad Monk said, “This is 10,000 meters above the ground.”

The huge man didn’t seem to hear Urouge’s words. He was stolidly looking down with his crimson cloak fluttering in the wind.

This man was looking for a burial place.

Urouge said, “If you want it to come true, I will not stop you.”

The man with a huge body, who didn’t even bother with Urouge, resolutely jumped from a height of 10,000 meters.

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