Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 90


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Although she was wearing very little, the rabbit ‘girl’ still covered her ‘breasts’ and thighs with her hands from time to time.

Leiyin carefully recalled, and suddenly, he realized in a flash what these six words were.

The fat man had the ability!

When he thought of this, Leiyin could not help but look at Fante, who was full of complacency, and then looked at the rabbit ‘girl’.

‘Should I believe her words or not?’

Could it be that the fat man was Crocodile’s trustee? Did he and the rabbit ‘girl’ work together to trick them?

After thinking about it for a while, Leiyin realized that his thoughts were redundant.

He should choose to believe the rabbit ‘girl,’ even if she were lying to him.

Since he had enough confidence in his strength, wouldn’t he come here to draw out that person?

While Leiyin was thinking, Fante won all the money on the table again.

It was time to make a move!

When the cards were being dealt, Leiyin suddenly shot up and pointed at Fante’s nose and said, “Don’t play, for now, you won’t win for sure, because this guy is cheating!”


The rich people at the gambling table heard the words, and their eyes gathered on Fante.

The fat man Fante was stunned at first and then smiled lightly, “Young man, speak with a conscience. If you say I cheated, then do you have any evidence?”

At this time, the rabbit ‘girl’ gave Leiyin a ‘wink,’ that meant, Please believe me.

Leiyin turned his head to Fante and justified, “After my observation in these rounds, this guy had a Devil Fruit ability!”


“That can’t be right?”

“We actually have someone with Devil Fruit ability among us?”

A person with Devil Fruit ability, especially a person with Devil Fruit’s ability suitable for gambling, had a significant advantage over the regular people.

If the crowd knew about it, they would naturally not agree to play because a person with the Devil Fruit ability suitable for gambling was considered cheating.

The rich and powerful looked at each other without knowing what to do.

Robin elegantly walked towards Leiyin.

She smiled and said, “Gentleman, did you say that gentleman has the Devil Fruit ability? What kind of evidence do you have?”

“That’s right; you must show proof. If you can’t show that I have Devil Fruit ability, it will make you look bad!” Fante growled.

At this moment, a ‘treacherous‘ smile gradually appeared on Leiyin’s face, “I do have a good suggestion to prove this; I just don’t know if everyone can accept it.”

“Say it, kid.”

“As long as we can show that this guy is using his ability to cheat, we are willing to cooperate…”

Leiyin smiled and said to Robin, “Very well, to be fair, please go and fetch eight Seastone bracelets, and we all wear them.”

Once Robin heard this, her beautiful eyes flashed, “Well, that’s a good idea. Everyone, please wait for a moment; I’ll go get it.”

The rabbit ‘girl’ also looked at Leiyin with an inconspicuous smile showing on her face, as if she was complimenting the man’s wit.

Robin turned around and walked towards the inner hall.


At this point, Fante seemed to look anxious as he shouted, “Hey, what’s wrong with all of you? Why do you believe the words of a ‘nippy’ kid?”

The tall, thin man said, “We need to know whether you have the Devil Fruit ability or not.”

The ‘fat’ woman said, “That’s right. If you really have the Devil Fruit ability, we won’t let you off easily.”

While Fante and the crowd were fighting against each other, Robin came out of the inner hall dragging eight pitch-black bracelets on a tray.

She put them on the table and said to the crowd, “Everyone, please.”

To avoid suspicion, the rich and powerful people put on their bracelets one after another.

Leiyin had a calm face, while Fante was covered in a cold sweat and still had not moved.

“What’s wrong, Sir? Are you not feeling well?” Robin asked, “concernly“.

At this time, Fante finally couldn’t control his emotions, also shot up, “Yes, I have a Devil Fruit ability. There is no rule here that someone with Devil Fruit ability can’t gamble!

It seemed that the ‘girl’ did not lie to him.

The rabbit ‘girl’ also smiled sweetly at him, which made Leiyin’s heart swell.

Robin crossed one hand on her slender waist, elegantly winks, “Sir, although we have not said that people with Devil Fruit ability are not allowed to gamble, we clearly prohibit any cheating behavior.”

“If your ability is of great benefit to gambling, then it is also equivalent to cheating. If you are a person with a combat type of Devil Fruit ability, we will not pursue it. So may I ask what kind of Devil Fruit ability you are?”

When Robin finished these words, all the people were staring at Fante. Fante’s’ fat’ face couldn’t stop the sweat from flowing down.

“I am a superhuman with ‘Ishi Ishi no Mi Devil Fruit’ ability. It’s a Paramecia type….”


Before Fante could finish, the rabbit ‘girl’ shouted in a loud and delicate voice. At this moment, the crowd’s eyes were focused on her again.

“Stinky bitch! Shut your mouth!” Fante shouted and stopped.

What was going on?

Did these two people know each other?

Robin said, “You guys…”

Rabbit ‘girl’ tone turned a little anxious, “He has Omoi Omoi no Mi Devil Fruit ability!”

“Omoi Omoi no Mi Devil Fruit?!”

“Does that mean you guys knew each other before?”

The rabbit ‘girl’ nodded slightly at his words, “He was originally a family servant of the Vinsmoke Family from the North Blue. He left the family to make his ‘way’ and came to the Grand Line. On an uninhabited island, he formed a small pirate group. This island is located more than 100 kilometers away from the east side of Jaya Island.”

Robin said, “Why do you know him so well?”

The rabbit ‘girl’ sniffed. Her eyes ‘reveal’ a sad expression, “I was originally an ordinary resident on the Grand Line. This guy did some burning, killing, and looting activities in our village and almost destroyed it. He took all the young ‘girls’ to his island, and I was one of them. He imprisoned me for three days in total, and one night two of the guards chatted drunkenly and inadvertently told a series of backgrounds about him. On the fourth day, I sneaked out when they weren’t looking.”

When Fante heard these words, he was already angry, and his face was ‘blue,’ “Stinking bitch, I really regret that I didn’t ‘put’ you to death!”

“So, is all this true?”


Suddenly, a scream came into the crowd’s ears, and when the crowd looked, it turned out to be from the ‘fat’ rich woman who had just lost the most money.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the ‘fat’ woman covering her whole body and hiding under the table with a trembling tone, “This… this guy has the penetrate ability, he can see…”

Only then did the crowd react.

“No wonder he was able to win so much money.”

“What a disgusting ability.”

Robin ‘crossed’ her arms in front of her ‘chest’ as if to attack, “Sir, if that’s the case, you are cheating, and we can’t pretend that nothing happened.”

What would they do with the fat man?

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