Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 95


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Marine Headquarters, the Fleet Admiral’s office.

“I didn’t expect that this kid, Leiyin, is quite righteous.” Sengoku said.

Garp took a sip of his tea and said, “What’s wrong?”

Sengoku continued, “This kid said in the report that the credit is mainly attributed to Lieutenant Hina and Ensign Clavin, and he only made a small effort.”

“This kid! His tone is quite humble.”

“I think he will definitely become an outstanding Admiral in the future.”


Grand Line, the warship, was on its way back to the Marine Headquarters. 

Hina had just woken up nearly half an hour after Leiyin sent the report to the headquarters because last night she had been drinking a lot. She sat up alone in her bed, wearing a ragged dress (she didn’t have time to take it off last night). She found that cups and plates on the table where she had eaten yesterday had been cleaned up and replaced with new ones.

Hina rubbed her sleepy eyes, straightened her clothes, and walked out of the Vice Captain’s room.

When she walked up to Leiyin, who was sweating like rain lifting hundreds of pounds of barbells for exercise, Hina said bluntly, “What happened last night? I feel a little disconnected.”

Leiyin head did not turn over Hina’s side but continued to exercise, “Last night you were drunk, and I put you in bed…”

“Did you do bad things to me?” Hina suddenly shouted.

Leiyin was also stunned by Hina, who suddenly raised her voice by three tones. Several hundred pounds of barbell fell on the deck, smashing the deck out into a large pit, “What are you talking about? I put you in bed, cleaning up the dining table, and then I left.”

Oh, so you didn’t do anything.”

Hina’s eyes seemed to be a little disappointed. She thought, ‘What a stubborn deadwood. He had a good opportunity last night, but he didn’t know how to cherish it…’


Unknowingly, the warship had arrived at the Marine Headquarters. As soon as they reached the pier of Marineford, they saw two old men leading some soldiers in a neat line to greet them.

Leiyin and others, who had landed, walked off the warship. When they saw such a scene, Hina couldn’t help but feel a little flattered.

The two old men were none other than Sengoku and Garp.

As soon as they came up, Garp patted Leiyin’s shoulder with his big, strong hand, “Kid, well done. This time, you did not let us down.”

Leiyin scratched his head, a little embarrassed, “This, it’s nothing. There is no need to make such a big show.”

There was no need to make such a big show, no matter who it was. Yet, this was the Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral and the Marine Headquarters oldest qualified Vice Admiral who personally came to greet them.

However, they didn’t know that this mission was personally given by the Holy Land Mary Geoise to the Marine Headquarters and was directly ordered by Sengoku. In this way, Leiyin and Hina helped Sengoku complete a big job, and Sengoku thanked them from the bottom of his heart.

Moreover, Sengoku did not expect that these two kids, who were just starting, could actually do such a great job, and it took much less time than Sengoku had imagined. This made Sengoku very happy inside.

“Where are the prisoners?” Sengoku asked.

“They’re all being held in the basement of the ship.”

“Bring them all to me.”


The marine forces received the order and immediately went into the bottom of the warship’s cabin. In a short time, Mr. 0 (Crocodile), Mr. 1, Mr. 3, Mr. 5, Mr. 11, and more than twenty senior billion were brought before Sengoku.

“Now, on behalf of the Holy Land Mary Geoise, I officially announce that the title of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, “Desert King” Sir Crocodile, will be lifted on the spot. He will be immediately imprisoned together with his pirate group in the Impel Down and await his punishment.”

“Yes, sir!”

The marine who received the order immediately took the group of people from the Baroque Works down. The original unbeatable Crocodile was taken away like a frosted eggplant without saying a word…


A day later, the Department of Commendation made a public announcement. 

“The former Marine Ensign Clavin, who achieved great merit in the Alabasta mission, was promoted to Captain. The former Lieutenant Hina was promoted to Commander. The former Marine Captain Leiyin was promoted to the rank of… Commodore.”

The reason why Clavin and Hina had been promoted two levels in a row, while Leiyin was only promoted to one level because this time it was Garp’s idea again. He did not want to let Leiyin rise too fast and wanted to let him experience more. He was afraid that Leiyin would be overwhelmed by the high position he held at a young age.

According to the rules, Leiyin could now participate in the general meeting of the Marine Headquarters. It was called a general meeting because it was still different from some important meetings. In the case of important meetings, the Commodore and Real Admiral were not qualified to participate. However, no matter what, Leiyin was considered a hundred feet further.

A marine officer handed the Commodore’s uniform to Leiyin. He then put on the Admiral’s “justice” cloak in full view of the public, with the Sword of Kusanagi behind his back as the breeze blew and the cloak rattled.

Looking at the imposing, vaguely with some kingly aura of Leiyin and Hina, Verdan couldn’t help but lost in thought…

‘Leiyin and Hina went to Alabasta to carry out the mission for some days….’

She thought of Leiyin and Hina in a piece of the ambiguous scene, and her heart was extremely unpleasant. In the absence of Leiyin these days, she also desperately trained herself, actively participated in some missions, and tried to weaken some of these inappropriate thoughts. Therefore, her rank was also promoted from Petty Officer to Ensign.

On this day, Leiyin had just returned and was promoted to Commodore when Verdan came to see him.

As soon as they met, Verdan had a strange tone, “You bastard. You can say that ‘the spring breeze blows the horse away.’ The different ranks between you and me can be said to be in the sky and underground.”

Leiyin said, “No, I’m just a little luckier than you.”

Verdan put her hands on her waist and said in a questioning tone, “Don’t pretend there. Did you do something with Hina?”

Leiyin’s heart ‘thumped,’ “What are you talking about? What can I do with her?”

Verdan pouted, but her tone did not budge, “Humph. You were alone, spending time with a woman. No one would believe anything you said.”

Leiyin looked helpless as he said, “Whatever makes you happy.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked away.

“Leiyin, don’t go, give me a clear…”

Hey, these women were such a nuisance.


The next day, Leiyin was assigned to a new office. He and Gion were assigned to work together.

The former teacher and student had become colleagues whose ranks were just one level apart. The former Petty Officer with the lowest rank in the Marine Academy had become a veritable Commodore in the current headquarters, and this process took less than two years. It must be said that the speed of Leiyin’s promotion was straight-up rocket…

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