Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 36


The next morning, Jiangnan sat in the class with big dark circles under his eyes.

Thinking of what happened last night, he felt angry!

What kind of people were they…

But this morning, the atmosphere in the class was unusually warm!

They were all talking about the big explosion in the mall last night!

“Last night, the whole city was sealed!”

“I heard it has something to do with the explosion in the mall! Someone saw a group of mysterious people in black jackets searching the city!”

“It can’t be the secret forces, right?”

Li Xiang curled his lips and said, “What do you know? That is Night Legion, the most mysterious force in our country!”

“Eh? Brother Xiang is awesome! How do you know?”

Li Xiang said with a little pride, “My cousin is in the armed police force! He even participated in the operation yesterday!”

The students immediately became spirited!

“What’s the situation? Tell me the details!”

“Yes! Yes!”

Li Xiang said mysteriously, “It’s all confidential. I will tell you but you must not spread it!”

“I heard that it was an action from Russia. They sneaked into our side and stole a bunch of things. They escaped from the capital to here!”

“They probably wanted to cross the border by the river, but they were captured here by our people!”

“They were also the ones who caused the explosion in the mall yesterday!”

The students’ eyes lit up as they complimented, “How awesome! You can even get this piece of information?”

“Awesome! Awesome!”

Li Xiang smiled and turned to look at Jiangnan. His eyes were full of pride.

A classmate suddenly said,

“I watched the live broadcast of the news station yesterday! Did you see the woman who jumped down from the sixth floor?”

“I saw it too! It was too fierce! She tore off the car door with a single pull!”

“Speaking of which, last night, Nan Shen was really a bit strong!”

While speaking, many students turned their eyes to Jiangnan!

Some had complicated expressions, while others gave thumbs up!

Last night, many people watched the live news broadcast. When they saw it was Jiangnan, they were stunned!

Li Xiang was stunned, “Jiangnan? What’s his relationship with him?”

“Brother Xiang? You don’t know? Yesterday, the mall exploded, and Nan Shen was at the scene! He used teleportation to rush into the fire! He saved more than sixty people!”

“I heard that he brought a foreigner and was escorted away by the armed police!”

“It’s really awesome! I still have yesterday’s video. A girl is trapped in a fire and is still broadcasting!”

Then, someone in the class group shared a video on Weibo!

Jiang City Evening News!


@Nan Shen! An enthusiastic brother who crosses the fire! Was his true identity actually be Sailor Moon? Little Magic Fairy? A High School Student?

No, no, no! His true identity was actually a night market stall owner!

In the video, there were scenes of Jiangnan saving people!

There was also the conversation between Yu Qingqing and him that made people laugh!

There was also the last scene of Jiangnan advertising!

The number of views was more than one million!

Even Jiang City’s firefighter also forwarded and @ Nan Shen!

In Summary: The young are strong so does the country! Good job! On behalf of the rescued personnel and all comrades from Jiang City Fire Brigade, thank you!

The comments below were completely blown up!

“Hahaha! The strongest stall owner in history!”

“Ten yuan for two pairs of pants! I laughed! “

“From today onwards, I’m in love with the buzz cut!”

“Good job, little brother!”

Xiao Yu, “I’m paying attention to you! I’m especially concerned!”

Solitary Moonlight Wolf, “You owe me a candy! I want to eat it! Now!

I want to eat (`⌒´メ)!.”

Wu Liang, “Big brother is awesome!”

Xiao Tangtang, “I burst into laughter and was beaten by my little brother! Poor me”

Jiangnan scratched his head. So many people were on Weibo?

That Xiao Tangtang was Tang Qianya?

What was the situation on Xia Yao’s side?

Reply to Xia Yao, “Just wait a little bit!”

He saw that his Weibo fans had risen to more than 100,000!

Li Xiang’s expression turned ugly, and he felt even worse in his heart!

He was still bragging about the news here!

In the end, Jiangnan had personally participated in the rescue operation!

He even helped the armed police catch a person!

A huge sense of loss and disparity made Li Xiang go crazy!

But he couldn’t say anything!

Li Muyan and the others had ugly expressions!

He was originally a trash-like existence in the class. He was also ridiculed and suppressed by everyone!

But now, he was in the limelight!

Her heart was getting more and more stifled.

Not long after, they heard the ear-piercing sound of car brakes!

Someone curiously looked out of the window.

“Damn! Three military vehicles have arrived! Quite a few people have come down!”

“Let me take a look? What’s going on? Why are military vehicles coming to our school?”

A group of people suddenly appeared by the window of the entire class!

Jiangnan also looked over curiously.

Sure enough, he saw three green military vehicles. The people coming down had already entered the teaching building!

Jiangnan muttered in his heart!

Could it be that the blonde beauty had been caught?

Were they here to reward him?

Hey, hey, hey?

I knew it!

He had made such a great contribution last night and successfully stalled the blonde beauty!

How could there not be a commendation?

Just as the students were enthusiastically discussing the military vehicle!

There was a rush of footsteps coming from the corridor!

The 1.9-meter tall Bobcat lowered her head a little before entering the classroom!

She wore an all-black military uniform with military boots and no Epaulette on her shoulders!

Behind her were two night legion soldiers, a man and a woman. They were the two on the roof last night!

The originally noisy classroom was completely quiet!

The students were all dumbfounded!

What was going on?

Night Legion’s people?

Wasn’t the tall woman in the lead the one who jumped down from the sixth floor last night?

Why did she come to their classroom?

The long and narrow eyes of Bobcat scanned the class!

All the people she stared at felt a cold wind blowing from their backs as if they were stabbed in the heart by a knife!

They were so scared that they sat up straight and did not even dare to breathe!

Bobcat’s eyes fell on Jiangnan then she looked back at the two people behind her!

“Captain! That’s right! It’s him!”

Bobcat nodded, and under the stunned gaze of the student, she went straight to Jiangnan’s desk!

A pair of phoenix eyes that were full of sharpness quietly looked at Jiangnan!

The classroom was dead silent!

Jiangnan scratched his head in embarrassment, “There’s no need to make such a big fuss. It’s embarrassing!”

In fact, he was already prepared to receive praise!

Come on!

Let the praise be more intense!

Clang! Clang!

A black handcuff was thrown on the table.

“Do you want to wear it yourself, or do you want me to help you?”

Jiangnan, “???”


Something was wrong!

The script was wrong!

What about the commendation?

Where’s the medal?

Why does your medal look so much like handcuffs?

So f*cking trendy!

He said weakly, “Er… why don’t you flip through your pockets again and see if you got it wrong?”

Bobcat stared at Jiangnan expressionlessly and took out a black hood from her pocket…

Jiangnan, ……

It’s over! This was a two-piece criminal suit!


He had to run!

This black hood was very spiritual!

Were they fake Night Legion?

But when he thought of Alexander’s miserable condition, Jiangnan shivered!

Run? Run under the eyes of this woman who tore the car door?

Forget it!

They saw Jiangnan swiftly put on the handcuffs and black hood!

After pondering for a moment, he said, “Um… is there also a lunch?”

The corner of Bobcat’s eyes twitched as she picked up Jiangnan’s collar!

She opened the window and jumped down!

A dull thud was heard!

Jiangnan could hear the wind whistling in his ears!

He couldn’t help but scream!

Did she jump off the building again?

What kind of fetish was this?

Wasn’t it good for us to take the stairs?

The two Night Legion who followed her were also speechless and hurriedly chased after them!

Behind them was the principal, who was sweating and trembling all over…

The students in the classroom were utterly stunned!

What was going on?

Had Jiangnan been taken away by the Night Legion Army?

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