Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 96


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As usual, Gion wore a tight pink jacket on top and hot pants on the bottom with a pair of straight white long legs that were very hot. Gion was 24 years old, five years older than Leiyin. She was a Real Admiral of the Marine Headquarters, temporarily as Leiyin’s boss.

At this level of Admiral, generally speaking, she was very free. However, if there were a big event, for example, to eliminate pirates, Revolutionary Army, and other things, she would be busy.

Now, Leiyin and Gion were in an office, enjoying leisure time. Gion looked at Leiyin and asked, “Leiyin, do you remember in the Marine Academy, there was a sword teaching class, and you made me eat a big loss?”

Leiyin smiled, “No, I was just lucky that time.”

As the saying goes, “Once a teacher, forever a parent.” Although it wasn’t necessarily that exaggerated, Gion was, after all, his real teacher. So Leiyin had a lot of respect for Gion.

“Lucky?” Gion’s eyes, slightly unwilling to look at Lei Yin, “Do you think that I am a bit upset about that matter?”

“Then what do you mean, teacher?”

“Let’s have another match. What do you think?” Gion said seriously.

In the later original story, not only did Gion become a Vice-Admiral of the Marine Headquarters, but also a candidate for Admiral. She’s very proud of her swordsmanship. So, when she lost to her student, of course, she was not happy. Certainly, her proposal to compete was not entirely for her own sake, but also she wanted to see how far Leiyin’s strength had grown. For this student of her, Gion still had quite a good feeling.

“That’s a great idea,” Leiyin said.

The two discussed the matter and went straight to the training ground.


On the training ground.

Leiyin was holding the Sword of Kusanagi, and Gion was holding the famous sword [Konpira]. They were standing opposite each other.

“I’m going now!”

As soon as the words fell, Gion wrapped her Busoshoku Haki around her sword and suddenly struck Leiyin. She then slammed her sword down towards Leiyin, who used his sword to block it. The two swords clashed together with sparks erupting and then emitted the sound of gold and iron clanging.

The Gion’s move was called the [Nitoryu]. It was a head-on chop from top to bottom, which the later Roronoa Zoro also used.

Facing Gion’s chop, Leiyin held his sword in one hand and slashed hard. After a violent clash of metal, their distance was once again separated.

However, Gion still did not give up the attack. After Leiyin bounced off the strike, Gion swung her sword again and rushed.

In the face of Gion hard chopping, Leiyin returned with the same hardness, causing the two swords to continue to clash in the void, emitting a clear and loud sound.

The two of them used the sword to strike a gap. Gion’s body brewed energy, and then this energy was dispersed suddenly burst with Gion as the center.


Gion shouted, a Half Moon Sword energy impacted towards Leiyin. Leiyin was forced back several steps by this sword energy. However, at the same time, he also made the same gesture as Gion.


The Half Moon Sword energy was almost the same as Gion’s. The two Half Moons collided directly, followed by a roar, and a powerful wave of air was sent out from the two Half Moons colliding in all directions.

Gion’s beautiful eyes widened. She couldn’t help but look at Leiyin with a look of surprise. What shocked Gion was not the power caused by this move, but because this move was unique to Gion, she had never taught it to anyone, yet Leiyin could do it.

“How did you learn it?”

Leiyin slung the Sword of Kusanagi over his shoulder, “Did you forgot, teacher? The last time we sparred, you used this move.”

Gion said, “You mean. You learned it at that time?”


Gion didn’t know that at that time of the sparring match, Leiyin activated his Sharingan and copied this move. In Gion’s opinion, he was a gifted and talented martial arts wizard.

Gion smiled, then swung her sword. The sword blade went straight to Leiyin as she said, “You are making me look forward to it more. That’s what makes it interesting, isn’t it?”

Leiyin did not say anything but pointed his sword at the ground, and majestic energy suddenly came out.


In a flash, blue sword energy, like a swimming dragon, whistled and came steeply towards Gion…

She looked at Leiyin from afar and held the [Konpira] with one hand above her head. She then swung it down violently, “LEOPARD SWORD WAVE!”



Leiyin was stunned. Gion had a pink sword wave like a red snake, with an overwhelming sword intent that suddenly came at Leiyin.


Two sword energy collided directly together, and a powerful wave of energy swept away in all directions to disperse. Where the two sword waves passed, as if plowing the ground, the field was a wreck.

Needless to say, this blow was equally unparalleled!

Leiyin looked at Gion with the same surprised eyes, “Teacher, why do you know my this move?”

Leiyin’s move, [Leopard Sword Wave], was taught by the [The Sacred Mountains] Leopard Swordsman Sage, which was why he wondered why PGion could also use it.

“Have you forgotten, kid? The last time we faced each other, you also used this move.” Gion smiled.

It turned out that Gion had also learned it after just one look.

She was indeed the one who deserved to be a martial arts wizard.

But then again, without this strength, how could she become a candidate for the future Admiral?

‘As expected of Teacher Gion.’ 

“So, do you want to continue?” Gion said.

“Of course.” Leiyin held his sword with one hand and was ready to attack.

Just as he was about to launch a second wave of attacks, a Warrant Officer ran over and interrupted the two’s contest.

“Real Admiral Gion, Commodore Leiyin, Fleet Admiral Sengoku has an order for Commodore and above to go to a meeting immediately.”

 “Oh, we got it.” Gion sniffed and inserted [Konpira] into its scabbard.

Something must have gone wrong.

The two who got the order immediately headed for the headquarters meeting room.


The two arrived at the conference room when many officers had already gathered and sat down.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku sat on the conference table’s main seat and said with a serious face, “I have an announcement for everyone. I just got the news that there is a riot in Impel Down!

“Impel Down? What happened?”

“Due to the negligence of the guards, Kaido ran out from the Level 6. The Head Jailer, Shiryu of the Rain, was seriously injured by Kaido, and the Chief Warden, Magellan, has temporarily held down the Level 6.”

Sakazuki smiled and slapped the table in some anger, “That bastard is simply blaspheming ‘justice’.”

Sengoku looked at Sakazuki and said, “Kuzan, Borsalino, I order you to lead some men and troops to quell the riot in Impel Down immediately!”


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