Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 35


Jiangnan’s mind was spinning wildly!

This woman was definitely not an ordinary Martial Spirit Warrior!

The spiritual energy surging from her entire body made Jiangnan feel suffocated!

What was going on!

I was just taking a bath at home!

I even lost my forest

Just as he said that no one could see it, a person fell down!

Not only did she see everything clearly, but she even broke the roof of his house.

Could she be one of the few people who escaped from the mall?

The crippled Alexander was a Gold rank!

What level was this woman at?

Where was the Night Legion?

Why did they let her walk around in the middle of the night?

Hey, hey, hey!

The woman had blonde hair and was dressed in black tights. Her figure was also good!

She had a high nose bridge, a delicate collarbone, and a pair of deep blue eyes!

She was a typical Russian girl!

However, the girl slowly approached Jiangnan, one hand holding a dagger against his neck!

The other hand gently climbed onto Jiangnan’s chest, groping all the way down!

All of a sudden, Jiangnan felt his earlobe become moist!

The blonde girl actually bit Jiangnan’s earlobe!

Jiangnan was about to explode!


Don’t you dare touch me!

What the hell were you doing?

Don’t, don’t, don’t!

If you continue, the dragon will rise!

“Big sister! I have had weak kidneys and a weak constitution since I was young. I can’t stand being tossed around! You… If you really want to!”

“I will introduce you to someone!”


Big sister! You are on the way to no return!

Do you have to be so thirsty?

The blonde girl seemed to be angry at Jiangnan’s words and fiercely bit him!

Jiangnan felt a piercing pain in his earlobe!

In a split second, it was as if all his strength had been sucked away, and he could not move!

[From Katrina’s Resentment Value + 666!]

“What are you thinking about? Smelly brother!”

“Your physical fitness is not bad. You should be able to withstand it!”

As she spoke, she took out a reagent that was emitting red light from her back!

She then stabbed it towards Jiangnan’s heart!

A heart-wrenching pain assaulted him!

However, Jiangnan could only watch as the blonde girl pushed all the reagents into his heart!

Jiangnan, “????”

F*ck me!

What the hell did you prick me with!


It must be tetanus, right?

Otherwise, it would be a rabies vaccine!

Mhm… it definitely wasn’t some genetic reagent or an Extremis virus or something.

“This is poison. Don’t run around! Wait for me to come back and find you!”

“Regardless of whether you live or die, you are still this sister’s man!”

Jiangnan’s head buzzed!


Was it really poison?

Can’t you leave me some space to imagine?

Jiangnan was furious!

If she continues playing like this.

I’m afraid I’ll be played to death by this Caucasian!

He tried his best to teleport!

And instantly disappeared into the bathtub. Katrina was stunned for a moment!

Spatial ability! Teleportation?

Jiangnan felt his heart beating like a drum!

The power in his body increased exponentially!

His blood flowed rapidly, and his body seemed to be burning!

His skin had a strange dark red color!

“Damn! This poison is too strong!”

Jiangnan was so scared that he quickly took out a piece of Detoxification Small Soybeans and swallowed it!

The feeling of powerlessness and dizziness disappeared in an instant!

He felt refreshed!

Then, he clenched his fist and smashed it at Katrina!


The bathtub exploded with a single punch from Jiangnan!

Katrina barely managed to dodge the punch, her face full of shock!

He had just been injected with snake venom; how could he still move?

However, Jiangnan did not care. He rushed forward naked and roared, “Invincible Choke Hold!”

Katrina was severely injured, and her abdomen and shoulders were covered in blood!

However, her sensitive reaction was still there. The dagger in her hand flashed and slashed at Jiangnan’s neck!

It was like a poisonous snake hiding in the darkness!

But Jiangnan disappeared in front of her in a blink of an eye!

Before Katrina could turn around, Jiangnan had already grabbed her by the throat!

His body was like an octopus as he wrapped around her!

Then the two of them fell to the ground. Katrina’s face was full of pain as she struggled!

Jiangnan was not polite!

An anti-joint skill pin her arm away!

To Jiangnan’s surprise, her arm had been pinned to a strange degree, but it was not broken!

It was as if there were no bones!

However, this also restricted her movements!

Katrina was driven mad!

Was China so scary? A random person she met was a space user Martial Spirit Warrior!

He was also proficient in close combat, his strength was terrifying, and his physical fitness was terrifying!

“You… You let me go!”

“I won’t let you go!” Jiangnan shook his head.

Katrina was furious, “Let go! You’re hitting me!”

Jiangnan, “You’re wearing clothes! What are you afraid of?”

[From Katrina’s Resentment Value + 999! ]

Was this problem of not wearing clothes?

The problem was that you were not wearing it!

The two of them were in an extremely terrible position at this moment!

Jiangnan lay on her back and locked her throat tightly!

Two of his legs were pinning her legs, and one of his hands was on her arm!

Wasn’t he on top of her…?

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from the roof!

“Quick! She is here!”

He saw four people wearing black leather jackets, three men and one woman, looking through the hole in the roof!

He was stunned!


What was the situation?

Was the scene so exciting?

Jiangnan, whose entire body was naked, held the blonde beauty tightly.

Katrina was anxious and a surge of spiritual energy erupted!

She spat out a mouthful of blood and blew Jiangnan away!

She then turned around and looked at Jiangnan with hatred, “Stinky little brother! Just you wait!”

She soared into the air as she spoke, broke through the blockade, and escaped!

Jiangnan stood up and patted the dust off his body. Then looked up at the hole in the roof!

Two of the four of them went after her, leaving a man and a woman staring at him in a daze!

The man had a serious face, and the woman blushed. She glanced at Jiangnan and spat softly.

The male night legion, “What happened just now?”

Jiangnan immediately became spirited!

Reinforcements! Such lovely people!

He righteously complained, “The big sister with blonde hair just now bit me and stabbed me!”

The male night legion soldier’s face turned black!

“She stabbed you? I think it was you who stabbed her, right? How fierce!”

The male night legion ran off to chase after her as he spoke!

The female night legion fiercely glared at Jiangnan and went to chase after him with a red face!

Jiangnan, “????”


What I said was the truth!

She really bit me and even stabbed me!

What do you mean by I stab her?

What do I have to stab her with?

Were you leaving just like that? Weren’t you going to commend me?

I don’t need any of these!

At least repair my roof!

What the hell was this!

Jiangnan looked down at himself. There was a needle wound on his chest and a small wound on his earlobe!

The feeling of his heart beating wildly and his blood burning had disappeared!

“Tsk! What kind of poison is this? Isn’t it still unable to defeat my Detoxification Small Soybeans?”

Tonight was destined to be sleepless!

This was because Jiangnan had spent the entire night repairing the roof and squatting in the toilet!

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