Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 86


When Ace saw them reveal their hideous intentions, of course, he was not polite.

His feet slammed the ground, jumped up tens of meters high, and then bellowed, “HIKEN!”

In a flash, his right hand burst into a blazing flame, which blossomed in the air, turning into the shape of a vast crimson fist, and then launched itself brazenly at BW’s ship!

The red flames lit up the sky and crashed into BW’s ship like a dragon of fire with blazing heat.

The hulls of the ships, which were hit by the fire, instantly burst into flames.

The three BW ships burned like three giant torches. The wailing and screaming on the ships were incessant, and many of the crew members jumped overboard to survive.

Hina and all the marine looked dumbfounded; their jaws dropped in shock on the warship.

“Mera mera no mi…”

“Is this the strength of 260 million bounty pirate?”

“How frightening…”

Leiyin had expected such a result.

From the very beginning, he knew that the BW guys were nothing.

Upon seeing this, Leiyin finally took action and gave an order. He called an Ensign over, “You go gather some soldiers who are good at the water, and catch all those BW guys who fall into the water!”

The Ensign said, “Yes, sir!”

Hina said, “What about Ace?”

“I’ll deal with him myself.” Leiyin squeezed her fist and said.

Hina smiled with a trace of doubt flashed across her pretty face.

Even if Leiyin was very strong and had fought all over the Marine Academy, but this time he was facing a notorious pirate with a bounty of more than 200 million belly, which also had a Logia Devil Fruit ability.

“You must be careful.” Hina worried.

Hina hadn’t master Busoshoku Haki, and she knew she couldn’t hurt Ace. So, it had to be Leiyin.


More than 200 soldiers who were good in water all went down to the sea to capture the BW crew, while Leiyin ordered the remaining soldiers to shoot at Ace.

The bullets whistled past Ace like raindrops; some of them hit Ace’s body and pierced his body.

However, what they pierced through was just a layer of flame.

The soldiers simply didn’t know how to attached Busoshoku Haki to the bullets, so that they just wanted to attract Ace’s attention to it.

However, Ace wouldn’t allow the marine to be reckless.

His right fist once again turned into a blazing fire. Like the same situation earlier, the fire fist was mixed with terrifying high-temperature heat, launched towards the warship.

Many marines who saw this were scared out of their wits.

Just now, they had seen the power of Ace’s [Hiken] that burned up three ships instantly. If this horrible flame came again, would it be a repeat?

Seeing the Hiken coming, Leiyin stood on the prow of the ship. His hands were flying up and down to make a seal.


After the words, a grand waterfall like a curtain, weeping down. The [Hiken] smashed, and hit the waterfall, “revealed” a vast water vapor.

“We… got saved…”

The marine soldiers were grateful to be saved, but at the same time, they were also sighing at Leiyin’s unknown “magic.”

Even Ace was a little surprised, This marine, was this the ability of the water fruit?


Ace thought, and his two arms turned into two bright and blinding flame lances. The next moment, he jumped up from the ship, and the two flames gushed out while sweeping together, forming a larger flame towards the warship.

When Leiyin saw this, his hands formed a seal again, and ninjutsu was suddenly issued.


The [Kagero] and [Great Fireball] were like two fire dragons, sweeping up a high-temperature wave on the sea.

When they collided together, they caused a huge roar on the sea, and while splashing huge water, a huge water vapor appeared on the sea.

If the Water Release technique just now surprised Ace, the Fire Release made him shocked.

How could he have the ability of two natural elements? It seemed that this marine was not an idle person.

With this in mind, Ace jumped into the air again.

His body spinning at high speed, surrounded by magnificent flames, followed by a bang on the head as he came straight at Leiyin’s warship, “INFERNO RING – PILLAR OF FIRE!


After spinning at high speed, Ace concentrated the high-heat flame on his hands. As his arms swung down hard, a bright and blinding pillar of fire fell from the sky.



Even before the pillar of fire reached the warship, the marine already felt the high heat and thought their lives were in danger.

Hina was still considered brave; she stood still on the ship’s bow, crossed her arms in front of her chest, and made a Black Cage barrier to defend against Ace’s attack.

A minute ago, when Ace put up this stance, Leiyin knew that Ace would use [Hibashira].

This move, [Hibashira], was Ace’s [Mera Mera no Mi] ability second only to the [Dai Enkai – Entei] move. It seemed that this Captain Kid had really caught Ace’s attention.

So what?

When Leiyin saw this, he already had a response in mind. He formed a seal with both hands, and a vast water dragon suddenly rose from the initially calm sea.


The water dragon roared and shouted. With the momentum of the sea, it roared directly at the [Hibashira]!

The water dragon and the Hibashira mingled together, and a huge roar sounded above the warship. With it, a large steaming white mist was formed, and at this point, even Hina was so scared that she covered her ears.

“Such a battle; it is like a dream!”

It was unknown who issued such wonder, but the water dragon was on top of the Hibashira and quietly extinguished it. The remaining water waves hit Ace’s body directly, and Ace simply could not resist and fell directly into the sea.

Upon seeing this, Leiyin also immediately jumped into the sea and caught Ace on the warship.

An Ensign came over, took the Seastone Cuffs, and put them on Ace without mercy. He then put him in prison in the basement.

How could the famous [Fire Fist] Ace, who had a bounty of 260 million, be defeated by Leiyin like this?

The soldiers on the warship looked at Leiyin as if they saw the God of War was approaching.


At this time, not only was Ace captured, just now, Leiyin ordered, the crew of the BW, who fell into the water, was also sent to the marine. So, it was a large number of captives.

An Ensign said, “Report Captain, the total number of captives was 128 people. What should we do?”

Leiyin said, “Interrogate them one by one, record the detailed confessions, and make sure to find out their identities and their direct leaders, as well as their masterminds!”

“As you command!”

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