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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 74


She was the [Pirate Empress] Boa Hancock, the Snake Princess of Amazon Lily, and the Kuja Pirates’ Captain. She was also the only female Warlord of the Sea with [Mero Mero no Mi] Devil Fruit ability and had a bounty of 80 million belly.

At this time, Boa Hancock wasn’t yet one of the Warlord of the Sea.

Leiyin didn’t expect that he would meet the Pirate Empress here. After all, this is the Calm Belt. If he wasn’t wrong, the legendary [Amazon Lily] should be in this vicinity.

Not only many men on the warship, but even Leiyin’s gaze couldn’t leave the Pirate Empress.

“What are these stinky men looking at.”

“That’s right. They look like they haven’t seen a woman.”

“Cut the crap. I think that female pirate on the bow is very average looking.”

Those who said these words were female marines and female trainees. Of course, once you heard their tone, you knew what they were thinking.

Upon looking at Leiyin’s gaze next to her, which moved with the Pirate Empress, Verdan felt very uncomfortable, “Hey, what are you looking at.”

Leiyin said, “The woman on the bow. She seems to be very different.”

Verdan beamed, “Hmph, stop pretending; you must think the person looks pretty, right? Be careful; your eyes are falling in the sea.”

Even when Leiyin didn’t say it, he wondered again. After seeing the Pirate Empress, Verdan wasn’t the prettiest girl he’d ever seen.

On the warship, a marine Lieutenant Commander, said to Garp, “Vice Admiral, the opponent has a bounty of 80 million belly. We should capture them and return them to justice.”

Garp, on the other hand, clapped his hands to his chest and shook his head, “Our mission this time is to let these kids and have a smooth battle examination, not to round up pirates.”

The Lieutenant Commander said, “Yes, I understand.”

This Lieutenant Commander also knew very well that the warship going to Animo Island wouldn’t go halfway to round up the pirates; he just wanted to capture the Pirate Empress and get a glimpse of her face up close.

The Kuja Pirates ship was gradually moving away under the marine’s eyes and finally disappeared under the sight of the people.

Many men were looking at the disappearing pirate ship with an unfulfilled expression.

“Guys, none of them are good.” A marine girl lamented.

With the Kuja Pirates moving away, Leiyin’s heart once again returned to peace. He always felt that he would meet with the Kuja Pirates again..


After some minor storms on the way, the warship finally arrived at its destination – Animo Island.

As soon as they got off the warship, everyone felt refreshed. The trees were dense, the air was fresh, and the place was far from the city’s hustle and bustle. The environment was all-natural.

When they arrived at the location, the marine was busy.

In the warship’s operations room, the monitor screen was opened, and almost the entire island’s image popped up on the screen.

Garp had a kind smile as he said, “Previously, the rules have been introduced. Now, start your adventure. However, safety first. In case of danger, immediately pull the flare in your hands; we will immediately go to the rescue. Kids, good luck.”

Vice Admiral Garp, you were a good man.

After Garp finished speaking, the trainees set off individually toward the island.


Half an hour later, in the warship monitoring room.

A Warrant Officer finished his work and came to report, “Report to Vice Admiral Momonga and Vice Admiral Garp, all areas of the island are within the Den Den Mushi monitoring range, please instruct.”

Garp said, “Well, that’s good.”

Momonga said, “Well done. You go down first.”


Garp, Momonga, Gion, and some other Admiral were sitting in front of the monitor to watch the trainees’ performance.

Momonga said to Garp, who was eating senbei, “Mr. Garp, based on past performance, Leiyin should also be able to get the most excellent result this time and hunt for the highest-ranked monsters.”

Garp then smiled, “Well, if he doesn’t encounter the [Sleeping King Kong], I think he shouldn’t have any problems.”

Momonga smiled at that and pointed to the [Sleeping King Kong] on the top of the eastern mountain on the screen, “This is that guy’s sleeping season, so the trainees won’t be in any great danger.”

“Haha, that’s true.”

Gion sat in front of the screen, looking at Leiyin, thinking.


On Animo Island, the trainees were marching cautiously with all kinds of weapons in their hands. Unlike them, Leiyin was walking recklessly in the forest with [Sword of Kusanagi] on his back.

Hina didn’t know when it happened, but she and Lei Yin walked together.

“Hey, I think you walk a little slower. Okay, now you’re walking so fast. I wonder what kind of monster will eat you!” Hina chirped at Leiyin, who was walking in front.

Leiyin smiled and turned slightly sideways, “You have a Devil Fruit ability; how can you be such a wimp?”

Hina smiled and immediately caught up with Leiyin’s footsteps. She then stood side by side with him, “What are you talking about? What’s wrong with me? You don’t know how to be careful because you’ve got a big head.”

Leiyin heard the words and sighed helplessly, “Well then, you can continue what you’re up to. I have to hurry to look for prey.”

With that, Leiyin continued to walk forward quickly.

Hina said behind him, “Hey, you….”

Suddenly, Hina’s eyes twinkled, and a plan came to mind, “Ouch…”

Hearing a groan from Hina, Leiyin once again turned around to look at her, “What happened to you again?”

Hina sat on the ground, covering her slender jade foot. She had a somewhat painful expression and said to Leiyin like a little girl, “I sprained my foot. Can you come and carry me?”

Previously, Hina might have been stimulated by her best friend’s words; she saw Verdan so active every time she met Leiyin. Her heart was very afraid of losing the opportunity. She was afraid that Verdan snatched away Leiyin.

Therefore, she changed her previous high and cold posture and tried hard to get the chance.

Leiyin had a dumbfounded look, “Carry…carry you?!”

On the other hand, Hina looked innocent.

“That’s right, I can’t walk with this condition. If so, I will be eaten by the beast.”

Leiyin didn’t know if this girl was real or pretending. However, at that moment, not far away, came a seeping howl, startling Leiyin, and Hina.

Suddenly, a wolf with a grey-black body length of nearly two meters scampered out from nowhere, staring intently at the two people. Its two eyes were seemingly bubbling with a green light.

The name of this monster was the Iron-Backed Wolf. Its Danger Level was 28. As the name implies, it has a hardness close to the back of steel, and its attack power couldn’t be underestimated.

Hina froze a moment when she saw the situation and then stood from the ground. When Leiyin see this, he couldn’t help but feel amused, “Hey, why are your feet getting better so fast?”

Hina said, “Hey, are you crazy? How can you still have the heart to joke here.”

As soon as Hina’s words fell, the Iron-Backed Wolf pounced on her indiscriminately.

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