Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 34


They were not in the mood anymore to eat hot pot after what happened.

Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao sent Xiaoyu home first!

Jiangnan was also in a hurry to go home!

By coincidence, he poured a lot of Vigorous Potion on his body!

It also has the effect of strengthening physical fitness without getting bald!

Only getting bald if taken orally?

It would be great!

On the way home, he bought a bathtub!

In a forest in the suburbs of Jiang City!

The area within three hundred meters was a mess it was covered in flying grass and a huge pit!

The military car was also turned to scrap!

A woman wearing a Beret cap, a short ponytail, and a black leather jacket was standing beside the car with a gloomy face!

She was really tall, about 1.9 meters!

She was about twenty-five or twenty-six years old, with a pair of sharp eyes, shining with a cold light!

Her entire body exuded a fierce aura, like a beast hunting its prey, cold and ruthless!

She wiped the blood off her face, leaving clear marks on her white face!

At this moment, her subordinates were searching for the three corpses under her feet.

“Major, the things are not on these people!”

The tall woman narrowed her eyes slightly, “During the mission, call me by my code name!”

“Yes! Captain Bobcat!”

Bobcat narrowed her eyes and said, “Since it is not here, it is on the poisonous snake!”

“Search the entire city! We can’t let anything slip out!”

“She’s injured. She won’t be able to escape the blockade! Find her!”

The officer said, “We’ve already sent people to do a carpet search to narrow the encirclement area!”

At this moment, Bobcat hesitated, “How is the situation at the mall?”

The officer said, “The fire has been put out. Twelve deaths! Thirty-seven injured!”

Bobcat was stunned. She was a little surprised by this number. Logically speaking, there should be more!

At that time, the situation was urgent, and she had no time to save anyone!

If she let the thing go, the harm it would cause would only be greater!

“After the captain chased out, there was a space system Martial Spirit Warrior who used teleportation to save everyone trapped in the mall!”

“Oh! By the way, Alexander, who the captain disabled, was not dead. He was also rescued and detained in Jiang City police station!”

Bobcat was stunned, “Li Daotian made a move?”

The officer smiled bitterly. “How could it have alarmed Li Daotian? It’s a third-year student called Jiangnan!”

Bobcat’s eyes shone with a fierce light!

In China, there were many talented people! But so far, there was only one space system Martial Spirit Warrior! It was Li Mingshan or his widely known name Li Daotian!

“The second space system? Why didn’t the military know about it?”

The officer smacked his lips and didn’t know what to say. “Captain, this is his information. Look, grade E talent is really useless!”

The most awesome ability and the worst talent?

It really was…

Bobcat carefully checked the information, including the video recording of his rescue!

“21 teleportations, the limit is 100 meters! The spiritual energy is still not exhausted! At least Black Iron Ten Stars! You tell me this is an E grade talent?”

The officer was stunned, “Captain is saying… the talent test went wrong?”

Bobcat watched the video of Jiangnan walking out of the shopping mall. Her expression gradually changed.

“I want all his information!”

“Alexander, bring it up for me. I want to interrogate him personally!”

Jiangnan was pouring barrel after barrel of Vigorous Potion into the bathtub!

His eyes were filled with excitement!

After ten buckets, the bathtub was filled up!

“Tsk, tsk! Tens of millions for a bath! Even the local tyrant in Dubai isn’t as rich as me, right?”

A beautiful fantasy!

Jiangnan took off his clothes and jumped into the bathtub!

The cold water made him shiver!

Jiangnan, who was soaking in the bathtub, closed his eyes comfortably.

He could feel waves of energy gushing out of his body!

It was not as direct as orally. It was crude and straightforward!

The energy contained in Vigorous Potion continued to improve Jiangnan’s physique!

Moreover, this transformation did not look like the oral intake, which only had three days and three nights of effect!

Instead, it was a permanent transformation that increased his physical fitness!

His senses, defensive power, motor nerves, and other aspects all increased!

“I’m really a f*cking talent!”

“As expected, good people will be rewarded!”

If he hadn’t rushed into the fire to save people, he wouldn’t have discovered this function of Vigorous Potion!

He just lay there comfortably for half an hour!

Until Jiangnan felt that the medical power absorbed by his body had reached a saturation point!

It had directly reached ten times the physical quality of his previous body!

Moreover, it was under the condition that he had not consumed Vigorous Potion!

He could only wait until tomorrow to soak again. This improvement was gradual, so it was naturally impossible to succeed in one session!

Looking at Vigorous Potion in the bathtub, there was still a lot of medical strength left in it…

“Hmm… Should I pour it back into the bottle and sell it?”

Hey, hey, hey?

This idea is a bit despicable!

Be diligent and thrifty; recycle and then use!

You have to take the road to sustainable development.

“But isn’t this same as someone drinking my bathwater?”

Jiangnan shivered with excitement!

This felt strange!

He couldn’t help but give up this idea!

Jiangnan lowered his head to admire his perfect body!

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Look at this perfect muscle line, the angular abdominal muscles, well-proportioned but not bloated!

This skin was as tender as a baby!

This elasticity…



There seemed to be something wrong!

Jiangnan looked at his waist and abdomen!

What the hell? What was going on?

Jiangnan was so scared that he quickly touched his hair.

His eyebrows were still there!

And then…

No hair below his eyebrows?

Jiangnan cursed, “F*xasfwasd!!!!”

[Detected that the host has insulted the system. Deduct 1,000 yuan in cash!]

Jiangnan, who was so angry that his teeth itched, felt his heart ache!

However, he accepted it after thinking about it!

For the sake of strength, would losing a forest be a problem?

Anyway, no one could see it!

Just treat it as a small secret that only belonged to him!

He heard a “Bang” sound from the roof at this moment!

The roof had been smashed open!

And then a person fell down just like that!

Jiangnan was stunned and was just about to get out of the bathtub!

His entire body was pressed down, and a dagger with a dim light was pressed against Jiangnan’s neck!

Immediately after, Jiangnan felt a ball of softness pressing against his back!

A scent of orchids mixed with the smell of blood rushed into his nose!

A long golden hair slid down Jiangnan’s shoulder to the bathtub!

An extreme sense of danger surged into Jiangnan’s heart!

He was about to turn around!

The dagger cut his skin with a slight force!

The woman behind him leaned close to Jiangnan’s ear and whispered, “Little DD, don’t move! If you move again, you will die!”

The whisper tickled Jiangnan, and his body froze, not daring to turn back.

However, he still said in a muffled voice, “Big sister! I’m not Little DD!”

The blonde girl looked down at the bathtub!

“Ho~ it’s so clean… and you still say that you are not Little DD?”

Jiangnan, “????”


What you said makes sense!

I can’t even refute it!

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