Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 92


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“Waiting for me? Who the hell are you?” Crocodile looked puzzled.

Leiyin then said indifferently, “Thank you for sending people to follow me for such a long time.”

Crocodile looked closely before it dawned on him, “You… you’re that kid, Captain?!”

“What an honor, Mr. Seven Warlords of the Sea actually recognized me.”

It turned out that Leiyin had planned this long ago.

Earlier, he was deliberately looking for trouble, revealing that Fante had a Devil Fruit ability.

He provoked Fante to draw out Crocodile. Even if there were no Fante, he would find other things to draw out Crocodile.

However, what Leiyin did not expect was that this Fante had some involvement with the Vinsmoke Family.

When Crocodile saw Leiyin, his face gradually became gloomy. He then said to Robin and Alice, “You two go out first. I have something to talk with this marine kid.”

The two women smiled and walked out of the VIP room. When they left, Alice took a glance at Leiyin.

After they left, Crocodile then said, “Hey, did that old man Cobra (King of Alabasta) told you to come?”

Leiyin shrugged carelessly, “I was just following orders.”

Crocodile laughed, “Haha, you should know a thing or two about my ability because you dare to come to my territory without a single soldier, just by yourself.”

Leiyin did not say anything.

Crocodile then said, “Speaking of which, those senior agents of mine are really scraps. They actually did not catch you and let you run to me.”

Leiyin suddenly smiled, “They didn’t fail to catch me, but I finished them all off.”

At that, Crocodile was stunned and then laughed, “You do not know how to live. Not only arrogant but you are also full of fantasy. You are just a marine Captain; I’m not sure how much you can do when the four of them have Devil Fruit abilities.”

After hearing this, Leiyin did not talk to him anymore. He directly formed a seal with both hands, and a vast earth dragon rose flat.


With that, Leiyin’s right index finger waved, and the earth dragon opened its earth-brown mouth, causing a thousand mud bombs to come toward Crocodile like fierce wind and rain.

Crocodile did not rush, let the earth dragon spit out the mud bombs that pass through his body, and penetrate the sand layer.

It didn’t hurt Crocodile because Leiyin did not attach chakra to the mud bomb.

“Boy, I can’t believe you have Devil Fruit ability too.” Crocodile said, quickly ran under the earth dragon. He put his hand on the earth dragon and lightly shouted, “DESERT ENCIERRO!”

The water in the earth dragon was quickly drained in a flash, and the earth dragon quickly disintegrated until the sand dissipated.

This was one of the abilities of the Suna Suna no Mi Logia Devil Fruit.

Although Crocodile instantly disintegrated the earth dragon, Leiyin still landed firmly on the ground.

Hardly gave Leiyin time to react, when Leiyin just landed on the ground, Crocodile’s right arm had already sanded and changed into the shape of a sand blade. He then threw it violently to the ground.


Instantly, a sand wave like a sword cut the ground.

This sand wave showed a purple lightning-like thing, spreading straight to Leiyin, who used the instantaneous technique [Flying Thunder God Slash] to avoid it, when it nearly got cut him.

The door of the VIP room opened while the two were in the middle of a fierce battle.

“Alice, didn’t I tell you to go out? What are you doing back here?” Crocodile said.

So it was Alice who came back.

Alice put her right hand behind her back, “Mr. Crocodile, I’m here to help you.”

Crocodile lightly said, “Help me? Sorry, you are not needed here. Go out quickly. If you got killed by mistake later, don’t blame me.”

“I know his weakness.” Alice glanced at Leiyin said.

Crocodile said, “Is that so?”

“This woman, it turns out, she is a loyal partisan of Crocodile and wants to unite with him against me. However, did she said weakness? Even I don’t know what’s my weaknesses are.”

Leiyin secretly thought.

Alice gradually walked to Crocodile’s body. Suddenly, her hand, which was initially behind her back, reached out and poured a bottle of water on Crocodile’s body.

Such a move, even Leiyin was a little surprised.

It turned out that Alice just went out to prepare a bottle of water. She helped Leiyin because after Crocodile had come into contact with the water, his entity could be reached.

Why did she help me?

She poured the water on Crocodile face, which has become iron blue, “Damn woman, you seek death!” With that, a small tornado appeared in Crocodile’s hand, “SABLES PESADO!”

In a flash, that small tornado was thrown on the ground, turning into a sandstorm tornado as high as a man, hurtling toward Alice.

Leiyin used the Flying Thunder God Slash to disappear in place, picked up Alice, and once again escaped the range of Crocodile’s attack.

“Thank… thank you…” Alice said in Leiyin’s arms with some embarrassment.

Leiyin put Alice on the ground, “Why are you doing this?”

Alice and Leiyin did not know each other before.

They only worked together in the eight rich gambling “pokies” when Alice gave him a signal to uncover Fante’s penetrating ability. Now, despite the danger to herself, she poured water over Crocodile.

“Nothing. It’s just my intuition to help you. You are very much like my dead brother.” Alice said gently.

“Well… well, let’s talk about this later. The opponent is the Seven Warlords of the Sea; it’s not trivial. So, hurry up and leave…”

“YOU PAIR OF DOGS!” Before Leiyin finished, Crocodile cursed loudly.

His right arm turned into the sand again and threw it to the ground. The sand wave-like purple lightning came towards Leiyin and Alice again. Leiyin held Alice and then used the [Flying Thunder God Slash] to avoid it.

After putting Alice down, Leiyin said, “Now, you hurry up and go…”

“Okay… Wooah!”

In that split second, the golden hook in Crocodiles left hand came off and quickly stabbed Alice’s right rib cage.

“ALICE!” Leiyin shouted.

Alice, who was stabbed, gradually fainted, and a trace of blood spilled out of the corner of her mouth.

It turned out that Crocodile had a black heart and poisonous hands, which coated the hook with poison. The original stab wound was not a big deal, but the poison would spread rapidly.

“Damn it,” Leiyin said fiercely. He put Alice in a safe place, then turned around and stared at Crocodile.

His face had become very ugly.

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